Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

Hey everyone im back this week was pretty good It was nice to talk to everyone on Christmas and it was kinda hard to wake up the day after knowing that id be spending the day with someone who doesnt understand me so he thinks im dumb but as soon as i was out on the street the feelings went away :j ha ha so Ive finally got something cool to talk about My friend Moises met a guy on the street crying close to where we meet for church and Moises was talking to him and introduced us to him the mans name is Edson he has a good heart and Edson seperated from his wife and lost his job. and is living in a Garage so since that day weve been meeting with Edson and yesterday he went to church and when we met him he was wearing shorts flip flops and no shirt ha ha so boy was i surprised to see the man dressed up nice and neat with a button upshirt and some church pants I felt so proud. :j but he still has some work to do were trying to help him get up on his feet and he needs to stop Drinking but I think it will be easier cuz he doesnt have money to drink ha ha but he really is becoming a friend to me. I like Edson. Well sorry i dont have any pics to be sending i was kinda mad with my companion and forgot to grab my camera again ha ha but it was good to read your emails today it reminds me that time goes on and speaking of time only two weeks til transfer woohoo haha i would use some exclamation marks but my keyboard doesnt work right ha ha oh and by the way a Lan house is exactly what it is there a bunch of computors with internet ha ha so thanks for everything that you guys do and for all you taught me. I love you all and im thankful for everything im learning and doing :j and i know these things will always work for my good Stay firm in the church and send AJ a hug from me haha LOVE YOU ALL A TON   
Elder J. Smith

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Elder Smith Singing to us on Christmas

Tyson was gracious and sung to us during his Skype call to us on Christmas. He didn't get a computer with a very good camera, so the picture is blurry. But we really loved to visit with him and see the growth that he is making in his life.  There were quite a few times that he stumbled with his english, and we were glad to see that he is even thinking in Portuguese now, and doing his best there. Hope you enjoy his song in portuguese: Called To Serve!

Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012

Well first things first Its Hot here this weeks been hotter than normal. ha ha Its weird to think tomorrow is christmas it would probably pass unnoticed if it wasnt for the fact that i get to call home. ha ha people put up christmas lights but the heat and the sun and the work Just makes it Impossible to be Christmas ha ha! I think its probably a good thing that it passes like this. doesnt leave nothing to be homesick about ha ha. As for my racecar track it was ok when i got it and it works with c batteries and it was kinda boring but as you all know me I had to supe things up a bit. so i decided to use 9 volt batteries ha ha so now the cars go so fast that they will leave the track if your not careful ha ha. I think Christmas is the same here as it is there but i dont notice. im too busy to think ha ha. thats really cool to here that damon wants to be baptized! This week i was in sacrament and I had a really good spirit and I was happy with who i am, where im at, and where im going. One thing I think is different between me and my companion is that hes a great missionary, with 6 consecutive baptisms in his last area, and Im a good man, that sounds a little big headed. but it seems that my companion has no respect for anyone, and like he thinks like a child. the fact that in our first week here he practically only ate sweets and drank coke. and he absolutely hates to was dishes even if its just a plate and a fork thats dirty. and he always asks for help. I like to be independent and to be able to take care of my framily and myself. sure Im not perfect and i need to work alot on myself but the fact is Im glad That i was raised in a house that taught me to respect others and how to work. This is something that makes me happy is that i know these things and Use them in my life. If I dont Change anyones life I know ive changed mine, and that Ill never ever put aside my worthiness  or my family in my life for something thats just not worth it  well got to go LOVE you all

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Ha ha sounds like Bridger is more of a clown than Jacob. ha ha so this week has been much better! The way it happened is strange. Last week I wrote in my Email to President That I wasnt to happy with my companion and everything and after I felt pretty bad.  I didnt know what to do and I felt worse than I did before and before I knew it i was praying for help and patience with him. and that i could be better and after that I didnt feel that bad feeling that i did before. and this week was actually pretty good. Natalia went to church this week! and she really liked it. i think the problem with her baptism i think is that she is really close to her parents and her husband. Her husband is really nice and likes the missionaries but her parents Especially her father are Evangelic. a type of church here. and they're worried she'll get mixed up in a cult. but i hope that now that she has been to church she can tell her parents its a good place. so This week was good we had zone conference for christmas and i got to see my buddies.

Elder Mackay, Elder Smith, and Elder McLaws

Ty and his Birthday Present he bought himself.

 and I also got to go sing at the temple oh and I bought myself a late birthday early christmas present ha ha it may just be a toy but it passes alot of joy to drive something ha ha ha ha. I think ill customize my car if i have time this week. ha ha so i hope this explains my pics ha ha Its still hot here ha ha I had a dream it snowed here it had really deep snow but it was a warm snow i was only wearing shorts and a sweater ha ha. But yesterday I went with Elder Siles ha ha he made his way back to my zone ha ha It was just like the not so good old times but this time it wasnt so bad ha ha so i guess ive overcome that challenge ha ha So this is my letter its short but Its with lots of love :) Love Elder J. Smith 
Recife Brazil Temple

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tyson Happy Birthday Surprise

This was a surprise that we put together with the lady in the video. She is an investigator and a great friend to Tyson. We thank Natalia so much for this wonderful surprise! They are singing Happy Birthday to Tyson in Portuguese. We thought it was neat to see his reaction, and the BIG SMILE that it brought to his face. We are loving this new technology!

