Monday, December 30, 2013


Well this week BLEW BY! but I guess thats what happens when Between Emails I get to skype with you Guys between Emails. As for the call I didnt get in Trouble But ya Things are moving quick! in a few days Ill enter into the 3 more months club. thats CRAZY this transfer is going by really fast but its really good. Me and Elder Larsen got the most lessons taught this week I guess though we didnt even teach that much. But things are just going good Its like my senior year in High school! Its been great this transfer me and my comp have had a ton of great and precious experiences that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. Yesterday we talked with Bishop and It was great he talked a bit about his mission and I marveled at how much harder it was Transfers were basically just a paper you got with an address and you had to go and you didnt have contact with the mission and Pretty much the missions back in the day Required that you be a man. but I guess nowadays the only thing thats gonna make you be a man Is yourself! Thats probly my Goal for 2014 Is to live in a way that I can become a man become fearless in proclaim the gospel. I want to become what the lord  wants me too be. heres my excited christmas picture and also a Picture of my zone. for 2014 I need to take more pictures and write more in my journal Elder Larsen is a good journal writer hes already finished at least two journals and I aint even finished the one I started haha but I Can Always change and do better. But ya Thanks for all your guys love and support I hope you all have a Great new year and that we all can follow the voice of Papa in becoming better this next year than we were this year. Its crazy to think that This year was all on the mission. but  I love you all have a great week! 
Elder Smith

Santa Clause came!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013


Hey Everybody, Lets just start by saying THAT WAS A FAST THREE WEEKS!!!! I cant believe that half the transfer is already gone...... Me And Elder Larsen Are TEARING IT UP!! He´s a GREAT companion. He even worked with me to Clean the House! Our leaders our pretty happy with our work were still missing baptism but We might have one this week This week was good It flew by! Im having a great time with Elder Larsen we have worked alot he never complains when we work though he Acknowledges my unskillful planning haha. He doesnt like to do contacts but he isnt scared to talk! Im Just loving it up here! If IM lucky president will leave me here with larsen for another transfer but If Im realistic Ill be leaving this transfer. Its funny  that things are going as they are cuz usually the Missionary work starts to wind down at the end of the year and Im just starting to get things going haha I really dont know what to say other than Im Happy. The Lord Is blessing us alot here and Im loving it I started the 40 days and 40 nights of the new testament and Its going real well im  loving the chance I have to read about the saviors ministry and His teachings I like the 40 days and 40 nights cuz it goes at a quick pace but It gives me plenty of time to think and ponder on what I read. I know this church is true I know that it is Gods restored church here on the Earth and Im Am VERY THANKFUL for the chance I have to be apart of it! Christmas well lets just say if it wasnt for the christmas call it would pass by Un noticed haha cuz Ive been thinking about the Lord during the whole year and there isnt any sign of cold weather like there is at home plus the work were doing helps alot to keep my mind off home.  Im Glad you´re all happy In my letter Ill add a pic of me and some people I taught the Man Is less active and the Lady a nonmember we caught them sunday packing everything up so that they can go to Minas Geras ( Thats where Elder M Ribeiro is from) Looks like they will pass some good time down there maybe Ill never see him again but it was good to know him.  I love this work and I love all you guys Have a great week and a MERRY CHRISTMAS I guess Ill see you on Wednesday
Elder J. Smith

Elder Smith and Elder Larsen

Elder Larsen and his Christmas tree

Monday, December 16, 2013


Well Its been Another Really Hot week here in Recife but Its been a great week. This week we had Zone Conference and It was Great!!! It was really fun and we heard some great talks! Also this week me and my comp worked HARD! It was great Sunday night after saying a Prayer I stayed kneeled  and put my chest on the chair and stayed there for about 10 minutes haha it was way comfortable!  haha but when your that tired anything is haha Im back sleeping in the Hammock Its just Too hot to sleep on the bed haha sleepin in the hammock without anything covering me and the fan on full blast I still get a little hot haha so  I dont need the extra Insulation from the matress. This week was a good week Im glad IM here with Elder Larsen theres something about him that just makes me work!!! One day I talked to alot of people and he didnt talk to anyone but I Talked with all the people cuz Of Elder Larsen I dont know why I guess he just wants too work!!! So this christmas season I think me and Larsen are gonna work haha Its gonna be great!! At Zone conference our President sang a Hymn in latin that was cool. But there was a part at the end of the conference where President and Sister Lanius stopped got  close and told us how much they loved us and cared about us. I really felt their Love and I Know that they care about me. My President Is strict... sometimes he seems heartless... He Requires 100 percent obedience... My President Is the BEST! I love my President and I know he loves me. These weeks we have been working with the Bishop Here and Im having all kinds of great experiences. Im learning lots about how the ward works and what it takes to keep it in good shape. Im learning about how to work with the Bishop. One thing I saw Is that Bishop does alot more than he needs too one saturday I helped him set up chairs in the church and I decided that I never want to be a burden for my Bishop that I want to make his life easier. The Mission Is great Im learning lots of things Its crazy now  people are starting to  say ´´1 year and 8 months your getting close to going home`` and I dont know whether Im happy with that or sad. Being honest Im happy :) but something always says Dang..... Its going by fast.....  but ya I know the church is True I Know this is the Work  of God I know  that this Church and the principles It teaches will always bring Our Happiness. to finish up Ill end with a Quote from my mission President thats written on the Back of my Nametag ´´This Is our challenge and Duty ,but, also with all certainty this is our great Joy``
Love you all hope you have a great week sorry I dont got pics to send I ll try and take more. ill send you these ones so you cant say I dont send you nothing Ones a pic of A lizard that came into our house it was funny to see him trying to get a grip on our tile floor haha 
Love, Elder J. Smith
The Elders had a visitor!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hey family thanks for the Letters I really enjoyed them! My birthday went by well sadly my Investigators didnt go to church..... But We worked on my birthday :) so I was happy haha Its not everybirthday you can be a missionary haha so now Im 21 do you know what I can do when Im 21?.... NOT DRINKING!!!! thats for sure haha now I can buy guns haha. but ya 1 year older and 3 years wiser haha I love the growth that we get on the mission. I dont like the stress that causes it but If it makes me better It should be a good Thing haha. Ill never regret my choice to serve a mission and recomend it to all young men. Ive grown soo much and Ive become so much better My mind was opened to more possibilites and too all kinds of truth. This week Was good I like Elder Larsen hes great!! Its funny to see how someone thats 24 seems younger than you haha but hes great and hes ready to work If he spoke Portuegues a little more he could train me. Haha Im glad President put me with A ´´younger´´ Missionary cuz it helps me focus more I really like working with Larsen. Hes great I thought that after Ribeiro went away it would be rough getting another comp but I got another good one so Im Happy. This week we talked with the bishop he helped us a lot and help us make a plan to Baptize on December 22 so were gonna have to be running faster than Santas Elves to get this work done! Here in Brazil Christmas isnt to big but its still a big holiday so ya I hope by Christmas Ill be able to find someone who has skype and some good internet!!!! im not gonna lie this call is gonna be a trunky one haha. I love this Work and This Church and now when I study and work I try and learn not how to be a great missionary that will baptize millions but to be a great Member of the Church that will help Edify Gods Kingdom.. I love you all hope you have a great week by the way heres a picture of me Putting the star on the tree haha. 
Elder J. Smith
Elder Smith and his Zone at the Temple.
Elder Smith putting the Star on The Christmas tree.

