Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012

Ha Ha Sorry This Weeks Been good a little Rough with the Pday Jump to wednesday. Not because I was sad I didnt Have Pday But the Work really does take a toll on you. And today didnt even feel like Pday ha ha We rushed to the Temple and ate lunch there. rushed back home relaxed there an hour and then we were off to Elder Stadnickis final interview with Presidente. and this was like 330 we got there waited til 430 just for Elder to talk to him and we left about 500 and got here was already 550 ha ha so now im emailing. So this week has been good I was on a Transfer and Found Nun Chucks in the other missionary house. ha ha that Explains the photo. 

this sunday we had an Investigator in the Chapel hes a really cool guy and has a nice family His name is saul and he works fixing bicycles he's really cool. I got the package today thanks guys for the things Ive gotten! Ill have to make some guacamole! ha ha I enjoyed Chris's present ha ha I was actually looking at the same set today but here in brazil with all the taxes its about 50 reais or 25 dollars ha ha Im happy to say its really hot here I don't have to worry about freeze bite just heat stroke ha ha. I hope Josh Is doing good Ill have to write him a letter. ha ha about thanksgiving It almost passed without me noticing. ha ha I even laughed with the Sister that was making lunch cuz she brought it up haha I told her that I haven't done the Solid Thanksgiving thing in years haha. and I can almost bet that if it wasn't for the Chance i have to talk to you and the lights christmas would pass unnoticed too. Its so hot here I don't Even think Fall has started. ha ha Its Nice... To tell the truth I know the Lord sent me somewhere where i can grow. I think If i was in joshes shoes I would be Miserable ha ha From the pictures looks like Deids still pretty ha ha Im getting there today I did 100 sit-ups and 100 pushups but the pushups Weren't consecutive.... but Im getting there I have a goal and I'm working for it. haha this other picture of me is me playing with one of those wooden tops that you spin with a string ha ha I always wanted one when I was a kid so it fulfilled a Child hood dream.  the top Is not actually being thrown im trying to catch it and do a trick where you throw the top but before it hits the ground you yank on the string and it comes flying back to you if you do it right you can catch it spinning on your hand Ha ha I haven't accomplished it but hey.. I don't have much time to practice ha ha but this week has been good Im thankful for the letters from everyone and for the package and Im almost speaking fluently almost ha ha Portuguese Is fun ha ha well hey Ill send this one and send some more pics in a bit Love you All :) Elder J. Smith

Nativity outside Recife Temple

Elder Smith at Recife Temple

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

Abi Looks like you are being a good little missionaria ha ha thats portuegues for sister missionary :) keep up the good work :)  Talon sounds like your doing some good work to. PS if i find your french fry i will be sure to return it :)    Koby Your right ha ha but make the board good so i can take it back when i get home dont worrry about new wheels those ones are good PS Ill always be able to beat you up no matter your size. ha ha Brit Thanks for writing me :) Your words struck my heart :) JK   Ha ha   So this weeks been ok. Things have kinda slowed down still no one has gone to church the reason was because our elect investigator was sick :( We have some pretty good investigators but everyone still needs to go to church.  at times im pretty frustrated because I dont speak portueguese very good and i need to be working on my teaching skills. Two years seems like so little time to learn the language and learn how to teach people but Im getting there i think with about a year ill be able to speak close to fluently right now im understanding almost every thing and i know how to say some things but i have an accent apparently that i need to lose. ha ha my companion understands me but not alot of investigators do. As for the transfer coming I hope I train... Kinda He has to be brazillian. ha ha and As for this ward I hope I stay I have a lot of people I love here and Its like home by now. But I'd Like to get to somewhere where is calmer and not as much city and rich people. but ya I could have swore I had a good experience to tell but... I dont remember ha ha  but Im doing good and im trying hard to work harder! Im thankful for all your letters and support. And I wish that I was a little more bold i am still pretty shy but Im Improving now that i can speak haha. I have a testimony of the Truthfulness of the Gospel and It is crazy that some people dont beleive the gospel cuz its soo simple and True. Im thankful to be here and I hope I can become a better missionary. Thanks Again LOVE YOU ALL!!! see ya next week.
 PS this is my only picture of today ha ha its a member of the Area of Elder Stadnicki Thats Ceveda in her hand its a Substitute for coffee I had a couple of cups and ITS HORRIBLE but I Just Told mysellf to drink it To Show myself Im a Man haha :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