Happy Birthday Son! We Love You!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Hey Everybody its me again! This week was SLOW but without problems :) Im healthy and Happy this week I was reading in Our Heritage and I remembered about all the pioneers church leaders and early missionarys dealt with and it sure humbled me and I realized that I havent had to give up much to be where I am. Im realizing that the Lord blesses those who work their best and sacrifice. Before The mission I thought It would be easy, I know I was awefully wrong ha ha. I thought that I would wake up wth a smile on my face everyday and the world would be all sunshine and rainbows. Not in a Litteral sense but I thought the diffuculties would be easy to overcome and that I would learn to Love knocking doors and I realize now that I was wrong. ha ha I Realize that nobody ever told me that the mission would be easy. I realize that This is gonna take some Real effort on my part, that Im gonna Have to sweat and hurt and just have faith sometimes. I Realize that before now I hadn't applied myself enough and I realize to grow Im gonna have to Inflict some pain. :) I know they sound a little dark and simple to understand but these truths didnt really sink in til now... :)  Im writing to you my marvelous revelation that i had In hopes that you dont make my mistake which I made and tend to fix and that you realize that the truth is that Sacrifice Brings forth the blessings of heaven and that you put in a little more force to read the scriptures, say your prayers, and go to Church and serve in your callings. Im thankful for all your letters and Pictures and stuff have a Good week cuz i sure will :) Love you all!
Elder J. Smith

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012

Ha Ha Sorry This Weeks Been good a little Rough with the Pday Jump to wednesday. Not because I was sad I didnt Have Pday But the Work really does take a toll on you. And today didnt even feel like Pday ha ha We rushed to the Temple and ate lunch there. rushed back home relaxed there an hour and then we were off to Elder Stadnickis final interview with Presidente. and this was like 330 we got there waited til 430 just for Elder to talk to him and we left about 500 and got here was already 550 ha ha so now im emailing. So this week has been good I was on a Transfer and Found Nun Chucks in the other missionary house. ha ha that Explains the photo. 

this sunday we had an Investigator in the Chapel hes a really cool guy and has a nice family His name is saul and he works fixing bicycles he's really cool. I got the package today thanks guys for the things Ive gotten! Ill have to make some guacamole! ha ha I enjoyed Chris's present ha ha I was actually looking at the same set today but here in brazil with all the taxes its about 50 reais or 25 dollars ha ha Im happy to say its really hot here I don't have to worry about freeze bite just heat stroke ha ha. I hope Josh Is doing good Ill have to write him a letter. ha ha about thanksgiving It almost passed without me noticing. ha ha I even laughed with the Sister that was making lunch cuz she brought it up haha I told her that I haven't done the Solid Thanksgiving thing in years haha. and I can almost bet that if it wasn't for the Chance i have to talk to you and the lights christmas would pass unnoticed too. Its so hot here I don't Even think Fall has started. ha ha Its Nice... To tell the truth I know the Lord sent me somewhere where i can grow. I think If i was in joshes shoes I would be Miserable ha ha From the pictures looks like Deids still pretty ha ha Im getting there today I did 100 sit-ups and 100 pushups but the pushups Weren't consecutive.... but Im getting there I have a goal and I'm working for it. haha this other picture of me is me playing with one of those wooden tops that you spin with a string ha ha I always wanted one when I was a kid so it fulfilled a Child hood dream.  the top Is not actually being thrown im trying to catch it and do a trick where you throw the top but before it hits the ground you yank on the string and it comes flying back to you if you do it right you can catch it spinning on your hand Ha ha I haven't accomplished it but hey.. I don't have much time to practice ha ha but this week has been good Im thankful for the letters from everyone and for the package and Im almost speaking fluently almost ha ha Portuguese Is fun ha ha well hey Ill send this one and send some more pics in a bit Love you All :) Elder J. Smith

Nativity outside Recife Temple

Elder Smith at Recife Temple

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

Abi Looks like you are being a good little missionaria ha ha thats portuegues for sister missionary :) keep up the good work :)  Talon sounds like your doing some good work to. PS if i find your french fry i will be sure to return it :)    Koby Your right ha ha but make the board good so i can take it back when i get home dont worrry about new wheels those ones are good PS Ill always be able to beat you up no matter your size. ha ha Brit Thanks for writing me :) Your words struck my heart :) JK   Ha ha   So this weeks been ok. Things have kinda slowed down still no one has gone to church the reason was because our elect investigator was sick :( We have some pretty good investigators but everyone still needs to go to church.  at times im pretty frustrated because I dont speak portueguese very good and i need to be working on my teaching skills. Two years seems like so little time to learn the language and learn how to teach people but Im getting there i think with about a year ill be able to speak close to fluently right now im understanding almost every thing and i know how to say some things but i have an accent apparently that i need to lose. ha ha my companion understands me but not alot of investigators do. As for the transfer coming I hope I train... Kinda He has to be brazillian. ha ha and As for this ward I hope I stay I have a lot of people I love here and Its like home by now. But I'd Like to get to somewhere where is calmer and not as much city and rich people. but ya I could have swore I had a good experience to tell but... I dont remember ha ha  but Im doing good and im trying hard to work harder! Im thankful for all your letters and support. And I wish that I was a little more bold i am still pretty shy but Im Improving now that i can speak haha. I have a testimony of the Truthfulness of the Gospel and It is crazy that some people dont beleive the gospel cuz its soo simple and True. Im thankful to be here and I hope I can become a better missionary. Thanks Again LOVE YOU ALL!!! see ya next week.
 PS this is my only picture of today ha ha its a member of the Area of Elder Stadnicki Thats Ceveda in her hand its a Substitute for coffee I had a couple of cups and ITS HORRIBLE but I Just Told mysellf to drink it To Show myself Im a Man haha :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

