Monday, February 17, 2014


Well  I think Im becoming An Independant man Cuz this week Ive done just about all that youve told me to do with my comp I started by telling President In my Email to him about the Member situation. And Tuesday we had companion exchange (I think thats how you Say it) thursday we had Interviews with President and Friday I express my thoughts in a heart to heart conversation. My Interview was pretty sweet president asked me how I was and I told him I was good he asked me if I was Leaving this transfer and I told Him No. I still got some more time to do what I need to! and he told me good Elder Dont get trunky haha after he asked about my comp I told Him I can learn from him but he is pretty rude with People and he said Thats Why I talked about Unity with the Members (and I already had known thats why haha) and then he says ´´alright Elder you can tell your comp its his turn`` ha ha it probly took like two minutes haha  He also Hinted (Im not to sure) that I might stay Here :) and I sure hope I do :) anyways so that was cool. On Friday My companion and I were at the house of some less actives that have a son whos 10 and My companion kept saying ´´your baptism will be this sunday´´ and that made me kinda stressed cuz His family has to be reactivated for him to be baptized, and so Afterward I told him ``were not going to baptize him sunday´´ and he said ``Have faith`` and I told him faith doesnt justify breaking rules and we got to arguing so when we got home I had just had it and I asked Him why dont you like me and he says he likes me but I think hes lieing anyways he says to work things out you need to argue... and That hit me as a half truth and later on while writing Deid it hit me that The true saying should be To work things out you need to Communicate. I guess that thats my weakness Im a little more outgoing than Dad I talk to People but If I think for some reason that someone dont like me or they just keep dropping the conversation like they dont want to talk. Anyways lets just say were on even ground but Im just wanting this week to pass fast. This week I had a Pday Project and Hooked my leather bag up with new straps. Anyways Im doing good here looks like the Lord is blessing me alot here :) Love you all and have a good week.
Elder J. SMith

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