Tyson showing us that it is starting to feel just a little like Christmas! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Companion, Same Area

Hey Everybody I Know Im late this week but Im here with good News bad news also I guess... Today Ill be going to the temple what a great Birthday Present I love the temple the Bad news Is my good friend Elder M. Ribeiro got transferred Heres a pic of the Pizza Night before transfers.. I thought it would be me to go away but Ended up Being my comp. But I was happy with the Companion I got Looks Like the President Is trusting me cuz hes new and his first comp was a slacker so he put Him with me I hope I can help him Learn lots of stuff, I wanna return the favor that Stadnicki and Celestino did for me I was in about the same situation that hes in. I always wondered If presidente would trust me as much as he trusted Elder Celestino and Stadnicki to retrain me haha. So Im excited for this transfer Im gonna work alot!!! haha I started my Goal to get fit again the Goal is 100 dips 100 situps and 100 pushups everyday haha first day i got 55 pushups 100 situps and 25 dips yesterday I did 100 dips 100 crunches and 25 pushups haha so Im a little sore haha but when I get home Ill have a VERY WHITE beach body haha thats IF i continue with my goal haha. so Ya Im super excited this week I had a nice experience.sunday we were expecting 3 people to go to church and I prayed with alot of Faith that morning that The Lord would help the people who would follow him go to Church and I believed with all my heart that he would do this.....    And Nobody out of these three went to church..... But A man and His less active wife went to Church I never had met him before and he seemed like a great guy and as I talked to him I knew that The lord had Answered my prayer. We still havent had a chance to teach him but tomorrow we will visit him so Im excited. One Thing I learned with Elder Ribeiro Is that I have little Faith Elder Ribeiro has the Gift of faith when something happened something simple he always said what A miracle! and I was always the first to doubt haha but I know that sometimes the lord helpe me and I dont even recognize his had in the work I know this is the true Church I know that The Lord is helping us in our callings Thanks for all the love and support and Prayers I love you all and Hope you have a good week 
Elder J.Smith

Elder Smith and his new Companion Elder Larsen from Utah

Monday, November 25, 2013


Well Its been a rough week last week they started a party that lasted up till last night and they had an Electric  train wich I learned is a semi truck trailer of Speakers and they put a block away from our house haha so my poor companion who doesnt have a ´´sleep like a rock`` switch has been tired not too mention he had a tooth ache and the blackout that made us go home early. But Im here and Im healthy so why should I complain. Ive decided That I just wasnt made to baptize haha I try and try and I dont succeed but then again I guess Im looking at it all wrong I am only a messenger Its the spirit that is going to touch the peoples hearts and show them where to go.  But If anything Im being taught many things. I guess the Lord doesnt let me baptize alot because If he did I wouldn keep asking myself ´´´What Am I doing?`` and ´´How can I get better?`` cuz if i stop asking these questions Ill never get better than I am haha That may just be the key to it all Just getting better each day. Im thankful to be here  Ive stopped having the occasional nightmare of teaching People and now I have sweet dreams of finding people who are looking for the Truth. so something is getting better also looks like we have a new rule that Investigators under 15 years old have to go to church steadily for three months before being baptized It makes me happy to see that :) Shows that the Church really wants strong members. Also shows that the second coming is getting closer. but I guess everything shows that :) well I love you all and hope your days are filled with joy and happiness. Have a good week and we will talk next week.
Elder J. Smith

Monday, November 18, 2013

11-18-2013 Tyson writes a Hymn

 This week was good we met some great people and I was so excited for
them to go to Church. But when sunday came We were at church and
nothing... nobody came and I was kinda sad and I kept thinking about
how maybe I could have helped them to be there and about all my
weaknesses and I was kinda bummed. and I was taking the sacrament I
thought about what the sacrament meant to me and I decided I´d write a
hymn, so I took out my daily planner and I wrote this . I havent given
it a title and Im gonna have to give it music but I Wanted to share it
with you guys.

What a horrid man I am
Who sins repents and sins again
Perfect like Christ I could never be
My fathers kingdom never to see

Jesus Christ Paid the price for sin
So I can change who Ive been
If with him my sins I lay
I can become perfect one day

As I partake from this tray
I see not bread but a chance to change
and this water given In love
Is my chance to live above

This is my chance to change I know
So forward with faith and hope Ill go
And try my best to be more like thee
Until I find myself here again next week

I Wrote this and I tought it expressed my feelings well on the
atonement. I had and still have a difficulty in understand how the
atonement works. But one thing I do know is that I am not perfect and
that the atonement is my chance to become a better person and not face
the consequences of my past actions. I hope that I can become a better
person than I am now and I know that this is possible only through the
atonement. Thats why its so Important that we do whats right cuz the
atonement will not erase our desires and thoughts just erase our past
errors if we let him. Im thankful to be a part of the true church I
know its true and That it brings us happiness when we live it
correctly :) Love you all
Elder J. Smith

Monday, November 11, 2013


Hey Everybody! This Week a Miracle happened!!!! We Had a Baptism that ended my long Drought haha Ywri, Which is pronounced Yury, was baptized. Ywri has been waiting for months for his mom to let him be baptized he is more active in the church than most members and Saturday we were finishing up lunch and our phone rings and its the bishop and the way my companion was talking and by the looks on his face I thought someone had Died and when he hung I asked him what had happpened and his Said Ywris Mom Is gonna let Ywri get Baptized haha and we jumped with Joy and right away we talked with Ywri and he was Baptized that very Night It was great to see a young man be so happy to be baptized In the true Church of Christ. Also I started The book of Mormon about 5 weeks ago and Im in Helaman :) and its been a great experience Ive been able to feel the spirit that comes from Reading it :) Today Im going to Visit Natalia :) IM really excited to see her and talk to her I consider Natalia the best Baptism of Which I have participated so I am excited to see my fellow Member and see how she is :) Ive grown alot on the mission and the growing never stops I cant believe that today I will renew my temple recommend making it 2 years since I got my temple recommend :) Time is passing to fast I thought that 2 years would never come and that at 1 year and 6 months Time would stop. Now when people ask me how long Ive been here I dont talk loud with pride like i used to but I almost whisper thinking about how the time has passed  so fast I almost went crazy seeing how much hippy has grown it was such a great surprise I cant even imagine the Joy I will have when I can give her and everyone in my family a Hug!!! Its gonna be great but until then Ive got a fight the fight and people to teach and Lots of lessons to learn. Thanks everybody for the support you give me have a great week.
Elder J. Smith