This week was really good still nobody made it to church but we are working hard and my portugues is improving. now im understandable i can understand alot of things. and i can comment on almost anything. but my accent is still pretty bad. i heard and at times people dont understand me ha ha. Im excited to get the conference liahona here i havent had a chance to see if they have it in the mission office. but I really like what you said about prayer its really important. i see people every day that are scared to pray in front of people or dont know how and its kind of sad. so i think if there is one good thing someone  can teach their  children its that they should pray. and like the prophet affirmed that these prayers will be answered. this week has been good but we lack seriously serious investigators. people that really want to know and want to change. we talk with really nice people that seem like they progress but we had NOBODY at church so ya but im hoping  for a miracle you know. ha ha about Obama oh well the laws of land can change but the church standards dont and until the goverment starts to infringe on that right ill just complain about the rising gas prices and the falling economy. but if we make our home a sanctuary from the world we have no need to fear men. Today i broke a rule....   I worked on Pday ha ha but this investigator is pretty promising she listens and shes already talkin about visiting church and she has to children one 8 and one 9 :) ha ha and carol her sister is really intelligent too. only one problem ha ha they have a mother or an aunt that lives close and is Evangelical and doesnt like us ha ha. But its been good I actually feel right now that im working and seeing progress at least with me. I feel more of a love for the work now and thats good ha ha And my companion is just great. he works and best of all hes teachng me things in portugues haha Im not gonna lie. im kinda excited for christmas its been almost 7 months since i talked to you guys face to face. ha ha i think it will be fun I hope I get another brazilian this transfer. and i would like to send one more to the house so i can say im a Serial Killer. haha and Id like to have someone who knows what theyre doing for christmas and carnival. ha ha but I kinda hope i train next. ha ha I miss my trainee... but hes in a better place... dang he'll be finishing up his 12 weeks this transfer. its crazy to think ive already cut 1/4 of my mission already cuz i feel like im still in the beginning and i sure dont feel like That guy that i always expected a missionary with 7 months would feel ha ha. i got some pics for you the first is me on the couch my companion took figured id include it .

and the other 2 are of the top of the temple at night from across the river from my area I liked it moroni is pretty lit up in the pic to bad hes facing away from me ha ha but ya No Baptisms still... but At least I have a brighter future.... until I go home to the country run by Obama haha but be postive The world is pretty bad in America but I tell you Its worse here. theres trash in the streets and when I told my friend Moises that salt lake isnt perfect and that they had a billboard with a girl in a bikini he laughed cuz here its normal. but ya things here are improving but its pretty wicked Thanks guys for all the letters Try to do what is right and If you dont Repent and  try a little harder :) Love you all 
Elder J. Smith

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hey Everyone! Im back! In letter form! this week has been Goood I worked a ton and I actually lost quite a bit of weight haha! this week Ive met so many people and we have found a good family to teach they are great and the father is not only listening to us but hes agreeing with us! this is somethinng that dont happen too much but we still dont have a Baptism marked and thats what president wants. Talking bout the president I had another interview with him and.....   He didnt burn Me!!! I prayed that he would see the intents of my heart more than the past transgresssions of my companion. This week has really been great and Im learning so much! Im becoming more relaxed and Im trying to really become Someone that I Love and respect and Have nothing to be ashamed of I dont really have anything to be ashamed about (aside from my portuegues) but I guess I think too much about what everyone else thinks and I think Everyone has a problem with this and we can all improve here. Ive been listening alot to conference talks and Ive really enjoyed Trying to apply these Eternal truths to my Life.. You know the funny thing is that the more i study the church....  its principles....  everything the more I see that it is a Perfect running machine there are no parts that grind with each other or gears that dont match up its just perfect in every aspect. There is no way it could be a creation of man......    I have a testimony of this gospel :) and I hope you do too, whoever is reading this , but remember we not only need a testimony but a conversion and Elder David A. Bednar said in this last conference ha ha sorry my letter is a little scattered and not too long if you know how Pday is Its Kinda rushed and mind scattering today we didnt do much just played a board game and ate lunch with a member so ya :) sorry Im Not too exciting haha And this week I dont Have a single picture.....  But I love you guys a ton and Im happy to be right were I am :) Im thankful for your love, Support, and Prayers and I cant wait to get your letter next week so Até Mais, Elder J. Smith

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

 this weeks been good we had a batismo this week. as you can see in the pics it was very good and we have 2 more baptisms that aren't marked. so ya were starting to work and its been pretty good.
Elder Smith, Elder Stadnicki and a boy they baptized.

 i managed to get some croncrete and fix the wall just need the patch and some paint to make it look all pretty. ha ha but Ive decided that i need to find that point were i dont care what others think and just know that im doing whats right . haha this week was a good week i fought with my comp......   JU-JITSU ha ha.  its like wrestling but you want to make the other tap out ha ha He won and then i won. ha ha it was fun. I made sure not to hurt him. haha and my portugues has been improving a lot ha ha and im a little less afraid to talk. today we went to the market and bought some knick knacks for Elder Stadnicki to take home. ha ha  and i bought a music box and a new watch ha ha its the same as the one i bought at walmart but the one i bought at walmart went crazy and decides that it likes to take 3-4 hour breaks from keeping time haha. This weeks been  good and Elder Stadnicki is really helping me out. the only thing is that he doesnt like to work with less actives and wants to just baptize but its alright. I love you Sorry my letter isnt to thick but i dont have much to say ill add some pics in there. Im really surprised that i have 6 months here it feels like i havent even started ha ha by the time i get all settled in and speak like a brazillian ill be headed home. ha ha well I Love you guys a ton and i hope you guys have a great week and stuff I miss you guys but ya Eu Amo Vocês e Deid boa semana para vocês e Até mais 

