Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Ha ha Man you guys are the best your doing what i would do for deid and more ha ha im thankful for your letters and i dont know if i told you this but before my mission i prayed alot for my trainer that he wouldnt be a slacker and that he could help realize my duty and how to realize it quickly and i prayed alot in the CTM alot alot and I finally got a feeling that whoever i recieved would be for my better and you know i didnt get my dream companion but ive learned alot about pateince and prayer and my testimony in the savior has grown soooo much. I am growing up faster because i have to. and my language ha ha its improving so fast ha ha i was watching dora the explorer in portugues and english and it was funny cuz i understood everything they were saying ha ha i love you guys so much.

 we baptized a girl this week she is friends with a member and went to church alot her family is great but they live in a house made from scratch pretty much her sister looks like she wants the gospel but she smokes and drinks and lives with her boyfriend in the house her parents also drink and smoke and its pretty sad but shes baptized now this week i was on divisions with the zone leader it was good to be away from my companion and breath :j im hoping that im not always thinking like i am my whole mission. a thought i thought theres a place between satisfaction and a yearning to be better that one must find cuz right now im frustrated and want to be alot better but if im always looking for tomorrow how can i be happy with today. but on the flip side if im complacent with today i wont grow.. complicated.. ha ha 

cut my hair yesterday so ill attach these  photos i cut it myself ha ha im a soldier of the lord :)

Mr. Blue Eyes!

 I love you guys a ton and I am sooo thankful for your prayers and im excited for the fast this week my mind is growing a ton and my understanding to what seemed complicated now seems simple everything is more clear Im happy with myself  im learning alot from the members here and i love the ward i work with and ive had two guys tell me ill be a great missionary its always nice to get an opinion from people who dont know you well but beleive in you :)  
With a ton a love- Elder T. Jim Smith

Hey Deid, Kaylee, And Megan 
Thanks guys for the encouragement cant express my gratitude or use words to reply but its always great to hear from you guys and to know that you guys are strong in the church i cant wait to get back to the house to read the scriptures you guys left for me and I Love You guys so much! Keep going to church and institute as i know you guys will give each other hugs for me and give kenzie one and tell her to give kyle one for me ha ha I Love you guys a ton i hope i can make you proud ha ha I miss you guys but i promise I dont let it get in the way of my work. ha ha its easy to tell people to persever but its hard to swallow the medicine and try to enjoy it ha ha but I really am happy ha ha  Te-AMO Elder T. Jim Smith

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Yesterday was A dia do Pais or Literally day of the fathers and i got to thinking about you dad and how much youve influenced my life ha ha i have your eyes your name we like the same things. me and you just click. oh and tell koby i am bigger ha ha this walking everyday in the humidity has slimmed the fat i gained in the ctm and more ha ha if i did more situps i would be CUT ha ha this week has been hectic but its been good my companion was sick so we went on exchange with the elders of a different area and my companion stayed in bed for three days while i worked in the other area with the other elders i worked the most in those three days cuz the other elders switched back and forth babysittin my campanion it was good i was able to take a break from my companion and clear my mind it wasnt fun but it was worth it i really have established a common ground with my companion and its better now that i can understand alot and speak more. ha ha and this break i had helped me forget the things that he had done i just remember that he is different than me ha ha cuz he is. but ya this weeks been good its hard for me to try to sum up a week cuz the beginning of this week seems like a month ago but this week our baptism fell she sold every thing she had for 180 R$ and left her house we didnt even know and were informed by a neighbor that she left with a man so who knows it could be a good thing im not sure how firm she is in the mind ha ha but ya....  kinda sad im sorry i havent been  writing you guys other letters i will i promise i feel a little sorry for deid cuz i write a letter and forget and it stays in my back pack for who knows how long ha ha but right now we have hardly any investigators this makes me sad like im slacking but i can only do what my companion wants...  and it didnt help that we couldnt work last week I guess i have no excuse just need to work harder.... I miss you guys a ton and i miss riding my bike and working on cars i tell you what cars are a million times more simple than people and the gospel. Im gonna try and work harder this week and hopefully i can relate a good story next week. I was trying to think of a story that happened this week but i got nothing ha ha just that my portueguese is alot better Ive grown so much its almost unbeleivable i look in the mirror and i look a whole lot older ha ha but im Just great especially with my tooth fixed. the dentist was really nice didnt know english but i understood almost everthing she said so im happy its been raining a ton and people here cant comprehend how small joseph city is ha ha its pretty funny Im growing alot in the gospel its so easy to understand it now that im here but Its still more than i can comprehend send my congrats to AJ and cheyenne!

AJ : PARABENS! Eu estou animado por voce e cheyenne! Work toward the temple and i PROMISE WITH MY HEART youll be blessed and you will find that problems of life will seem to dissappear 

Brit: I think every elder that has seen your pic has asked me your age and told me they will marry you ha ha follow the gospel stay close pray often and be strictly obedient 

Kobe: Work Hard put some meat on your bones ha ha honor the preisthood and its ok if you play basketball as long as you workout with jake and be tough in football and stick with it

Talon: Everybody Laughs at your goofy pictures but remember that sometimes you need to be serious otherwise noone will take you serious and work hard in football practice its good for you

Abi: I had a dream i was talking to you and i woke up and i was sad cuz i couldnt talk to you 

Mom: Your more Important than all Even dad though he got a longer letter :) I Love you very much and without you i dont know where id be ha ha i cook....       sometimes but i always Iron My shirts and wash my clothes and even shine my shoes are you proud? :)

I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH i miss you guys but the knowledge of why i am here keeps me happy I would sure love to crawl under a car or throw some hay but ive got to use my spirit muscles now and i tell you what its a whole different ballpark ha ha ha love you guys a ton.