Monday, November 4, 2013


This was a good week. Week by week im getting better haha Ill probly only be a really good missionary when Im about to go home haha not because Ill be close to going home but because ive been here a while now and im still learning a ton... Ive decided that my biggest weakness is that i hesitate to act. when I see someone i think Ill talk to him and then I question myself and then before I know it.... its too late. but one day I was real happy with myself cuz I decided that instead of thinking ´´im gonna be annoying``  i decided to think ´´im just going to act`` and It was real good its funny to think that im more than 3 4ths of the way through my mission but im only starting to get used to and be comfortable talking to people right now... haha I was at the house of a member eating lunch and I didnt feel that strange feeling that I had always had eating lunch at anothers house. Im really starting to get a hang of this missionary thing. And Im so happy that i came to the mission. I have become a man that Ive always wanted to be for sure im not done growing yet Ive still got a long way to go but i feel a lot more confident in who I am and what I want. And being free from worldly cares Ive lost that want for money and  big things and lots of cars....  ok maybe I still want lots of cars haha but I know whats more important. Its a great joy to be living in a way that you feel clean and free from outside influences. heres a picture of our zone haha Sister Dana still here also haha did you know shes related to us she has the Jesse N Smith book too haha but ya Im happy And Im gonna try and just enjoy these last months because its becoming real obvious that its not gonna last forever. Love you all and have a good week 
P.S. I still dont miss the snow and cold hahaha Im actuallly enjoying the hotness haha Love you all, Elder J. Smith

Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey everybody! This week was good we talked with lots of people and had some good experiences saturday we were knocking doors before lunch cuz our appointment fell through and I saw a lady pulling weeds in front of her house and I felt I should talk to her but I also dont like to talk to people who are working haha but we talked to her and we marked an appointment to talk to her family on sunday night and Sunday we taught them and They are very good people :) And afterwards Elder M. Ribeiro said That on saturday he felt like we should talk with that lady. so I was happy to see how the lord is guiding us to the people he is preparing :) so ya Im really happy with the progress we made this week, but it wont stop this week were getting into a good groove and working hard so Im really happy we also have started working more with the Members and weve got an activity for halloween its gonna be called Tricks or Treats haha I think it will be fun haha I just hope it works out well :). Other than this not much new we did get a new ZL hes not as cool as the other that left the one that left Was a great guy and he likes cars too :) the new one Is kinda annoying and Guess what!! were gonna have splits with him this week and guess who stays in the area with the new ZL? Thats me... haha I wasnt too happy bout that looks like he wants to try and mark the baptisms of a boy whos parents wont let him be baptized and a couple of girls that we stopped teaching cuz they dont go to church and when we teach one of them just plays with her phone. so ya Patience!!! I know I should get upset about something little like this I just hope it turns out to be good. Last Pday after lunch we went and flew kites haha it was fun here when you let out all the string you give your kite a name and I named mine blue cuz its red haha I think were gonna go fly our kites again today well I think thats a good enough letter thanks for everthing for the package and the support and the prays have a great week!! 
Elder J. Smith

Monday, October 21, 2013


Well another transfer has come and gone and the mission is just goin by too fast its hard to think Ive only got 4 more transfers and its over... but Me and Ribeiro were real excited when we learned we would stay. and this transfer were gonna make some goals so that we can get better. This week I had a real neat experience one day I was continuing my book of mormon reading and I got to a passage that touched my soul and I felt like the lord was talking to me the part I read was in Mosiah 7:18 wich was something that I needed to hear you can read it later but the way it touched me was like it was written for me other than that my week was pretty rushed but had little progress but This week were gonna start looking for lots of new people to hear our message! Pont dos Carvalhos is big so maybe well widen our search area  haha other than that All i can say is that times moving Too fast its almost november and almost my birthday and christmas is coming up! That will be my last call home and after that it will be a blink of an Eye! so ya Im gonna try and change gears and get more done. Im thankful for my chance to be hear and for all your support I love you all and I hope that this winter doesnt get too cold for you :) haha Im laughing now but youll probly laugh when I tell you im freezing in the middle of spring haha  Love you All 
Elder J Smith

Monday, October 14, 2013


Hey everybody whats up? This week I got a hair cut haha now my hair uses less shampoo and doesnt even need gel haha this week was good but could be better. We had Interviews with the President this week he asked me why I wasnt baptizing anyone and we talked a while and it was really good President decided that I knew what I need to do, And all I have to do is Do it haha so Ive been working on this this week Im very happy with all the things of the gospel Im becoming more converted everyday But I need to keep pushing I watched the video about the life of the prophet and one thing that I saw was that he was always a Doer I learned that  22 years old he was called as bishop haha and I kept thinking how did he find time to visit 80 or so widows in his ward every month haha I was thinking that with 22 years I would eat sleep work study and repeat but I guess if the prophet could have time to be a bishop I should have plenty of time to serve in any other calling. But it sure showed that the prophet was always acting to help others and I really enjoyed the video makes me want to be a better me. so ya Im trying to become more humble and meek and Trying to become more spiritual and happier too haha Im kinda scared about transfers I really like where Im at and my Companion but its the Lords will and not mine. and Its a simple fact that while we struggle we grow more so we´ll see how it goes this week. i dont know if i sent this pic but heres Elder M. Ribeiro burning an old white shirt as his hump day ritual (Hump day is when you pass 1 year on the mission) haha Thanks for all the Love and support I hope you all have a good week
Elder J. Smith

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hey everybody hows it goin? this weekend was pretty good with conference and all but I watched it in conference and the translaters do a pretty bad job of passing the same spirit that we get in English haha saturday morning we woke up early to help an investigator and his family put concrete on his roof so im sore haha but it was lots of fun haha Ill send you guys a pic haha Dont get me wrong when I say this but I sure like getting dirty haha after we took a shower we headed off to conference I really enjoyed the talk that talked about looking up I felt a really good spirit though I dont remember much of what he said I remember that it touched my heart. haha and on sunday our zone had a combined baptism and 4 people were baptized. I was happy for the people but I sure wished that someone from my area would be baptized its been 4 months since I last baptized and Sometimes I wonder why I am teaching better than I taught and Im speaking better than I used to and Im in an area with lots more humble people and still in this area my feet are still dry but I think what i need is some more humility I guess now that I speak and teach better I rely less on the lord and I try to convince the people rather than let the spirit convert I guess Im trying to hard to make the seeds I plant grow haha but Im very glad to be here. my time here is passing by unnoticed its been 1 year and 6 months since ive been here and Im three-fourths of the way through.  Its crazy how time passes so im gonna have to get down and humble up and get to work so I can go home knowing I did all I could Im so excited to go back to our house and listen to conference Im thirsting for the spiritual gain haha oh by the way the mail service here is on strike wich explains why my letters havent gotten to you and why i havent gotten my letters from Deid :) haha and also means its probably gonna take a while for the package to get here who knows maybe I do get it on my birthday :) haha welll love you guys have a great week and study conference :) tchau

