Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

Hey everyone im back this week was pretty good It was nice to talk to everyone on Christmas and it was kinda hard to wake up the day after knowing that id be spending the day with someone who doesnt understand me so he thinks im dumb but as soon as i was out on the street the feelings went away :j ha ha so Ive finally got something cool to talk about My friend Moises met a guy on the street crying close to where we meet for church and Moises was talking to him and introduced us to him the mans name is Edson he has a good heart and Edson seperated from his wife and lost his job. and is living in a Garage so since that day weve been meeting with Edson and yesterday he went to church and when we met him he was wearing shorts flip flops and no shirt ha ha so boy was i surprised to see the man dressed up nice and neat with a button upshirt and some church pants I felt so proud. :j but he still has some work to do were trying to help him get up on his feet and he needs to stop Drinking but I think it will be easier cuz he doesnt have money to drink ha ha but he really is becoming a friend to me. I like Edson. Well sorry i dont have any pics to be sending i was kinda mad with my companion and forgot to grab my camera again ha ha but it was good to read your emails today it reminds me that time goes on and speaking of time only two weeks til transfer woohoo haha i would use some exclamation marks but my keyboard doesnt work right ha ha oh and by the way a Lan house is exactly what it is there a bunch of computors with internet ha ha so thanks for everything that you guys do and for all you taught me. I love you all and im thankful for everything im learning and doing :j and i know these things will always work for my good Stay firm in the church and send AJ a hug from me haha LOVE YOU ALL A TON   
Elder J. Smith

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Elder Smith Singing to us on Christmas

Tyson was gracious and sung to us during his Skype call to us on Christmas. He didn't get a computer with a very good camera, so the picture is blurry. But we really loved to visit with him and see the growth that he is making in his life.  There were quite a few times that he stumbled with his english, and we were glad to see that he is even thinking in Portuguese now, and doing his best there. Hope you enjoy his song in portuguese: Called To Serve!

Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012

Well first things first Its Hot here this weeks been hotter than normal. ha ha Its weird to think tomorrow is christmas it would probably pass unnoticed if it wasnt for the fact that i get to call home. ha ha people put up christmas lights but the heat and the sun and the work Just makes it Impossible to be Christmas ha ha! I think its probably a good thing that it passes like this. doesnt leave nothing to be homesick about ha ha. As for my racecar track it was ok when i got it and it works with c batteries and it was kinda boring but as you all know me I had to supe things up a bit. so i decided to use 9 volt batteries ha ha so now the cars go so fast that they will leave the track if your not careful ha ha. I think Christmas is the same here as it is there but i dont notice. im too busy to think ha ha. thats really cool to here that damon wants to be baptized! This week i was in sacrament and I had a really good spirit and I was happy with who i am, where im at, and where im going. One thing I think is different between me and my companion is that hes a great missionary, with 6 consecutive baptisms in his last area, and Im a good man, that sounds a little big headed. but it seems that my companion has no respect for anyone, and like he thinks like a child. the fact that in our first week here he practically only ate sweets and drank coke. and he absolutely hates to was dishes even if its just a plate and a fork thats dirty. and he always asks for help. I like to be independent and to be able to take care of my framily and myself. sure Im not perfect and i need to work alot on myself but the fact is Im glad That i was raised in a house that taught me to respect others and how to work. This is something that makes me happy is that i know these things and Use them in my life. If I dont Change anyones life I know ive changed mine, and that Ill never ever put aside my worthiness  or my family in my life for something thats just not worth it  well got to go LOVE you all

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Ha ha sounds like Bridger is more of a clown than Jacob. ha ha so this week has been much better! The way it happened is strange. Last week I wrote in my Email to President That I wasnt to happy with my companion and everything and after I felt pretty bad.  I didnt know what to do and I felt worse than I did before and before I knew it i was praying for help and patience with him. and that i could be better and after that I didnt feel that bad feeling that i did before. and this week was actually pretty good. Natalia went to church this week! and she really liked it. i think the problem with her baptism i think is that she is really close to her parents and her husband. Her husband is really nice and likes the missionaries but her parents Especially her father are Evangelic. a type of church here. and they're worried she'll get mixed up in a cult. but i hope that now that she has been to church she can tell her parents its a good place. so This week was good we had zone conference for christmas and i got to see my buddies.

Elder Mackay, Elder Smith, and Elder McLaws

Ty and his Birthday Present he bought himself.

 and I also got to go sing at the temple oh and I bought myself a late birthday early christmas present ha ha it may just be a toy but it passes alot of joy to drive something ha ha ha ha. I think ill customize my car if i have time this week. ha ha so i hope this explains my pics ha ha Its still hot here ha ha I had a dream it snowed here it had really deep snow but it was a warm snow i was only wearing shorts and a sweater ha ha. But yesterday I went with Elder Siles ha ha he made his way back to my zone ha ha It was just like the not so good old times but this time it wasnt so bad ha ha so i guess ive overcome that challenge ha ha So this is my letter its short but Its with lots of love :) Love Elder J. Smith 
Recife Brazil Temple

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tyson Happy Birthday Surprise

This was a surprise that we put together with the lady in the video. She is an investigator and a great friend to Tyson. We thank Natalia so much for this wonderful surprise! They are singing Happy Birthday to Tyson in Portuguese. We thought it was neat to see his reaction, and the BIG SMILE that it brought to his face. We are loving this new technology!

Happy Birthday Son! We Love You!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Hey Everybody its me again! This week was SLOW but without problems :) Im healthy and Happy this week I was reading in Our Heritage and I remembered about all the pioneers church leaders and early missionarys dealt with and it sure humbled me and I realized that I havent had to give up much to be where I am. Im realizing that the Lord blesses those who work their best and sacrifice. Before The mission I thought It would be easy, I know I was awefully wrong ha ha. I thought that I would wake up wth a smile on my face everyday and the world would be all sunshine and rainbows. Not in a Litteral sense but I thought the diffuculties would be easy to overcome and that I would learn to Love knocking doors and I realize now that I was wrong. ha ha I Realize that nobody ever told me that the mission would be easy. I realize that This is gonna take some Real effort on my part, that Im gonna Have to sweat and hurt and just have faith sometimes. I Realize that before now I hadn't applied myself enough and I realize to grow Im gonna have to Inflict some pain. :) I know they sound a little dark and simple to understand but these truths didnt really sink in til now... :)  Im writing to you my marvelous revelation that i had In hopes that you dont make my mistake which I made and tend to fix and that you realize that the truth is that Sacrifice Brings forth the blessings of heaven and that you put in a little more force to read the scriptures, say your prayers, and go to Church and serve in your callings. Im thankful for all your letters and Pictures and stuff have a Good week cuz i sure will :) Love you all!
Elder J. Smith