Monday, March 25, 2013

The King of Madalena! :>)

HEY EVERYBODY! This weeks been pretty good I've been pretty tired this whole week. I decided i'd try and sleep in a bed to see how it was and those were the worst two nights of sleep ive had on my mission. ha ha I think it's a combination of i'm used to sleeping in the hammock and that the beds from 20 years ago aren't very comfortable ha ha. This week has been good I have really grown comfortable in the mission and Im starting to be able to concentrate more on my investigators. This week was pretty good Thiago recieved the holy ghost and stuff and we're starting to teach his neighbors.  This week has been really tiring but it wasnt bad. ha ha Im glad you liked the video of me singing and stuff. i still need to better my portuegues ha ha Natalia didn't Understand anything that i sang ha ha. but ya i translated a part of Papas song ha ha. I'm really happy at this point in my mission i'm finally starting to be efficiente in my work and stuff. It's kinda strange.  i think that every single week, day, transfer, passes faster than the others before it. Ha ha just to give you guys an Idea of all the time i've been here i took a picture a while back from our window and i took one today ha ha. Im happy with my area and the things i'm learning and with my companion. Dang My time is almost up and my letter isn't long or very specific. but hey Im happy here Im trying to do my best and I'm becoming a better and stronger person. Physically to... im doing P90x ha ha hey i can now send letters to friends so get lances and chris's emails for me love you guys Tchau!         Elder J. Smith The King of Madalena 

Elder Ty draining the water out. Like that smile!

This was the view out Ty's window when he arrived back in June, 2012
This is the view out the same window now. And he is thinking at least  one more transfer before he will go anywhere?

Monday, March 18, 2013

The journey continues...

Hey everybody! This week was pretty good we met some New people Just an Update on Thiago. Hes getting ready to recieve the Preisthood and he's really gaining a testimony he's been giving us references and going with us on some visits. haha hes a really good person and he's studying good if he keeps working the way he his he will gain a strong testimony. haha the other day he turned down a soda because he was fasting :) Im so proud of him. Its so good to hear that Lance is going on a mission! Its gonna be something that will bless his life a ton!!!! he will have hard times but he will grow so much in these years! This week we've been running around and trying to help our investigators grow and ive been pretty tired this week. but im very happy with the changes im seeing happen in my area, district, zone and Mission. Im seeing alot of progress its a really good time to be on the mission right now very cool. Im glad to see Natalia growing in the church and making friends. Thiago brought a friend to church and Natalia helped her :) Natalia Now has that glow and that tranquility that members have its really cool :) Im thankful For my oppurtunity that i'm having to be here on a mission ha ha Im growing so much and my testimony isn't made of wood anymore. Its built of concrete and rebar! Its funny to look into my companions Eyes And see that he doesnt feel the same way i do yet in the way that he speaks it shows that he hasnt arrived at where im at yet. well ive got to go Love You all and Have a good week :)
Elder J. Smith

Monday, March 11, 2013


Hey Everybody! hows it goin? Im doing good yesterday we baptized Thiago. Ha ha was pretty rough cuz we lost power to the church so we almost baptized in the dark haha and there rationing the water here so we only had the font half full ha ha but with Thiago sitting we were able to baptize him. Thiago is such a Great guy he said in the baptism that he would bring his family with him wether it be his parents or his children it was really neat. This week we've worked and sweated quite a bit. Im starting to run out of time I dont see how the Perfect missionary does everything he has too if he even exists but Im sure seeing a weakspot in my planning ha ha monday we went with Natalia e Andre to Alta da sé it was really neat actually doing some sight seeing got me thinking that i wanted to show my family and maybe my wife spots like that ha ha it was really cool weve been working hard and me and my companion are having fun we decided that we had to do a remix of the song YMCA but as MTC ha ha but thats gonna have to wait till after the mission ha ha really things are going good here we could use some more References and some more baptisms but im pretty content with this past week :) I Love all of you And thank your for your prayers and support sorry my letter is short but my time is too so Tchau!

Elder Tyson with Natalia' and Andre
Love- Elder J. Smith

Elder Ty, Thiago and Elder Macedo

Monday, March 4, 2013

P-Day Pictures with Andre and Natalia 3-4-2013

Another Great week in the books.

Hey everyone hows it goin? Im doing pretty good this week was real interesting. I had some good experiences :) there was one day that me and my companion started our day and ALL of our appointments cancelled until 7 o clock at night and to knock doors for 4 or 5 hours is pretty rough so i sat down on a bench and i thought well... what will i do now? and so i said a prayer and in this prayer i explained my plans and where i would go to try and knock doors and asked for help. and so i got up on my feet and headed to fulfill my plans and we knocked some doors and met a young guy his name is Thiago we had a good lesson and then we moved on and up til 7 o clock we were able to teach. It felt really good to know the lord helped me :) and yesterday in fast and testimony meeting Thiago bore his testimony haha his first time visiting the church and he wanted to bear his testimony ha ha I thought it would go bad but really it couldnt have been better we marked him for this week and Im really Excited! Some other crazy news... Im a District leader now! I was surprised when they told me haha but it just means some more peoplr to serve haha Im growing so much here nd im really happy Im finally having the mission that i always wanted where im helping people and haveing really good experiences! my Testimony is turning into the rock solid foundation i always wanted it to be I feel good and confident in myself I think Ive only got two big faults. I like cars alot and I dont write very good letters ha ha Natalia also bore her testimony I was so proud I think I would have cried but Its just not physically possible for me to cry ha ha well Im gonna go visit some sites with natalia Ill be sure to take lots of pics to send this next week LOVE YOU ALL!!! TCHAU

Ty cutting his Companions hair. Learning to trust. haha

The results for Elder Macedo. Not to bad

Ty says it got cold (68) so he put on his sweatshirt.

Ty's gorilla tape runs out. Sad day for Elder Smith :^)