Monday, September 30, 2013


Hey everyone This week has passed way too fast but hey thats what happens when you like your companion This week Is conference and Im Just PSYCHED haha I love conference I was studying about conversion this week or the week before it and I remebered of a conference talk I think from october that Elder Bednar gave and I was able to go back and listenb to his talk cuz I had dwnloaded it so I was happy to have downloaded it and the Talk about the Tomato plants Ive practically got memorized haha I really enjoyed that talk It lines right up with what we learn in the Temple and It helps open my eyes nd my mind to the concept of Eternity wich I still think is impossible to comprehend haha got my shoes resoled  this week I spent R$30 ($15) and got some new shoes haha heres  picture of my approval . haha Its been about 2 and a half transfers since I last baptized someone And Im not to happy about that especially cuz Elder Quinteros filled me with high expectations saying they had baptized 15 people in a short period of time but thats ok One of these 15 is Luis and Luis like various other of these 15 became inactive I only saw him in the church 1 time when I got here when Elder M. Ribeiro got here I decided That I wanted to work with Luis being a man with about 28 years old (already something thats needed in the church) and an aaronic priesthood holder. And I was happy to see him back at church last week and this sunday we didnt have anyone who went to church and I was kinda bummed cuz I didnt see Luis but about 10 minutes after starting Luis showed up :) I was so happy I sure Hope I can help him and get him a friend :) Thats awesome to hear about Joann I bet Bryan and Jake were happy to see that baptism :) Its gonna be a great blessing in her family :) I think this next week Ill be knocking lots of doors and talking to lots of people cuz the people were teaching are pretty soft haha as in not firm in their decisions. haha so I need to meet lots of new people!!!! other than this Im doing good :) Im happy to be here Im starting to relax a bit and enjoy my time here haha so ya transfer is getting here quickly and for once Im not wishing for a change haha well have a good week everyone I love you all Tchau!
Elder J. Smith

Elder Tyson and his re-soled shoes.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey hey hey Im out of rhyming endings today... haha This week was good I was happy to see the pics of abis baptism and Im glad it all went well this week we had Zone conference and the President talked to us about conversion of the missionarys and I really enjoyed his talk me and my comp are just chugging along we have two young woman that we are trying to baptize they are two friends and they really liked the church. Me and Elder M. Ribeiro are good friends I dont think Ive ever been so open with any of my comps haha I like him alot were already heading into the third week but Im hoping that this transfer doesnt go to fast! Jake asked me today how I came to know the church was true so I explained it out to him and used quite a bit of Time so ill put it in I figure youll enjoy it       ´´ I have always wanted to see an angel ever since i was 8 and when I got to the mission I tried quite a bit to force a spiritual manifestation. you and me both know that that dont work to well... haha but every day of study trying to clear up my doubts I gained a bit of knowledge and the Holy ghost helps me every time I study Its hard to explain how it happens its that feeling that you get when your reading something true and it just clicks and you think wow its true haha to be honest my answer to if the book of mormon was true in my prayers never gave me a certainty I prayed with 8 waiting an angel and nothing I prayed with 12 and nothing prayed with 14 and 16 and still nothing but One day I was praying (still waiting on my angel) and after saying amen and not seeing an angel I began to think is it really true and I started to think about the book of mormon and how it had helped me in my life and I remembered the feeling I always had when I prayed to know of the truth and It was a feeling from my heart to my brain saying ``you already know its true why are you asking´´ haha and though that answer did give me what i wanted it gave me enough to follow... My experience matches up good with Alma 32 when he talks about the seed of faith. and still Ive never seen an angel or heard a voice or had a dream but I know its true and you will too just follow the scriptures and read PMG and obey your mission rules and youll get there the most precious truth that Ive learned on the mission is that the works and mysterys of God arent as Misterious as we think they are Love you Bro I hope I got your question answered you probly arent too satisfied  by my answer but Little by little youll make it to where you say without a doubt I know this is true. Love ya man have a good week work hard and dont give up on the work :) Its hard and stressful but Its a good hurt haha´´        Other than this Im really happy to be here I think today is the first Day in a long time that Im not missing home I dont let it get in the way of the work but its always pulling at my thoughts but Today I watched the best two years and I enjoyed the film alot It got me thinking about my mission and how looking at the situation of the Elders from Outside I was happy and patient but then I saw things that happen in my mission that didnt make me laugh like the movie did and It made me think that I should relax more and enjoy my mission haha but ya we just had a blackout and the pwer is back so Ill send my big letter in case it goes out again. Tchau I love you all 
Elder J. SMith

Monday, September 16, 2013

hey hey hey If your reading this I hope your doing Okay! I think Im running out of rhymes haha This week was pretty good my new companion is from Minas Geras (I think thats how you spell it) haha Hes really cool and really chill I feel like I can be me around him hes really a great guy! This week we walked alot and taught some crazy people but weve also found some good people we found a good family we read a story from the book of mormon in the second lesson and the man of the house not only read and understood but he even applied it to these last days so I hope we can help them :) the only problem is that we have to wait until next sunday to teach them. and also we had a teenage girl in the church yesterday and she really Liked the church the members here recieved her really good and invited her to all kinds of activitys so It was really good we need to workmore with her and her family so they can be bless like my family has been blessed this week we got a call from a member informing us that he couldnt give lunch to us so we made a soup that had more potatos and pasta than broth haha but it was good and thats whats in the pic haha my companion also likes cars haha so that pretty much put him on my good side haha but he is a great guy really loving Im real excited to work with him we made some plans to do some activities so Im hoping well get that set out good haha other than this life goes on :) while I was studying this week I decided I needed to have a stronger testimony of the Atonement (which Imstill working on) but It was neat to see how the spirit opens my understanding as I study As I was studying something that I had akready studied a million times and the spirit talks to my spirit and makes it make sense and become more real to me I love you all and Deid haha and this Gospel There is nothing better for us than the Gospel and I know thats True. Tchau Have a great week Ill talk to you on Monday 

Monday, September 9, 2013


hey hey hey we had a little change today.. TRANSFERS my new companion is Elder M. Ribeiro He seems pretty cool but hey Ive known him for about 4 hours now so who knows haha but Im excited for the change this week was cool we taught a lesson with President Lanius which was really cool I really liked the way that he talked about the Gospel because he wasnt to worried about what the investigator would think he Just taught what came natural to him (even if it meant talking about the stars and Universe to demonstrate the size of the things around us and the higher meaning of life) haha I liked the way he taught cuz it wasnt just information but what President really thinks and feels. He always talked about his testimony and how he simply Knows that this is true Just to give you an Idea he was married 21 years with Sister Lanius before being baptized anyways it was really neat I have a lot of love and respect for my mission President I see that he thinks the way that I think :) and he teaches like i like to teach It was really cool. Also by luck I got the chance to meet Fabio and Luancla  (members of the Madalena ward) at a Baptism that I went too and I got to talk with them about Madalena and Natalia and Tiago and it sure made my day to hear about My Ward (and it is mine) haha Other than all this Im just excited for this week I hope It goes well and that you guys have a good week I love you all :)

Elder Tyson and his Group outside the Recife Temple.

