Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

Well this weeks been good ha ha my new companion is Elder Botcherby hes from utah but hes different than me ha ha he sure aint a country boy ha ha and he likes cats more than dogs and he said he would drive a prius ha ha hes different  but i dont have much of a problem with him. im pretty calm now with people. hes only got a month left so after this transfer hes leaving. ha ha its been good to speak some english have someone who can teach me somemore. but i do miss elder souza. ha ha he had a great enthusiasm and made me want to do more. but i have realized that i need to be more relaxed i am always worrying about the president and the zone leaders and stuff when i should be focusing on the people. for a while i was worried about numbers but i couldnt hardly name the people i was teaching so i guess i need to work on that. :) ha ha so about my pics ha ha not an hour ago i laid down on my hammock and then i fell to the ground ha ha

so im gonna be patching the wall and trying to rehang my hook ha ha....  only my pride hurts ha ha...

this week in church we had a guy show up who was a little strange and i think he might have been a little drunk but we were in church... well in the catholic school ha ha and we started priesthood and he was being a little rowdy and you know...   different and interrupting the teacher alot so I said a little prayer under my breath and asked the lord to comfort him and keep him calm and.... we finished the class with out much problems :) it was good ha ha thats my spiritual story this week... The Calming of the drunken soul... ha ha I aint got any miracles to report but im doin pretty good. Im getting along with Elder Botcherby alright but hes that guy that just stays to himself but thats cool I respect that. my portueguese is improving like always Im gonna try and buy the cds of the Livro De Mormom ha ha help my pronunciation and compreension. Elder botcherby has a problem in the back.. so were going to fisioterapia every day i think you can figure that word out :) and hes in some rough shape ha ha hes not how i want to be at the end of my mission ha ha  Ate mais Te-amo and all that good stuff 
Elder J. Smith 

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Same Area same house ya i still got the guitar no elder siles is not in my district :) dont remember where he went this week will be worse than ever i think because 1- i cant speak to well.  2- my companion is very new and 3- im in charge of confirming lunch and leading us there...  yesterday wasnt too bad. i was with elder Norberto hes experianced and he speaks .only lacked knowledge of the area and we found the house alrigtht. but today im still a little sad cuz i got my new companion this morning and we took his bags to the house and we were already late. and i misunderstood the sister we were lost as to were we needed to go. and it was horrible the brother ended up having to come help us. and we were 2 hours late and the brother wasnt to happy... and its my fault. but i said a lot of sorrys and i think were good now. and i know exactly were she lives now. but who knows this can happen again tomorrow or the next or the next cuz i have the name but i dont always remember there face and know the house..... its complicated....  my companion is Brazillian and im happy with this :) hes a pretty nice guys. hes not crazy like me or on my level of toughness but he has a good heart and a willingness to work :) and this brings me joy. i wish he was trainer ha ha my im looking at the bull and in the end i know ill fall off him but its gonna be a bumpy ride and in my view dont look like much fun :j but there is a hope and now that im with a brazilian i will learn the language and because also im in charge and i have to speak next week will be better. i think but this one sure is gonna be rough i feel firm in my knowledge of the church and my testimony and a little firm in my ability to teach. but im not too cofident in my ability to be a missionary. ya ive been here 5 months but my education has been lacking firmness and so im a little scared but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. there always is i guess i just need to forget me and forget about the problems and try alittle harder. I love you guys and i love the gospel and i dont mind being away from home cuz i know this is what i need to be doing. but something i guess is hard for me is that we have many rules and things that we have to do but the enforcement of the rules is on our shoulders mostly. and the help and teaching of what we need to do aint to strong. but i guess its different for all missionarys. i guess i just started the race stumbling. Im not to happy that im training and its gonna be rough but like Elder norberto said to me... Theres a reason for everything Heavenly father knows me and what i need i guess....    in other news its becoming more dificult to email and write in english ha ha i think quickly and i think a little in portuguese. i cant speak fluent but i can understand simple things. and i can reply back i learn so much but i feel like i aint accomplished much :) I wish i could take things part by part instead of trying to swallow the watermelon whole but i guess thats what we are supposed to do in the training we recieive... man what gets me is that there are alot of Elders more experianced that can teach with clarity and  in better portueguese and have more time than me in the mission... and so If Heavenly father is guiding this work why did he choose me to train now why did it have to be me there are elders that pass there whole mission without training so why did i have to start training now.... but I will do my best i was called so ill try to be chosen... IM bout outta time love you guys a ton so if you dont hear more ya so bye :) Love ya, Elder Smith