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Not gonna lie its starting to hit me that im away from home hearing bout kobes project and his stories and brits teeth and  bout everyone. ha ha but its good to be here and things are starting too look up. ha ha at least for now. haha but I  liked botcherby maybe cuz he spoke english or cuz i felt sorry for him with all his pain and problems. but i was happy for a change like  i said my new companion looks like he will help me alot but right now I want to change myself. Ill admit that i am a little selfish. i love to help people... that i know and love.... and what i wanted  from the mission was to become stronger in the church, see miracles and not too mention see some cool things but Im seeing now with  some help from my friend Moises that I  need to have a better why. that is a better reason for what i do. if i am doing things for the right reason ill do the right thing and get the right result. but i guess the hard part is to convert myself to a better why haha but i think this is a great thing sounds like everything there is good and that everyone is growing. haha Im proud of you guys. I sure got the luck of the draw when i made it into the family that i am. I hope i can not only do the work but that I can do it for the right reason and through the right power.  :)  im running out of time already and I dont got too much too say Ha ha so ill send some pics The first is the place where were meeting for church ha ha its a catholic school and the other is of me, Botcherby and Manga haha Manga (which is Mango in english) sells popsicles in the street and hes crazy but hes a member and hes really nice Love you guys a ton have a good week :)
Elder J. Smith 

P.S. tell Deid Hey and I Love you for me ha ha 

Catholic School where they meet for Church.

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

Well this will be my last week with Elder botcherby. right now we're in another area meeting with his old members and stuff. but its ok we asked permission from president... progress in my areas not moving to fast but i know things down here are set up by the man upstairs to help us learn and grow. im doing good here and Ive learned alot with Botcherby to stand by my own I think and not to worry too much about what others think. I feel more relaxed and Im more calm now. i got some pics so ill add em in. It looks like im not gonna get some more email from you guys...  but thats ok sounds like youve got your hands filled. ha ha i had a dream last night that i was back in joseph city and talking with everybody and they were all saying Long time no see and good to see ya and how long you gonna stay and i kept telling everyone Its good to talk to them but ill be back in brasil when i wake up ha ha ha so ya the language like always is improving but i think my  accent is pretty bad. but i understand alot of what people say so its good... but Elder botcherby was talking with another Elder of his group says he wants to eat lunch with him ha ha and guess who his companion is......  Elder Siles....  Ha ha I think I will relax but I wasnt to happy with the Idea of talking to him ha ha I think Ill pull the I dont speak portugues gig. ha ha ha ha Our ward has been talking alot about doing missionary work lately and im pretty excited to see whats gonna come from it :) weve got a family night marked with some members marked and a baptism of a young boy marked to :) so things look promising ha ha not too mention weve got transfer this week ha ha my LZ ha ha Zone leader says hes gonna tell presiident to put me with a good companion and i hope hes right. Im just wishing for that companion that me and him just mesh and we Love the people and baptize like crazy and all the members always remember. ha ha Baptisms are good but the president is falling in hard along with our LZs. I Hope you Know what that is by now ha ha but its kinda rough to just have someone kicking you everyday to baptize someone which should be done with Love.... not too mention When I get pushed to get higher numbers I stop wanting to do what i should do with love and start just doing it to tell my LZ that im working but Im  good im healthy and im on the mission ive got a good amount of time to learn what im doing so Im just Good.  im thankful for all the prayers and i hope you like the pics :) i think Im getting uglier ha ha  
Elder Smith enjoying the guitar a member loaned him.

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

But Ive become better.  I have alot of love for the Prophet. When others were talking I wanted them to sit and let the prophet talk ha ha ha I was really wanting to know what the Lord wanted for me. I know I aint got the best pick of companions. but ive learned how to be a better me and missionary through them. I thought with an American missionary and speaking alot of English i would lose my Portuegues but funny thing is Ive heard people tell me that my portugues has improved. ha ha and Theyve even asked me if Botcherby has been teaching me ha ha . But its been a Blessing to be with him I feel more confident and I smile alot more. 

 I made some pizza for the third time the first was like flat bread pizza cuz i didnt know the word for Yeast ha ha the second was good but i  forgot salt but this last....  oh just look at the pictures ha ha Its a Big Fat Saucy Delicious AMERICAN Pizza ha ha it was good i was proud of myself ha ha.

 I sure love conference weekend cuz its just super spiritual and on sunday we made french toast. I think I might make this one a tradition. I didnt make syrup but I made that strawberry stuff and made it with mangos too it was really good. ha ha we were with members and we made like three loaves a bread and more than 3 dozen eggs ha ha but it was good. French toast is somethin you dont see often in brasil ha ha. But from the spiritual side ive been nourished. I love to here the experiances of President Monson and the Spirit.  You can really see it made him who he is today. I haven't had the chance but i want to go through my notes to find Specific things the prophet told us to do. and i'll probably put the talks from priesthood on my card so i can listen to them in the house. :) About the age change Im Excited. it means Jake Can Leave faster and Get back faster so we can do something together ha ha I miss talking to Jake ha ha. But I Got to Thinking bout Deidra and If she Would serve a Mission. She was always telling me she wanted to. I Know its strange that Im already thinking bout these things ha ha but I Figured I'd just have to wait ha ha And I'd have a Chance to Fix my truck up all pretty and start school ha ha. but ya ha ha who knows Its up to her and I should Focus more. This weeks has blown by.  in ten days Ill have 6 months its crazy and sure dont feel like 6. before i know it Ill be in Elder Botcherbys shoes with only a couple of weeks til i leave but By then Ill speak portugues and made alot of friends here. ha ha This transfer Ill probly stay ha ha and if i train that will be three more months here and Im starting to love It here In my area. Ive got friends almost Everywhere in the ward :) I aint baptizing alot but I love to see my members on sunday... but Ill probly just stay here cuz I know the Area. Well Im Thankful for you guys and for all your prayers. Ill be excited to talk to you Next week I love you all and I hope You stay Strong :) 

Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

Well this weeks been good ha ha my new companion is Elder Botcherby hes from utah but hes different than me ha ha he sure aint a country boy ha ha and he likes cats more than dogs and he said he would drive a prius ha ha hes different  but i dont have much of a problem with him. im pretty calm now with people. hes only got a month left so after this transfer hes leaving. ha ha its been good to speak some english have someone who can teach me somemore. but i do miss elder souza. ha ha he had a great enthusiasm and made me want to do more. but i have realized that i need to be more relaxed i am always worrying about the president and the zone leaders and stuff when i should be focusing on the people. for a while i was worried about numbers but i couldnt hardly name the people i was teaching so i guess i need to work on that. :) ha ha so about my pics ha ha not an hour ago i laid down on my hammock and then i fell to the ground ha ha

so im gonna be patching the wall and trying to rehang my hook ha ha....  only my pride hurts ha ha...

this week in church we had a guy show up who was a little strange and i think he might have been a little drunk but we were in church... well in the catholic school ha ha and we started priesthood and he was being a little rowdy and you know...   different and interrupting the teacher alot so I said a little prayer under my breath and asked the lord to comfort him and keep him calm and.... we finished the class with out much problems :) it was good ha ha thats my spiritual story this week... The Calming of the drunken soul... ha ha I aint got any miracles to report but im doin pretty good. Im getting along with Elder Botcherby alright but hes that guy that just stays to himself but thats cool I respect that. my portueguese is improving like always Im gonna try and buy the cds of the Livro De Mormom ha ha help my pronunciation and compreension. Elder botcherby has a problem in the back.. so were going to fisioterapia every day i think you can figure that word out :) and hes in some rough shape ha ha hes not how i want to be at the end of my mission ha ha  Ate mais Te-amo and all that good stuff 
Elder J. Smith 

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Same Area same house ya i still got the guitar no elder siles is not in my district :) dont remember where he went this week will be worse than ever i think because 1- i cant speak to well.  2- my companion is very new and 3- im in charge of confirming lunch and leading us there...  yesterday wasnt too bad. i was with elder Norberto hes experianced and he speaks .only lacked knowledge of the area and we found the house alrigtht. but today im still a little sad cuz i got my new companion this morning and we took his bags to the house and we were already late. and i misunderstood the sister we were lost as to were we needed to go. and it was horrible the brother ended up having to come help us. and we were 2 hours late and the brother wasnt to happy... and its my fault. but i said a lot of sorrys and i think were good now. and i know exactly were she lives now. but who knows this can happen again tomorrow or the next or the next cuz i have the name but i dont always remember there face and know the house..... its complicated....  my companion is Brazillian and im happy with this :) hes a pretty nice guys. hes not crazy like me or on my level of toughness but he has a good heart and a willingness to work :) and this brings me joy. i wish he was trainer ha ha my im looking at the bull and in the end i know ill fall off him but its gonna be a bumpy ride and in my view dont look like much fun :j but there is a hope and now that im with a brazilian i will learn the language and because also im in charge and i have to speak next week will be better. i think but this one sure is gonna be rough i feel firm in my knowledge of the church and my testimony and a little firm in my ability to teach. but im not too cofident in my ability to be a missionary. ya ive been here 5 months but my education has been lacking firmness and so im a little scared but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. there always is i guess i just need to forget me and forget about the problems and try alittle harder. I love you guys and i love the gospel and i dont mind being away from home cuz i know this is what i need to be doing. but something i guess is hard for me is that we have many rules and things that we have to do but the enforcement of the rules is on our shoulders mostly. and the help and teaching of what we need to do aint to strong. but i guess its different for all missionarys. i guess i just started the race stumbling. Im not to happy that im training and its gonna be rough but like Elder norberto said to me... Theres a reason for everything Heavenly father knows me and what i need i guess....    in other news its becoming more dificult to email and write in english ha ha i think quickly and i think a little in portuguese. i cant speak fluent but i can understand simple things. and i can reply back i learn so much but i feel like i aint accomplished much :) I wish i could take things part by part instead of trying to swallow the watermelon whole but i guess thats what we are supposed to do in the training we recieive... man what gets me is that there are alot of Elders more experianced that can teach with clarity and  in better portueguese and have more time than me in the mission... and so If Heavenly father is guiding this work why did he choose me to train now why did it have to be me there are elders that pass there whole mission without training so why did i have to start training now.... but I will do my best i was called so ill try to be chosen... IM bout outta time love you guys a ton so if you dont hear more ya so bye :) Love ya, Elder Smith