Tyson and His "Son", and his "Grandson"

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hey Everybody Looks like things are going good back home here things are going good too Last week we got to go to the temple and it was really good Also while talking with Sister Dana whos grandma Knows my Grandma :) I found out were related haha haha her family is from Snowflake and when I asked her if she Heard of Jesse N. Smith she responded with the following question  ´´do you have the Big Green Book?´´ haha it was funny haha but I really love going to the temple and Im glad that we can have an eternal family. This week I also got to thinking about the Pioneers who sacrificed alot to have the church and about how Im pretty ungrateful at times well because of the time Im gonna have to finidsh my letter and the lag is so bad the pictures I took wont load but I know this Church is true and that Familys are forever  I am excited to see that Abi will be baptized It will bless her life ALOT but I have to go... Love you all have a good week sorry bout the letter being short sorry bout the pics but the Internet is horrible today. Tchau, Elder J. Smith

Elder Smith and Sister Dana

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

hey everybody sorry we didnt hook up yesterday and probly not today heres  a pic of my first son (hes in my Zone) and my second grandson and I think I even have a great grandson man am i getting old haha Jk Ive got three grandsons now Elder Matos is training a Chileno. so speaking of things other than my missionary posterity, This week was good we found some great people to teach and They went to Church!! haha thinking this week Ive realized that I need to work more on my spirituality Im pretty good at speaking portugues and explaining the lessons but I would teach with more power if I had the spirit with me testifying of the truth so My goals are to work on this some more and better my relationship with the Lord. :) this week we were talking to a 16 year old girl whos pregnant and Is a recent-convert she was telling us about how she and her boyfriend and her had been arguing and upon asking we discovered that this guy has 3 almost 4 children with 3 diferent girls and 1 got her house from him 1 doesnt like him but wants the house that they live in and the recent-convert just wants him to leave the house but his mom doesnt want to lose the house. and I got to wondering about this guy and why he had done what he did and I thought If I was a girl and I found out that the guy who got me pregnant had done this I would be Super Mad and Sad. so I asked How she felt when she found out and she said that she already knew!!!! and it was Like something normal to her! That made me sad but It sure shows how we are blessed when we keep the commandments from one little act that looked fun he and she are In Problems up to there heads and those arent even counting the spiritual wounds that were left so for everbody there, KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS and be careful dating for the younger ones if you do this you WILL BE HAPPY! well thats my letter for this week Love you all have a good week
ELder J. SMith 
By the way Ill be goin to the temple tomorrow and we had district meeting yesterday so thats why Im writing today
Elder Smith with one of his "Sons" and a "Grandson".

Monday, August 19, 2013


Hey hey hey Hows it goin everybody this week was pretty good and I had another interesting missionary experience. We were riding in the volkswagon van that takes us from our area to the other area and while we were crammed in the back we managed to meet 2 guys from an other church. as we talked on of them started to preach to us in that way that we could feel the power of God haha anyways the other was calm and cool and one night we were heading to the church and we met the mini preacher (cuz hes like 17) and we invited him to take a look inside the chapel. and he hesitated but said ok so we showed him the church and he marveled at its size and beauty ( things that most brazillian churches dont have)and it was all good until he decieded to preach some more to us haha so while he was tellking us in his preacher voice how good our church was the Bishop arrived at our side and gave the mini preacher a strange look and a little bit intimidating and I thought that aint a nice way to treat a visitor but I almost laughed cuz I was enjoying the preaching He was giving anyway when he left the bishop came up to us and asked Do you know who that is? and we gave the boys name but the bishop explained that this boy had robbed one of the girls of the church about 1 month earlier and Boy that made me mad haha Id seen this guy in a suit looking like one of the most devoted people of his church and now I had seen his other side and it made me feel bad.. but ya interesting exerience Im glad that we are part of the true Church and I know its true Love you guys have a good week Im about out of time so TchAU!!!

Ty ironing his shirt with a pot.

Elder Smith and Elder Reed from Oregon (Was on a Split that Day)

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hey everybody Im here with some more time so I hope I can make up for what I didnt write last week and send some pics too. This week was good Im loving the area and my comp. Like you said Its alot of dirt roads and hills But its good. Im just wishing I had my Shoe shine kit haha But Its coming maybe It'll get here this week. haha Heres a pic of me and my comp and also of Recife from a steep hill. haha This week flew by seems like yesterday I was writing my letter and running out of time haha Not much new has happend just a lot of teaching haha and I got Kissed by a drunk guy. haha but luckily it was on the cheek haha I got a story for you guys that gave me a kick (probably cuz it involves a car) haha so The story is about Knowledge and Wisdom) Knowledge was riding in his new honda civic after his graduation from law school and was passing through a rural city when his tire blew he quickly stopped the car and removed the flat tire and called for a repairman when the repairman came Knowledge put the lugnuts in his pocket so that he wouldnt lose them when they got to the repairshop Knowledge took the lugnuts out of his pocket because they were bothering him and set them on the table when the repairman left knowledge at his car and left Knowledge remembered the lugnuts and became desperate when he remembered that he had left the lugnuts in the repair shop that was now closed and started to cry.. wisdom(an elderly cowboy) asked the lad why he was crying and Knowledge explained about his horrible night and his problem Wisdom started to laugh and that made knowledge angry. but knowledge was soon on his way after wisdom took one lugnut of each tire and put them in place of the missing lugs haha well Times Up Love you guys and Tell Kobe to Be Careful and to stop at stop signs... Thcau 
Elder J. Smith

Elder Smith and Elder Quinteros in their apartment. Gotta love those big BLUE eyes!!!

This is Recife from atop a hill in Ty's new area. Still pretty close to the big city!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Very Short Note from Elder Smith

Hey everybody im sorry this letter is goin to be really short but At least I can say that Im HAPPY Im loving the area and my comp its more into the country and Its more peaceful. THis week we worked alot didnt have baptism but were working on that Heres a pic of me and my comp Im really sorry bout the letter but Im running out of time Ive got two Minutes but Just know that Im doing really good and Loving the mission Tchau tchau Everybody Ill try and send a Missionties to make up for this letter my pic didnt make it :(

Monday, July 29, 2013

On the Road again!

