Monday, July 29, 2013

On the Road again!

Hey everybodY!!! NOBODY WENT TOO CHURCH SUNDAY! :( we tried our hardest and nothhing but hey Ive got some news I was transferred so Ive got new problems too look into haha  I will be moving to a place called Ponte dos cavalhos. This week we found a second scorpion in our house and my companion went a little crazy haha. I also managed to break my watch bands on the watch I bought so with a little bit of Tyson tweaks I got something figured out haha. Sunday I heard a story in church that I like alot. You see there was one day an argument in the carpenters shop all the tools were arguing and decided that they would split up The tools talked about the hammer first complaining that he made alot of noise and sometimes put dents in the wood but in his defense the hammer pointed out the screw said that he took along time to get the job done and that he just kept going in circles. the screw said in his defense that the sand paper was rough on everybody and sandpaper got mad and said that the ruler was the worst cuz he judged everyone by his own standards. and while they were arguing the carpenter entered in... The carpenter took all the tools and made a beautiful chair and when he finished he left the workshop when he had locked the doors the tools started to talk again but this time they didnt complain they started with the hammer this time recognizing the strengths seeing that the hammer was strong and that he always got the job done the screw brought things together and held them tight the sand paper was rough but he always helped polich things up and the ruler always was exact in the measurements that he gave.. We are all like these tools we all have our weaknesses but when we are used and united in the mighty work of the Master we all do our part in doing a marvelous work. I liked this story (maybe because its about tools) but I decided to share it with you. so Ya Looks like your all doing well there and I thought you wouldnt have a cow with me here on the mission but thats cool. I love you guys looks like your not on with me but I Love you all Tchau!!!!

Ty packing up with a favorite picture of his! :^)   

Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey Everybody sadly another week has past with nobody at church we tried hard we Called some people went even to ones house but still nothin new.. But Im feeling my faith growing maybe not faith that somebody will go to church but more faith overrall in the Lord. Im trusting more in him that he knows what hes doing. I know the Lord is Helping me maybe hes not putting the people i need to teach in the doors that I knock but Hes teaching me and Awarding me with the spirit of Humility. Im not lost in a dark unhappiness but its a little rough. Haha this week my companion got a blister and so we put moleskin on it and my companion had a brilliant Idea of making a moustache out of the moleskin and then I had the great idea of using shoe polish to color the Hair haha heres a pic of the results. other than this not much is new. This week flew by.. I dont really remember much of what I done I know I knocked plenty of doors haha But I know the Church is true and that Theres more to life than just this time on earth. And for this I owe it to the Lord to try and help these other peoples in this area. Love you all have a good week and I hope my letter is better next week.
Elder J. Smith

Elder Smith and Elder Rios trying out their "Moleskin Mustaches". Ha Ha 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hey Everybody Sadly I have to report that its been another Empty sunday.... This week we had Our interviews with the Mission President and I was kinda worried that he would burn me because of the Low numbers we are having and we did talk about the numbers but My President Is a Man of God he asked me How I was And I explained My concerns But he told me That I needed to trust in myself more and that he knew That I am a good person he told me I need to have more faith and told me that He knew I could achieve what I needed too. and I Left that meeting stronger and ready to work and so we worked on that day and then friday and then saturday and sunday and nobody went to Church and my companion was pretty tired of working and and discouraged cuz noone went to Church and that night I dragged him around pretty much to knock some doors before we went home, and Today I got a call from my Zone Leaders. and they asked me in a serious way what were doing wrong and I got pretty mad.... I know there trying to help and Everything but I finally start to put my heart into it to believe that something will change and they call me to tell me Im doing it wrong.... I guess I just need to breath and relax. Just another test of patience I guess. Its strange to think that The mission is the oppostie of what I thought I thought I would miss my family alot and have alot of hard times in the Beginning of the mission but Instead the Difficulties just get bigger and harder everyday it seems but I keep growing too so thanks for all the support I love you guys and Im learning a ton!!! Heres a Pic of our zone at the temple for you guys.
Tchau, Elder J. Smith

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deep Thinker 7-10-13

Hey everybody this week was a decent week we met some new people to teach and so thats a little less time knocking doors haha were stillhaving problems with getting people to church but well get through it.Today were goin to the temple and that makes me real happy I really love the temple and its been like 4 or 5 months since ive gone haha Im happy here and our mission is turning into the mission that I always wanted it to be. :) I had a not so profound profound thought the other day while i was laid out in my hammock going to sleep. I was thinking about how another day had past like a blink of an eye and thought about Life how its separated by many days and I startd to think about the purpose of Life and How we could be happy. My conclusion was this. we will all be immortal we have always existed and we will always exist so we will always have three things A yesterday, A today, and A tomorrow. so the Key to an Eternity of happiness is to live in a way so that you always have A yesterday full of good memories, a today that you live to enjoy, and a tomorrow that is full of Hopes. I also decided that the time we have on this Earth is the perfect way to Learn and to measure growth. every day is a new situation always changing we never have two days exctly the same and we can according to days, weeks, months and years measure our growth This thought goes a little deeper but im out of time! I spent it all talking to you guys haha :) Love you All and have a good week :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick Thinker 7-1-13

HEY EVERYBODY!!!! What a week!!!! Im still runnning in a rut but Im more excited! This week we made history in the mission. Every since I got here we have been fighting to have 200 baptisms in the month and this week we did It! Our mission has become alot better than it was when I got here and we are growing in strength. Im sad to say that I didnt help much in this number but im still proud haha ill have to send some pics of my shoes haha the pair that dad chose is getting thin but the ones that i chose are falling apart by Chunks haha but they did make it a long way. you may have noticed my account is lacking about 50 bucks its cuz i bought new shoes i tried to get shoes that remind me of my boots haha I didnt have dad here to help me out so I hope I chose wisely haha This week we knocked alot of doors with little results and still nobody went to church but Ill get through this. one day we knocked on a door and two children came to greet us and we asked if there parents were home and they said that they werent so we marked a day to come back and when we were going to the house I was expecting the Parents to reject our message and when we got there It was just after the soccer game between Brazil and Uraguay and There was a drunk that answered the door and he told us that he knew the church and invited us in haha he was pretty drunk as he explained that he didnt drink very much, but that he was drinking because he was watchin the game haha... He told us about his family problems and I left a message with him about how god blesses the People who Obey his commandments and he told us that he doesnt drink much again and help up his cup and said this isnt whiskey its... its... vodka with..... LEMON!!!!!! and Said Ill go get the Lemon and came back with a sprite open and half gone and poured us some cups haha so my companion is worried like me and smells the cup I smell the cup but I dont smell anything differently. but I dont want to drink it and I watched my companion and he too did not drink the drink so we talked a bit more and I told the man that we need to Leave but that I wanted to Hug him and My companion looked at me like Im crazy haha and so I gave him a hug and threw the drink that he gave me through the window that was open haha my companion caught on and said I want one too and told me too hold his cup and while they hugged I threw The other drink threw the window haha It was pretty funny haha. Just another experience that I gained here on the mission haha. This week Im hoping Ill relax somemore and just do my best Its kinda hard to relax when Im trying to do everything that the Zone Leaders want but Ill get there one day. Thanks for alll you guys do and have a safe week up on the mountain and next year Ill be there too :)
Tchau, elder J. Smith
Someone's put some miles on!

This pair is done for I think!
Tyson added some extra "Sole" to his new shoes. HaHa

Tysons New shoes that he bought.