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

Well here I am without a companion ha ha because im temporarily with another elder who will also train....   ya thats right im gonna train....   it sure is gonna be rough but i think that i will recieve a companion brasilian.  haha im having a hard time writing this all in english my Portuguese isnt good but i know enough and use it enough that everything is all mixed upstairs if you know what i mean. ha ha well i got to see mackay he seems like a rock. hes gonna train too. so ill get to see him again tomorow when we get our companions .its gonna be rough to teach for a while but its good that i can take command and teach a new guy. whats right in hind sight i learned a ton from elder siles. but i didnt learn half of what i should of. but the future is always bright. i sure hope my companion is brazillian. ha ha this week was more slacked than alot of weeks elder siles was a little trunky and not to mention the problem in his back but what now. time to lift my head put that load on my back and get to work!!!! ha ha i still have some pretty mixed feelings about this transfer. i guess cuz i feel like its a division and after tobay ill be back with Elder Siles. ha ha its funny cuz mackay was right hes interior in the jungle more or less and he says itscold there. haha crazy ha ha looks like you guys are busy or traveling. i still aint got the little email back but hey look for me on wednesday or thursday cuz my companion will need the chance to email his parents. by the way we had a wedding this week were elder siles played violin ha  ha and he had a string break while he was playin ha ha it was ok  ill attach my pics first is me and siles and the happy couple ha ha

 and second is me and some members here 

and third is me cooking batatas de pugh one more time last night before transfer ha ha if ill looks like i was crying its cuz i was cutting an onion and not cuz Elder siles was leaving

Batatas de Pugh (Pughs Potatoes!)
 haha ha ha look at those potatos and tell me i didnt learn how to cook ha ha 

Tysons HOT Peppers
 and the last is a gift  its some bottled chili peppers that i got as a gift from reginaldo ha ha cuz i like pimenta forte or in english strong pepper ha ha im looking at ten minutes more so ill look to attaching some more pictures cuz all i got left to say is that i love you guys a ton im very thankful for your prayers and that the future is bright. stressful but bright its good to hear bout lance ha ha he could use a good life booster like the mission ha ha its good to here that my friends are still good in the church. Love, Elder Tyson J. Smith

Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

Ha ha didnt talk with the prez after conference but i met up with my companion of the mtc that was all but i was glad to see him hes doin good it was fun to talk cuz we were mixing english and portuegues all together ha ha it was great to see him but the combination of remembering how good a companion he was and hearing all the things i should be doing to be a good missionry left me kinda sad but life moves on as for mackay he jynxed me said he would go to the jungle and i would be stuck in the city and i think hes right i heard hes inland away from the city ha ha me and Passey had a good laugh bout that sunday i bore my testimony cuz moises asked me too support him moises is a person i want for a companion he is fun but he is spiritual he has alot of confidence in me and i can see that he trusts me and i love that guy i trust him a ton he just told me to go with him and bear my testimony and i did cuz i trust him haha i had another person tell me that i will be a good missionary. but no worrys the transfer is this next week and hopefully i get with someone that is ready to work and follow some rules and see some miracles ha ha i can only dream of getting hooked up with mackay passey or mclaws we cant speak all that well but at least i know there good men and i can trust them ha ha but enough doom and gloom ha ha we had a fan with a broke blade that we didnt use cuz it was off balance so i used a little tyson smarts and some gorilla tape and a guarana bottle and bam! i leave a little peace of Elder J. Smith in the apartment ha ha Ive had a feeling that im gonna leave the area but well see how in tune i am with the spirit my companion says ill train here in this area but im hoping not but with 20 more missionarys arriving who knows 20 mostly brazilian are arriving from what i hear so who knows i could train a brazillian i would fail to train but i would learn the language more ha ha my nightmare is to train an american. but even worse than that is staying with my companion ha ha i feel bad that i dont trust him and dont like him but ive given up on trying to change him hes got a harder head than me but hes taught me to stand where i stand especially when i know whats right but ya I Know that this church is true and sometime things will get better man i did it again talking bout my troubles and my feelings but things are fine ill find a way to rise above this i need to rely more on the arm of the lord thats the bottom line I Love you guys a ton I listen to your songs and papas songs and i remember who i am who i stand for and why I'm here and the blessings that i have been given.  I love you guys ton sorry talon i really want to learn futebol but its against the rules :( to many missionarys got hurt 

Love - Elder T. Jim Smith 

The view outside Ty's window in Madalena, Brazil

Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Ha ha Man you guys are the best your doing what i would do for deid and more ha ha im thankful for your letters and i dont know if i told you this but before my mission i prayed alot for my trainer that he wouldnt be a slacker and that he could help realize my duty and how to realize it quickly and i prayed alot in the CTM alot alot and I finally got a feeling that whoever i recieved would be for my better and you know i didnt get my dream companion but ive learned alot about pateince and prayer and my testimony in the savior has grown soooo much. I am growing up faster because i have to. and my language ha ha its improving so fast ha ha i was watching dora the explorer in portugues and english and it was funny cuz i understood everything they were saying ha ha i love you guys so much.

 we baptized a girl this week she is friends with a member and went to church alot her family is great but they live in a house made from scratch pretty much her sister looks like she wants the gospel but she smokes and drinks and lives with her boyfriend in the house her parents also drink and smoke and its pretty sad but shes baptized now this week i was on divisions with the zone leader it was good to be away from my companion and breath :j im hoping that im not always thinking like i am my whole mission. a thought i thought theres a place between satisfaction and a yearning to be better that one must find cuz right now im frustrated and want to be alot better but if im always looking for tomorrow how can i be happy with today. but on the flip side if im complacent with today i wont grow.. complicated.. ha ha 

cut my hair yesterday so ill attach these  photos i cut it myself ha ha im a soldier of the lord :)

Mr. Blue Eyes!