Hey everybodY!!! NOBODY WENT TOO CHURCH SUNDAY! :( we tried our hardest and nothhing but hey Ive got some news I was transferred so Ive got new problems too look into haha  I will be moving to a place called Ponte dos cavalhos. This week we found a second scorpion in our house and my companion went a little crazy haha. I also managed to break my watch bands on the watch I bought so with a little bit of Tyson tweaks I got something figured out haha. Sunday I heard a story in church that I like alot. You see there was one day an argument in the carpenters shop all the tools were arguing and decided that they would split up The tools talked about the hammer first complaining that he made alot of noise and sometimes put dents in the wood but in his defense the hammer pointed out the screw said that he took along time to get the job done and that he just kept going in circles. the screw said in his defense that the sand paper was rough on everybody and sandpaper got mad and said that the ruler was the worst cuz he judged everyone by his own standards. and while they were arguing the carpenter entered in... The carpenter took all the tools and made a beautiful chair and when he finished he left the workshop when he had locked the doors the tools started to talk again but this time they didnt complain they started with the hammer this time recognizing the strengths seeing that the hammer was strong and that he always got the job done the screw brought things together and held them tight the sand paper was rough but he always helped polich things up and the ruler always was exact in the measurements that he gave.. We are all like these tools we all have our weaknesses but when we are used and united in the mighty work of the Master we all do our part in doing a marvelous work. I liked this story (maybe because its about tools) but I decided to share it with you. so Ya Looks like your all doing well there and I thought you wouldnt have a cow with me here on the mission but thats cool. I love you guys looks like your not on with me but I Love you all Tchau!!!!

Ty packing up with a favorite picture of his! :^)   

Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey Everybody sadly another week has past with nobody at church we tried hard we Called some people went even to ones house but still nothin new.. But Im feeling my faith growing maybe not faith that somebody will go to church but more faith overrall in the Lord. Im trusting more in him that he knows what hes doing. I know the Lord is Helping me maybe hes not putting the people i need to teach in the doors that I knock but Hes teaching me and Awarding me with the spirit of Humility. Im not lost in a dark unhappiness but its a little rough. Haha this week my companion got a blister and so we put moleskin on it and my companion had a brilliant Idea of making a moustache out of the moleskin and then I had the great idea of using shoe polish to color the Hair haha heres a pic of the results. other than this not much is new. This week flew by.. I dont really remember much of what I done I know I knocked plenty of doors haha But I know the Church is true and that Theres more to life than just this time on earth. And for this I owe it to the Lord to try and help these other peoples in this area. Love you all have a good week and I hope my letter is better next week.
Elder J. Smith

Elder Smith and Elder Rios trying out their "Moleskin Mustaches". Ha Ha 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hey Everybody Sadly I have to report that its been another Empty sunday.... This week we had Our interviews with the Mission President and I was kinda worried that he would burn me because of the Low numbers we are having and we did talk about the numbers but My President Is a Man of God he asked me How I was And I explained My concerns But he told me That I needed to trust in myself more and that he knew That I am a good person he told me I need to have more faith and told me that He knew I could achieve what I needed too. and I Left that meeting stronger and ready to work and so we worked on that day and then friday and then saturday and sunday and nobody went to Church and my companion was pretty tired of working and and discouraged cuz noone went to Church and that night I dragged him around pretty much to knock some doors before we went home, and Today I got a call from my Zone Leaders. and they asked me in a serious way what were doing wrong and I got pretty mad.... I know there trying to help and Everything but I finally start to put my heart into it to believe that something will change and they call me to tell me Im doing it wrong.... I guess I just need to breath and relax. Just another test of patience I guess. Its strange to think that The mission is the oppostie of what I thought I thought I would miss my family alot and have alot of hard times in the Beginning of the mission but Instead the Difficulties just get bigger and harder everyday it seems but I keep growing too so thanks for all the support I love you guys and Im learning a ton!!! Heres a Pic of our zone at the temple for you guys.
Tchau, Elder J. Smith

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deep Thinker 7-10-13

Hey everybody this week was a decent week we met some new people to teach and so thats a little less time knocking doors haha were stillhaving problems with getting people to church but well get through it.Today were goin to the temple and that makes me real happy I really love the temple and its been like 4 or 5 months since ive gone haha Im happy here and our mission is turning into the mission that I always wanted it to be. :) I had a not so profound profound thought the other day while i was laid out in my hammock going to sleep. I was thinking about how another day had past like a blink of an eye and thought about Life how its separated by many days and I startd to think about the purpose of Life and How we could be happy. My conclusion was this. we will all be immortal we have always existed and we will always exist so we will always have three things A yesterday, A today, and A tomorrow. so the Key to an Eternity of happiness is to live in a way so that you always have A yesterday full of good memories, a today that you live to enjoy, and a tomorrow that is full of Hopes. I also decided that the time we have on this Earth is the perfect way to Learn and to measure growth. every day is a new situation always changing we never have two days exctly the same and we can according to days, weeks, months and years measure our growth This thought goes a little deeper but im out of time! I spent it all talking to you guys haha :) Love you All and have a good week :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick Thinker 7-1-13

HEY EVERYBODY!!!! What a week!!!! Im still runnning in a rut but Im more excited! This week we made history in the mission. Every since I got here we have been fighting to have 200 baptisms in the month and this week we did It! Our mission has become alot better than it was when I got here and we are growing in strength. Im sad to say that I didnt help much in this number but im still proud haha ill have to send some pics of my shoes haha the pair that dad chose is getting thin but the ones that i chose are falling apart by Chunks haha but they did make it a long way. you may have noticed my account is lacking about 50 bucks its cuz i bought new shoes i tried to get shoes that remind me of my boots haha I didnt have dad here to help me out so I hope I chose wisely haha This week we knocked alot of doors with little results and still nobody went to church but Ill get through this. one day we knocked on a door and two children came to greet us and we asked if there parents were home and they said that they werent so we marked a day to come back and when we were going to the house I was expecting the Parents to reject our message and when we got there It was just after the soccer game between Brazil and Uraguay and There was a drunk that answered the door and he told us that he knew the church and invited us in haha he was pretty drunk as he explained that he didnt drink very much, but that he was drinking because he was watchin the game haha... He told us about his family problems and I left a message with him about how god blesses the People who Obey his commandments and he told us that he doesnt drink much again and help up his cup and said this isnt whiskey its... its... vodka with..... LEMON!!!!!! and Said Ill go get the Lemon and came back with a sprite open and half gone and poured us some cups haha so my companion is worried like me and smells the cup I smell the cup but I dont smell anything differently. but I dont want to drink it and I watched my companion and he too did not drink the drink so we talked a bit more and I told the man that we need to Leave but that I wanted to Hug him and My companion looked at me like Im crazy haha and so I gave him a hug and threw the drink that he gave me through the window that was open haha my companion caught on and said I want one too and told me too hold his cup and while they hugged I threw The other drink threw the window haha It was pretty funny haha. Just another experience that I gained here on the mission haha. This week Im hoping Ill relax somemore and just do my best Its kinda hard to relax when Im trying to do everything that the Zone Leaders want but Ill get there one day. Thanks for alll you guys do and have a safe week up on the mountain and next year Ill be there too :)
Tchau, elder J. Smith
Someone's put some miles on!