This week was really good still nobody made it to church but we are working hard and my portugues is improving. now im understandable i can understand alot of things. and i can comment on almost anything. but my accent is still pretty bad. i heard and at times people dont understand me ha ha. Im excited to get the conference liahona here i havent had a chance to see if they have it in the mission office. but I really like what you said about prayer its really important. i see people every day that are scared to pray in front of people or dont know how and its kind of sad. so i think if there is one good thing someone  can teach their  children its that they should pray. and like the prophet affirmed that these prayers will be answered. this week has been good but we lack seriously serious investigators. people that really want to know and want to change. we talk with really nice people that seem like they progress but we had NOBODY at church so ya but im hoping  for a miracle you know. ha ha about Obama oh well the laws of land can change but the church standards dont and until the goverment starts to infringe on that right ill just complain about the rising gas prices and the falling economy. but if we make our home a sanctuary from the world we have no need to fear men. Today i broke a rule....   I worked on Pday ha ha but this investigator is pretty promising she listens and shes already talkin about visiting church and she has to children one 8 and one 9 :) ha ha and carol her sister is really intelligent too. only one problem ha ha they have a mother or an aunt that lives close and is Evangelical and doesnt like us ha ha. But its been good I actually feel right now that im working and seeing progress at least with me. I feel more of a love for the work now and thats good ha ha And my companion is just great. he works and best of all hes teachng me things in portugues haha Im not gonna lie. im kinda excited for christmas its been almost 7 months since i talked to you guys face to face. ha ha i think it will be fun I hope I get another brazilian this transfer. and i would like to send one more to the house so i can say im a Serial Killer. haha and Id like to have someone who knows what theyre doing for christmas and carnival. ha ha but I kinda hope i train next. ha ha I miss my trainee... but hes in a better place... dang he'll be finishing up his 12 weeks this transfer. its crazy to think ive already cut 1/4 of my mission already cuz i feel like im still in the beginning and i sure dont feel like That guy that i always expected a missionary with 7 months would feel ha ha. i got some pics for you the first is me on the couch my companion took figured id include it .

and the other 2 are of the top of the temple at night from across the river from my area I liked it moroni is pretty lit up in the pic to bad hes facing away from me ha ha but ya No Baptisms still... but At least I have a brighter future.... until I go home to the country run by Obama haha but be postive The world is pretty bad in America but I tell you Its worse here. theres trash in the streets and when I told my friend Moises that salt lake isnt perfect and that they had a billboard with a girl in a bikini he laughed cuz here its normal. but ya things here are improving but its pretty wicked Thanks guys for all the letters Try to do what is right and If you dont Repent and  try a little harder :) Love you all 
Elder J. Smith

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hey Everyone! Im back! In letter form! this week has been Goood I worked a ton and I actually lost quite a bit of weight haha! this week Ive met so many people and we have found a good family to teach they are great and the father is not only listening to us but hes agreeing with us! this is somethinng that dont happen too much but we still dont have a Baptism marked and thats what president wants. Talking bout the president I had another interview with him and.....   He didnt burn Me!!! I prayed that he would see the intents of my heart more than the past transgresssions of my companion. This week has really been great and Im learning so much! Im becoming more relaxed and Im trying to really become Someone that I Love and respect and Have nothing to be ashamed of I dont really have anything to be ashamed about (aside from my portuegues) but I guess I think too much about what everyone else thinks and I think Everyone has a problem with this and we can all improve here. Ive been listening alot to conference talks and Ive really enjoyed Trying to apply these Eternal truths to my Life.. You know the funny thing is that the more i study the church....  its principles....  everything the more I see that it is a Perfect running machine there are no parts that grind with each other or gears that dont match up its just perfect in every aspect. There is no way it could be a creation of man......    I have a testimony of this gospel :) and I hope you do too, whoever is reading this , but remember we not only need a testimony but a conversion and Elder David A. Bednar said in this last conference ha ha sorry my letter is a little scattered and not too long if you know how Pday is Its Kinda rushed and mind scattering today we didnt do much just played a board game and ate lunch with a member so ya :) sorry Im Not too exciting haha And this week I dont Have a single picture.....  But I love you guys a ton and Im happy to be right were I am :) Im thankful for your love, Support, and Prayers and I cant wait to get your letter next week so Até Mais, Elder J. Smith