 I love you guys a ton and I am sooo thankful for your prayers and im excited for the fast this week my mind is growing a ton and my understanding to what seemed complicated now seems simple everything is more clear Im happy with myself  im learning alot from the members here and i love the ward i work with and ive had two guys tell me ill be a great missionary its always nice to get an opinion from people who dont know you well but beleive in you :)  
With a ton a love- Elder T. Jim Smith

Hey Deid, Kaylee, And Megan 
Thanks guys for the encouragement cant express my gratitude or use words to reply but its always great to hear from you guys and to know that you guys are strong in the church i cant wait to get back to the house to read the scriptures you guys left for me and I Love You guys so much! Keep going to church and institute as i know you guys will give each other hugs for me and give kenzie one and tell her to give kyle one for me ha ha I Love you guys a ton i hope i can make you proud ha ha I miss you guys but i promise I dont let it get in the way of my work. ha ha its easy to tell people to persever but its hard to swallow the medicine and try to enjoy it ha ha but I really am happy ha ha  Te-AMO Elder T. Jim Smith

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Yesterday was A dia do Pais or Literally day of the fathers and i got to thinking about you dad and how much youve influenced my life ha ha i have your eyes your name we like the same things. me and you just click. oh and tell koby i am bigger ha ha this walking everyday in the humidity has slimmed the fat i gained in the ctm and more ha ha if i did more situps i would be CUT ha ha this week has been hectic but its been good my companion was sick so we went on exchange with the elders of a different area and my companion stayed in bed for three days while i worked in the other area with the other elders i worked the most in those three days cuz the other elders switched back and forth babysittin my campanion it was good i was able to take a break from my companion and clear my mind it wasnt fun but it was worth it i really have established a common ground with my companion and its better now that i can understand alot and speak more. ha ha and this break i had helped me forget the things that he had done i just remember that he is different than me ha ha cuz he is. but ya this weeks been good its hard for me to try to sum up a week cuz the beginning of this week seems like a month ago but this week our baptism fell she sold every thing she had for 180 R$ and left her house we didnt even know and were informed by a neighbor that she left with a man so who knows it could be a good thing im not sure how firm she is in the mind ha ha but ya....  kinda sad im sorry i havent been  writing you guys other letters i will i promise i feel a little sorry for deid cuz i write a letter and forget and it stays in my back pack for who knows how long ha ha but right now we have hardly any investigators this makes me sad like im slacking but i can only do what my companion wants...  and it didnt help that we couldnt work last week I guess i have no excuse just need to work harder.... I miss you guys a ton and i miss riding my bike and working on cars i tell you what cars are a million times more simple than people and the gospel. Im gonna try and work harder this week and hopefully i can relate a good story next week. I was trying to think of a story that happened this week but i got nothing ha ha just that my portueguese is alot better Ive grown so much its almost unbeleivable i look in the mirror and i look a whole lot older ha ha but im Just great especially with my tooth fixed. the dentist was really nice didnt know english but i understood almost everthing she said so im happy its been raining a ton and people here cant comprehend how small joseph city is ha ha its pretty funny Im growing alot in the gospel its so easy to understand it now that im here but Its still more than i can comprehend send my congrats to AJ and cheyenne!

AJ : PARABENS! Eu estou animado por voce e cheyenne! Work toward the temple and i PROMISE WITH MY HEART youll be blessed and you will find that problems of life will seem to dissappear 

Brit: I think every elder that has seen your pic has asked me your age and told me they will marry you ha ha follow the gospel stay close pray often and be strictly obedient 

Kobe: Work Hard put some meat on your bones ha ha honor the preisthood and its ok if you play basketball as long as you workout with jake and be tough in football and stick with it

Talon: Everybody Laughs at your goofy pictures but remember that sometimes you need to be serious otherwise noone will take you serious and work hard in football practice its good for you

Abi: I had a dream i was talking to you and i woke up and i was sad cuz i couldnt talk to you 

Mom: Your more Important than all Even dad though he got a longer letter :) I Love you very much and without you i dont know where id be ha ha i cook....       sometimes but i always Iron My shirts and wash my clothes and even shine my shoes are you proud? :)

I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH i miss you guys but the knowledge of why i am here keeps me happy I would sure love to crawl under a car or throw some hay but ive got to use my spirit muscles now and i tell you what its a whole different ballpark ha ha ha love you guys a ton.

This is a necklace that Tyson made himself for one of his Friends. It is made using the Brazilian Coins.

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

This week we had a baptism . and this next saturday we have another marked and our Recent convert is still active and very happy

Tyson Loves the Children!
  im sorry that my other email didnt make it to you guys i thought it sent but it didn't.  it had pics so ill try and resend these as well. But I have some bad news One of my fillings fell out I hear that dentistry is cheap and good here but i havent called yet and the wife of the president said its only like 50 Reals but Im nervous cuz i still cant speak and i dont know how to use our insurance and its a dentist. ha ha  

But these are some pics the Kids are Ruan and I think Rodrigo but they are my friends. i was playing baseball with them Lucienne is our first baptism and is still doing great Flavio is the Next and Moises Is A great Guy he's the one with the thumbs up and the blue shirt he's a great guy And he believes in me a lot....   The first or second time i was with him he told me he knew i will be a great missionary he can see it in my eyes. he is definitely a help to me me because when i felt lost i think to myself Moises Knows what i can  be  ha ha I know that you guys know but he is here and he sees me today and in my struggles with the language Really though with the language I'm learning very very fast but as I've always been I want to do it right and I want to do it NOW ha ha but I am Learning patience that is  for certain now when my companion does something  I don't feel Like Murdering him and I can take a breath and let it go sorry about mission ties i need to do better about writing honestly I think Im Pretty selfish I came here cuz I want to be a better me and when Im in the apartment I want to study and play guitar and just lose myself in the doctrine of how i can be blessed usually im reading about the spirit because I want to be able to Hear and Understand everything he says but i will try to be better And this last is Flavio our baptism this past saturday.