This pair is done for I think!
Tyson added some extra "Sole" to his new shoes. HaHa

Tysons New shoes that he bought.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey Hey Hey. Im Pretty tired today. Tired tired tired. This week was rough lots of contacts and a little bit of lessons. I start to get frustrated with myself because the Zone Leaders are calling me and telling me what I need when I already know Im in a hole and Im just trying to get out The part that hurts the most its that im kicking myself because im not getting anything done and my zone leaders are kicking me too... I dont think they know theyre kicking me so i dont hold a grudge but still hurts but I need to just stick it out pick my head up and just try and get through it. It sure seems Like the Lord doesnt want to give me a rest haha I guess I got something big Ahead cuz the Lord wants me to grow. I liked the Training broadcast that they sent to us It was really good and Inspiring Looks like the Email still aint working to good So i hope you get this Email. I would have loved to talk with you guys but hey thats okay. Thats good to hear about Kobe haha I love my blessing but I wish that I could comprehend it haha i dont really have anything to write in my letter sorry that its a little gray But I know the church Is true I know that Im Here for a reason I know that Ill get through this so Dont you guys worry about me here :) Ill get out of my hole here.. I Love you guys alot :) thanks for the Love, Support, Prayers, And letters have a good week and hopefully next monday we can talk. Love you, Tchau
Elder Tyson Smith
Tysons District in Casa Forte

Monday, June 17, 2013

14 Month Anniversary Today!

Hey Everybody Im doing good This week we had a stressful baptism. The Person who was baptized is a Members Girlfriend who has been avoiding the missionaries and trying not to be baptized her Boyfriend (Who will be going on a Mission) came to us and told us that she was ready to recieve our messages. we taught her in the Church so that Her baptism would be a surprise for His parents we marked her Baptism to be this saturday wich was the same day as a ward party The plan was that we would Baptize her after the party and that we would advise his parent on the hour. So that was it we went to the party and... His dad didnt go so the surprise had to just be for his Mom. and then I got a call from someone in my district that told me I had an baptismal Interview to do. so we had to do the baptism earlier. So we talked to the Bishop who was pretty reluctant to stop the party because the font is in the same room but we called some people to another room and we had the Baptism meeting and we had the two dress in white and we managed to get his mom in the room. And when the walked in the Mom said Are you serious? and started crying and everyone started crying that is except me haha and we had the Baptism. And I was STRESSED haha but It all went great . So heres a pic of Everyone Crying haha And I cant believe yesterday was fathers day haha Because here its on a Different day haha. But Its funny I was actually telling Deid in a Letter today about Dad. But Ya Happy fathers day Dad Its funny that this happened with Koby haha Im glad he learned this lesson haha Its funny because now If You told me that I wouldnt have done it haha Ive learned This lesson through and through that My Dad Knows what i need. haha And whats good for me. I was telling Deid that Your my best friend I didnt know I had haha I always enjoyed spending time with you but now I see that you and me are two apples of the same tree and the same branch haha You may be a little older than me but our minds run the same way haha. I was thinking this week about My gift (that im sure came from you) that I have with cars and wood the ability to see how it works and then know how to fix it or think it out and Understand. and I realize That This gift works on the church level that Im beginning to Understand how the Gospel Works haha I remember a long time ago in my first area Moises telling me that The gospel was Like a motorcycle and I told Him ITS NOT THAT SIMPLE haha but Now im beginning to see that he is Right haha The gospel Is full of Parts that make it work. and to understand It I needed to do what I did to Learn how a motorcycle works the first thing I learned Is that the motor needs Air, gas and Ignition to run and from there I learned about the systems the motor the drivetrain the Intake system the Exhaust and the cooling system Learning Every function of every part and the gospel has been the same way with me. I now look at the gospel with different Eyes and I see clearer now I look at life differently and Im Loving it. I feel comfortable with the gospel and I believe that I can Explain how it works now just as good as I can Explain how a Motorcycle works haha. Im Proud of You and Mom you guys always led me on the right path even if I didnt Know why and you always let me Learn the Lessons that I needed to Learn. Im thankful Every day for the chance that I have to be here in brasil to Learn and Grow I miss you guys alot. More than Ever but I dont Let it get to me. :) And I am very thankful for the Encouragement that I get from You and Mom I Love you Dad (and Mom) :) and I pray that we will have many opportunities to Hang out when I get home haha :) Tchau and Until next week 
Elder J. Smith 
Elder Rios and Elder Smith at their latest Baptizmo

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hey Family Looks like you guys have had a good summer week Looks like a lot of fun ha ha with all the long boards and motorcycles make sure and be safe haha I want you guys all in one peace when I get home haha This week we were able to meet some new people and we now have two people to Baptize! The lord has heard my prayers and weve found some people to teach! Im glad that I have a testimony of the Church cuz I think without it I would go crazy here in Brazil haha but Its real good to be here with The Lords Help. I enjoyed the Class sunday about Seeking not to do my own will but to do the Lords Im thinking I need that lesson Im gonna try and read more during the week This week my thoughts had been turned back to home i was getting tired of walking and I was really missing cars and motorcycles and everything haha but Im gonna Live I just hope I can look forward and keep my hands on the plow. My Plows hitting some rocks and my horse is pulling slow but I know i need to focus haha I really like the example of the Plow makes me relax a bit and Think that because my plow isnt going very fast that its all my fault. Sure I need to do my part but I cant make the plow go very much faster if I try to push it haha but ya this week was pretty good Ive been going right along and Im trying to lift this area up but ya thats about all I had to say haha Its crazy to think that after this month there will only be ten months until I get home... Its a sign that I need to work harder cuz my Time is running out but ya Love you guys Ill just pust my name on my letter to close it haha :) Tchau Elder J. Smith

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Companion, Same Area. 6/3/13

Hey Everybody Whats Up Ive got some Strange news... Elder Dias was transferred! And I got a new companion His Name is Elder Rios. Hes from Florinapolis Hes pretty cool heres a Pic from him. This Week we had a Mission Tour and We got to hear from Elder Leal. It was really cool and I enjoyed his talk alot. In his comments he told Us to Thank you guys for raising us and sending us on missions So Im thanking you guys for Him. And for me Ill send you guys a Bigger thank you for all youve done and are doing Heres a pic I took before we left for the Tour which by tour I mean conference. I just have to take a pic when I use a suit cuz I never use a suit hahaha I think I used a suit more often at home than on a mission haha. This week weve ran into a new problem with the transfer of Elder Dias Ive been working hard to meet new people and that means.... knocking doors...  I didnt teach very many people with Elder Dias and so now IM running around trying to get people to teach.... and its rough and a little discouraging but Ill live I know the Lord is seeing my efforts and will help me In my quest. Im happy to be were Im at and my new companion is pretty good and cool he helps me out alot in the work were doing. My companion has had a good mission so far I saw his Photos and has like 20 baptisms.. And I found out that he past 11months of his mission in the rural parts of the mission and says that all the people he baptized were references.... Ha ha I sure want to go to the city where he was at of my 13 baptisms maybe 5 are references haha but ya Im doing good here in the Area and I dont have anything to complain about being here on the mission Love you guys alot and thanks for all you do have a good week and Ill talk to you next week 