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

Well here I am without a companion ha ha because im temporarily with another elder who will also train....   ya thats right im gonna train....   it sure is gonna be rough but i think that i will recieve a companion brasilian.  haha im having a hard time writing this all in english my Portuguese isnt good but i know enough and use it enough that everything is all mixed upstairs if you know what i mean. ha ha well i got to see mackay he seems like a rock. hes gonna train too. so ill get to see him again tomorow when we get our companions .its gonna be rough to teach for a while but its good that i can take command and teach a new guy. whats right in hind sight i learned a ton from elder siles. but i didnt learn half of what i should of. but the future is always bright. i sure hope my companion is brazillian. ha ha this week was more slacked than alot of weeks elder siles was a little trunky and not to mention the problem in his back but what now. time to lift my head put that load on my back and get to work!!!! ha ha i still have some pretty mixed feelings about this transfer. i guess cuz i feel like its a division and after tobay ill be back with Elder Siles. ha ha its funny cuz mackay was right hes interior in the jungle more or less and he says itscold there. haha crazy ha ha looks like you guys are busy or traveling. i still aint got the little email back but hey look for me on wednesday or thursday cuz my companion will need the chance to email his parents. by the way we had a wedding this week were elder siles played violin ha  ha and he had a string break while he was playin ha ha it was ok  ill attach my pics first is me and siles and the happy couple ha ha

 and second is me and some members here 

and third is me cooking batatas de pugh one more time last night before transfer ha ha if ill looks like i was crying its cuz i was cutting an onion and not cuz Elder siles was leaving

Batatas de Pugh (Pughs Potatoes!)
 haha ha ha look at those potatos and tell me i didnt learn how to cook ha ha 

Tysons HOT Peppers
 and the last is a gift  its some bottled chili peppers that i got as a gift from reginaldo ha ha cuz i like pimenta forte or in english strong pepper ha ha im looking at ten minutes more so ill look to attaching some more pictures cuz all i got left to say is that i love you guys a ton im very thankful for your prayers and that the future is bright. stressful but bright its good to hear bout lance ha ha he could use a good life booster like the mission ha ha its good to here that my friends are still good in the church. Love, Elder Tyson J. Smith

Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

Ha ha didnt talk with the prez after conference but i met up with my companion of the mtc that was all but i was glad to see him hes doin good it was fun to talk cuz we were mixing english and portuegues all together ha ha it was great to see him but the combination of remembering how good a companion he was and hearing all the things i should be doing to be a good missionry left me kinda sad but life moves on as for mackay he jynxed me said he would go to the jungle and i would be stuck in the city and i think hes right i heard hes inland away from the city ha ha me and Passey had a good laugh bout that sunday i bore my testimony cuz moises asked me too support him moises is a person i want for a companion he is fun but he is spiritual he has alot of confidence in me and i can see that he trusts me and i love that guy i trust him a ton he just told me to go with him and bear my testimony and i did cuz i trust him haha i had another person tell me that i will be a good missionary. but no worrys the transfer is this next week and hopefully i get with someone that is ready to work and follow some rules and see some miracles ha ha i can only dream of getting hooked up with mackay passey or mclaws we cant speak all that well but at least i know there good men and i can trust them ha ha but enough doom and gloom ha ha we had a fan with a broke blade that we didnt use cuz it was off balance so i used a little tyson smarts and some gorilla tape and a guarana bottle and bam! i leave a little peace of Elder J. Smith in the apartment ha ha Ive had a feeling that im gonna leave the area but well see how in tune i am with the spirit my companion says ill train here in this area but im hoping not but with 20 more missionarys arriving who knows 20 mostly brazilian are arriving from what i hear so who knows i could train a brazillian i would fail to train but i would learn the language more ha ha my nightmare is to train an american. but even worse than that is staying with my companion ha ha i feel bad that i dont trust him and dont like him but ive given up on trying to change him hes got a harder head than me but hes taught me to stand where i stand especially when i know whats right but ya I Know that this church is true and sometime things will get better man i did it again talking bout my troubles and my feelings but things are fine ill find a way to rise above this i need to rely more on the arm of the lord thats the bottom line I Love you guys a ton I listen to your songs and papas songs and i remember who i am who i stand for and why I'm here and the blessings that i have been given.  I love you guys ton sorry talon i really want to learn futebol but its against the rules :( to many missionarys got hurt 

Love - Elder T. Jim Smith 

The view outside Ty's window in Madalena, Brazil