Monday, May 27, 2013


Hey Everyone!!! This week was good and Im as strong as ever hahaha This week we talked to the bishop and our mission Leader and we have called some ward missionaries so Were gonna try and Get some work done Looks like summertimes arrived haha I completely forgot haha I know its may but It sure doesnt seem like school  is out haha I love this Recife weather its hot and hotter so I dont even notice the seasons changing hahaha. Im always growing here in the mission and Its really neat to see the growth I am so much more comfortable with myself and who I am and Im happy to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I guess that means that my Parents did there Job :) so Congrats Mom and Dad haha to bad you dont get paid for this haha but Just Like Missionary work I bet its rewarding haha The Lord works In marvelous ways the way the twists me and bends me and heats me up to turn me into something better Is amazing I just wish I could pay him back... This Church is a marvelous work and a wonder I testify this for you. Im happy In my opportunity to serve here and for the Patience that the Lord has with me. Im sorry I dont have a story to tell you guys I guess Im slacking on this part. Hopefully this week Ill have a sweet experience to tell you guys haha I love all you guys and all you do for me so until next week.. Tchau!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

5-20-2013 Casa Forte

Hey Hey hey another week has past away hahaha Hey everyone. This week was good we had a baptism The woman that was baptized had smoked for 30 years and she managed to stop (with alot of encouragement on our part) and was baptized on saturday :) she was really happy to be baptized and it was really neat. This week Was pretty good haha Ive been havin a lot of "Ive been here before" moments usually its about something strange but has been happenin quite a bit so im just guessin that im where i should be. Yesterday in church i noticed that our ward has about 50 who frequent the church and Im seeing that i can really help this ward I just need to pray alot so that I can know what to do to help. In my new area there are a lot of hills and stairways haha it makes me pretty tired haha but im happy cuz ill get stronger and maybe lose a little weight. Ha ha These days I was missing my area as i now call my first area haha But I am still happy because I have space to grow here :) This week went by fast haha But thats a good thing sorry I dont have much stories but I got a lot of pics to send haha so ill get to that. Tchau!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Original Song written by Ty and His Companion for their Mothers.

Tyson and Companion singing their Mothers Day Song. (Click on the Title to Play it)


Hey Everybody! It was good to talk to  everyone on sunday ha ha It seemed like a dream to me ha ha  but it was  really nice to talk to  you all  I have some pics to send but my companions using my card to put the video we made on you tube ha ha so it might  take  a while  My  companion is a great  guy  and  a good friend but Id like  to work a little more than we  are  working and when I left my Area I lost my rythm haha but This week Ill try and get  it back. But overall this week was good. Sunday was pretty rough at church there were only 25 people It was mothers day and also the soccer finals and our  church is from 3 to 6 in the afternoon so the people who visited there mothers used the afternoon to visit them and the soccer game was at 4 so anybody who would watch  the game wouldnt go ha  ha so it was  pretty empty at  Church. It was good to talk to  Aj and joke around with you guys ha  ha  tell Kobe to put  some muscle on his arms so his  sleeves dont fall off ha ha. Im Excited for this Area I think we have a lot of room to work here I hope I can Help :)   Love you, Elder Smith

Monday, May 6, 2013

On the Move!

Hey Hey Hey Guess who went away! Ha ha Im here in the same LAN house that I used a While back When I was visiting this Area with Elder Botcherby ha ha I was transferred! I Got Transferred from My area.........  to the Area that shares boundaries ha ha My companion Is Elder Dias, from Sao Paulo.  He seems real cool hes got 1 year and 7 months ha ha lets see how he works. ha ha today In the Transfer the people that were leaving Bore their Testimonies and I realized that a good part of the Missionarys I  knew. and Then I realized that my turn Is gonna come pretty quick. about leaving the Area Im not really missing anything as of now... but I will make new friends and I'll abe able to visit my friends from madalena when my mission ends. Im really Excited!! because I have a new area a new companion and lots of new Experiences to come ha ha In the transfer I got to see a good part of my group and it was really neat Elder Passey has lost a ton of weight and all in all were talking in portuegues. ha ha This week Im a little lost as to a story that i can tell you guys cuz All I can think about is that I have A New AREA!!!!!! ha ha So ya Im really happy. On  Sunday Ill be calling I think it will be around  7 or 8 here because we have church in the afternoon Ill probly be able to Skype with you guys I already talked with my companion a bit and says Theres a member here that can probly get us Skype meu companheiro ha ha I started to write in portuegues ha ha  so ill just leave it ha ha but my companion will see when we can Skype here This is a pic of me and my Goodbye cake in Rosa´s house and these are my 2 sons haha I already have a grandson and today it was announced that I have another one  coming haha. well looks like we will talk with this member later today and Ill send a quik note saying The time we will call. Tchau Love you, Elder Smith

Just a quick note.... Although he was transferred, his new area is about 1.3 miles as the crow flies from his old apartment. At least he is in a new zone. He is about a half mile from the Recife Temple now. 

All the bags are packed and he's on the move!! Yay
Elder Matos and Elder Smith at his going away party.

Elder Ty and his two "sons". These are the two he has trained so far. 

This is most of Tysons original MTC group.