This is a necklace that Tyson made himself for one of his Friends. It is made using the Brazilian Coins.

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

This week we had a baptism . and this next saturday we have another marked and our Recent convert is still active and very happy

Tyson Loves the Children!
  im sorry that my other email didnt make it to you guys i thought it sent but it didn't.  it had pics so ill try and resend these as well. But I have some bad news One of my fillings fell out I hear that dentistry is cheap and good here but i havent called yet and the wife of the president said its only like 50 Reals but Im nervous cuz i still cant speak and i dont know how to use our insurance and its a dentist. ha ha  

But these are some pics the Kids are Ruan and I think Rodrigo but they are my friends. i was playing baseball with them Lucienne is our first baptism and is still doing great Flavio is the Next and Moises Is A great Guy he's the one with the thumbs up and the blue shirt he's a great guy And he believes in me a lot....   The first or second time i was with him he told me he knew i will be a great missionary he can see it in my eyes. he is definitely a help to me me because when i felt lost i think to myself Moises Knows what i can  be  ha ha I know that you guys know but he is here and he sees me today and in my struggles with the language Really though with the language I'm learning very very fast but as I've always been I want to do it right and I want to do it NOW ha ha but I am Learning patience that is  for certain now when my companion does something  I don't feel Like Murdering him and I can take a breath and let it go sorry about mission ties i need to do better about writing honestly I think Im Pretty selfish I came here cuz I want to be a better me and when Im in the apartment I want to study and play guitar and just lose myself in the doctrine of how i can be blessed usually im reading about the spirit because I want to be able to Hear and Understand everything he says but i will try to be better And this last is Flavio our baptism this past saturday.

 and the other is my district at the temple we got to go through a session it was good but it felt like the first time i went through because I'm tense cuz Its in Portuguese but I think thats all i got. Oh and i ate at Burger King ha ha i will attach that photo too ha ha I love you guys so much and I am so glad to be here its great it really is And i am psyched for Josh he better not ever get discouraged because he's not switching tongues I think I could serve an english mission no problem now ha ha but I Love You guys a ton take care I honestly Cant wait to return home but I think once i  learn the language this will become my home because i love the people I love the weather i love the work I love the rules and the president i only have two problems......    Language and Companion But  all of this will change I Know 

Eu Amo Voces Elder J. Smith

Tysons District went to the Recife Temple for P-Day.

Guess what Ty Found!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012

Dang I figured you guys wouldnt be expecting a letter today sorry bout monday we changed pday to today cuz our zone will go to the temple. but anyway things here as always are getting better. anyway i hope you guys have a great day this week and a half has been good me and my companion fought a little but were trying to be better i kinda wished he would be transfered but hes training me and training is 3 months so the odds were against me ha ha anyway everything here is good it really is but its always complicated but....  ugh... im trying to think of something that happened this week but i cant think of anything darn.....  i must not be working hard enough if i dont have some miraculous story to tell you guys. man i wish someone would wake up and catch my email.  today is temple day for our zone since i got here i havent seen my freinds from the Ctm but i heard Mclaws already had two companions and has baptized 8 people so hes having more luck than me anyway how are things there wow its almost time for school to start again time moves so fast here on the mission! I wonder if it will ever slow down...  but things are good im growing fast and learning so much but reading my scriptures and praying. ha ha the other day we ate at subway and it is expensive! 7 R$ for a 15cm (6in) ha ha but it was good anyway I Really feel my testimony growing and i am picking up the language pretty fast Its crazy that im in this big city on the other side of the world with a ton of green and humidity speaking a different language but I feel like im at home This is where i need to be, its where I am meant to be at this time I never felt so calm thinking about life but then again I dont think Ive ever had this patience that i am learning here I Love you guys so much and im glad that i was born in this church and from this side of the world I can See That My whole life and the life now and life after EVERYTHING I have who i am where am from,how i act, who my friends are, how i feel, down to the very core of my soul Is because of the gospel and you guys. I love you Guys A TON and Deid too...  ;) OH YA!!!!   AJS Wedding!!!  woohoo congrats to him hows the house and everything I want pictures!!!!!!!!    anyways until next week on monday i think dont forget that I love you A TON and more  Tell Jake Im waiting to hear from him and I love him ha ha Tell everyone I love Them ha ha cuz really I do
p.s. Minha Mae não gosta de Mim porque ela não escriver uma resposta de minha pouco mensagem  ha ha só brincando....   Eu não sei se eu estou escrivendo em portugues correto então possivalmente isso não tem sentido mas Eu Amo Voces!! e Eu sou muito Gratos por Tudo. Eu sei que A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias é verdadeiro e que eu sou um filho de deus e foi camado por um profeta para servir o senhor aqui no Missão Brasil Recife!!  EU AMO VOCES DE MAIS