!/2 of Tyson's Mission. Can you Find Him?
Meet Elder Rios, Tyson's New Companion. They are showing off their Suit Coats that they hardly ever wear.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Hey Everyone!!! This week was good and Im as strong as ever hahaha This week we talked to the bishop and our mission Leader and we have called some ward missionaries so Were gonna try and Get some work done Looks like summertimes arrived haha I completely forgot haha I know its may but It sure doesnt seem like school  is out haha I love this Recife weather its hot and hotter so I dont even notice the seasons changing hahaha. Im always growing here in the mission and Its really neat to see the growth I am so much more comfortable with myself and who I am and Im happy to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I guess that means that my Parents did there Job :) so Congrats Mom and Dad haha to bad you dont get paid for this haha but Just Like Missionary work I bet its rewarding haha The Lord works In marvelous ways the way the twists me and bends me and heats me up to turn me into something better Is amazing I just wish I could pay him back... This Church is a marvelous work and a wonder I testify this for you. Im happy In my opportunity to serve here and for the Patience that the Lord has with me. Im sorry I dont have a story to tell you guys I guess Im slacking on this part. Hopefully this week Ill have a sweet experience to tell you guys haha I love all you guys and all you do for me so until next week.. Tchau!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

5-20-2013 Casa Forte

Hey Hey hey another week has past away hahaha Hey everyone. This week was good we had a baptism The woman that was baptized had smoked for 30 years and she managed to stop (with alot of encouragement on our part) and was baptized on saturday :) she was really happy to be baptized and it was really neat. This week Was pretty good haha Ive been havin a lot of "Ive been here before" moments usually its about something strange but has been happenin quite a bit so im just guessin that im where i should be. Yesterday in church i noticed that our ward has about 50 who frequent the church and Im seeing that i can really help this ward I just need to pray alot so that I can know what to do to help. In my new area there are a lot of hills and stairways haha it makes me pretty tired haha but im happy cuz ill get stronger and maybe lose a little weight. Ha ha These days I was missing my area as i now call my first area haha But I am still happy because I have space to grow here :) This week went by fast haha But thats a good thing sorry I dont have much stories but I got a lot of pics to send haha so ill get to that. Tchau!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Original Song written by Ty and His Companion for their Mothers.

Tyson and Companion singing their Mothers Day Song. (Click on the Title to Play it)


Hey Everybody! It was good to talk to  everyone on sunday ha ha It seemed like a dream to me ha ha  but it was  really nice to talk to  you all  I have some pics to send but my companions using my card to put the video we made on you tube ha ha so it might  take  a while  My  companion is a great  guy  and  a good friend but Id like  to work a little more than we  are  working and when I left my Area I lost my rythm haha but This week Ill try and get  it back. But overall this week was good. Sunday was pretty rough at church there were only 25 people It was mothers day and also the soccer finals and our  church is from 3 to 6 in the afternoon so the people who visited there mothers used the afternoon to visit them and the soccer game was at 4 so anybody who would watch  the game wouldnt go ha  ha so it was  pretty empty at  Church. It was good to talk to  Aj and joke around with you guys ha  ha  tell Kobe to put  some muscle on his arms so his  sleeves dont fall off ha ha. Im Excited for this Area I think we have a lot of room to work here I hope I can Help :)   Love you, Elder Smith

Monday, May 6, 2013

On the Move!

Hey Hey Hey Guess who went away! Ha ha Im here in the same LAN house that I used a While back When I was visiting this Area with Elder Botcherby ha ha I was transferred! I Got Transferred from My area.........  to the Area that shares boundaries ha ha My companion Is Elder Dias, from Sao Paulo.  He seems real cool hes got 1 year and 7 months ha ha lets see how he works. ha ha today In the Transfer the people that were leaving Bore their Testimonies and I realized that a good part of the Missionarys I  knew. and Then I realized that my turn Is gonna come pretty quick. about leaving the Area Im not really missing anything as of now... but I will make new friends and I'll abe able to visit my friends from madalena when my mission ends. Im really Excited!! because I have a new area a new companion and lots of new Experiences to come ha ha In the transfer I got to see a good part of my group and it was really neat Elder Passey has lost a ton of weight and all in all were talking in portuegues. ha ha This week Im a little lost as to a story that i can tell you guys cuz All I can think about is that I have A New AREA!!!!!! ha ha So ya Im really happy. On  Sunday Ill be calling I think it will be around  7 or 8 here because we have church in the afternoon Ill probly be able to Skype with you guys I already talked with my companion a bit and says Theres a member here that can probly get us Skype meu companheiro ha ha I started to write in portuegues ha ha  so ill just leave it ha ha but my companion will see when we can Skype here This is a pic of me and my Goodbye cake in Rosa´s house and these are my 2 sons haha I already have a grandson and today it was announced that I have another one  coming haha. well looks like we will talk with this member later today and Ill send a quik note saying The time we will call. Tchau Love you, Elder Smith

Just a quick note.... Although he was transferred, his new area is about 1.3 miles as the crow flies from his old apartment. At least he is in a new zone. He is about a half mile from the Recife Temple now. 

All the bags are packed and he's on the move!! Yay
Elder Matos and Elder Smith at his going away party.

Elder Ty and his two "sons". These are the two he has trained so far. 

This is most of Tysons original MTC group.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Maybe his last week in Madelena? Transfers are on Sunday night...

Hey Hey Hey its PDAY ha ha Today its raining and im not to happy about it but it will be like this for the next 3 months haha this week was good haha i thought i would have a good story for you guys because one of our investigators wanted to mark a meeting for us with his preacher ha ha and so we marked a date and everything ha ha so i decided to fast so I would have the spirit and that I wouldnt try to Bible Bash ha ha and when the day came we went to his house knocked on the door and.........  his mom came to the door and told us that he was sleeping haha so i took that as an answer to my prayer ha ha the week past and we have continued to work with our investigators and yesterday we went to talk with a contact that we had made and a guy came to the door and explained that she wasnt there and so we told him who we are and he started to tell us that Joseph Smith wasnt a Prophet because Peter James and John couldnt be Angels and the battle started haha I noticed my companion getting nervous and a little mad haha and we kept telling him what we beleive and showing scriptures in the bible and he would show why we were wrong in the bible and after a while I asked him his name and he replied and I told him it was a pleasure to meet him and I bore my testimony and my companion bore his and we left haha While we were walking I told my companion that I had been Edified ha ha and he asked me How i had been edified by our bible bash and I told him that it strengthened my testimony that our church is the only true church and that we had the fulness of the truth and that we understand gods plan better than any other church ha ha This week was actually kind of fun haha but it passed by fast. I believe that the more time i have here the faster it goes by ha ha i included last weeks baptism ha ha my time is passing but i feel like this letter was better :) LOVE YOU ALLL TCHAU! 
Elder J Smith

Here is a picture Ty drew. This is in reference to Elder Ballards conference talk. Catch the Wave!

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Elder Ty with a school uniform he got ahold of.

Ty and his Companion eating burritos that taste nothing like burritos. Ty says they dislike spicy food.