 and the other is my district at the temple we got to go through a session it was good but it felt like the first time i went through because I'm tense cuz Its in Portuguese but I think thats all i got. Oh and i ate at Burger King ha ha i will attach that photo too ha ha I love you guys so much and I am so glad to be here its great it really is And i am psyched for Josh he better not ever get discouraged because he's not switching tongues I think I could serve an english mission no problem now ha ha but I Love You guys a ton take care I honestly Cant wait to return home but I think once i  learn the language this will become my home because i love the people I love the weather i love the work I love the rules and the president i only have two problems......    Language and Companion But  all of this will change I Know 

Eu Amo Voces Elder J. Smith

Tysons District went to the Recife Temple for P-Day.

Guess what Ty Found!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012

Dang I figured you guys wouldnt be expecting a letter today sorry bout monday we changed pday to today cuz our zone will go to the temple. but anyway things here as always are getting better. anyway i hope you guys have a great day this week and a half has been good me and my companion fought a little but were trying to be better i kinda wished he would be transfered but hes training me and training is 3 months so the odds were against me ha ha anyway everything here is good it really is but its always complicated but....  ugh... im trying to think of something that happened this week but i cant think of anything darn.....  i must not be working hard enough if i dont have some miraculous story to tell you guys. man i wish someone would wake up and catch my email.  today is temple day for our zone since i got here i havent seen my freinds from the Ctm but i heard Mclaws already had two companions and has baptized 8 people so hes having more luck than me anyway how are things there wow its almost time for school to start again time moves so fast here on the mission! I wonder if it will ever slow down...  but things are good im growing fast and learning so much but reading my scriptures and praying. ha ha the other day we ate at subway and it is expensive! 7 R$ for a 15cm (6in) ha ha but it was good anyway I Really feel my testimony growing and i am picking up the language pretty fast Its crazy that im in this big city on the other side of the world with a ton of green and humidity speaking a different language but I feel like im at home This is where i need to be, its where I am meant to be at this time I never felt so calm thinking about life but then again I dont think Ive ever had this patience that i am learning here I Love you guys so much and im glad that i was born in this church and from this side of the world I can See That My whole life and the life now and life after EVERYTHING I have who i am where am from,how i act, who my friends are, how i feel, down to the very core of my soul Is because of the gospel and you guys. I love you Guys A TON and Deid too...  ;) OH YA!!!!   AJS Wedding!!!  woohoo congrats to him hows the house and everything I want pictures!!!!!!!!    anyways until next week on monday i think dont forget that I love you A TON and more  Tell Jake Im waiting to hear from him and I love him ha ha Tell everyone I love Them ha ha cuz really I do
p.s. Minha Mae não gosta de Mim porque ela não escriver uma resposta de minha pouco mensagem  ha ha só brincando....   Eu não sei se eu estou escrivendo em portugues correto então possivalmente isso não tem sentido mas Eu Amo Voces!! e Eu sou muito Gratos por Tudo. Eu sei que A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias é verdadeiro e que eu sou um filho de deus e foi camado por um profeta para servir o senhor aqui no Missão Brasil Recife!!  EU AMO VOCES DE MAIS

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

I have a lot of goood news  ive actually started to feel like i am making a gain on this language and me and my companion have hit some middle ground sorry bout weighing you down with my problemas. these past few days have been good. i batizado someone!  was good sorry i slip into portuegues.  i think because im working so hard to accomplish it ha ha  after the baptism i was speaking with other elders and they were speaking english and it felt weird cuz i am used to the broken english i speak with some members like Moises he is a great guy really funny he always tells me he can see that i am a good missionary it it gives my heart peace.

in the pics he is the one with the blue and white shirt with his arm around me and the thumb up ha ha but ya things have gotten better. me and my companion played some basketball today and it was good anyway ha ha before the baptism we were walking by the road and my companion starts laughing and i look and see girls dancing in between cars at the stop light and my companion decided to pass by the road they were on and the light turned green and they returned to the sidewalk and confronted us there was i think 5 of them and when we got closer i realized at least one of them was a guy very strange any way my companion says excuse me can we pass and they said sure but were blocking the way they started dancing and hissing (a way to flirt here) and we went to walk around and one grabbed my arm so i broke his... hers... its grip and just ran was strange de mais ha ha any way the batismo was great after it i could speak very well and had a conversation with a brazilian elder anyway i am great ill add some pics to this hopefully and send it the boy in the pics is ruan

 he is my amigo we played baseball the other day it was fun.   the last one is from left to right a member whos name i cant remember the mother of ruan companion lucienne recent convert and me and o bispo (the bishop) well i love you guys I am thankful for all you do love you guys a ton so be careful and choose the right i know i complain but ive rarely  been this happy i love you guys a ton thanks for the letters and i will try to send more brit your a great example to me iwant you to stay close to the church and far away from short shorts and boys ha ha :) being me....          Elder J. Smith

Friday, June 29, 2012

First week in the City!

So ha ha no baptizms yet for those who are asking. ha ha nobody in my district ended up in my area or zone i think. ha ha my president is a nice guy hes got a really low voice. ha ha um the house is pretty rough ill try to send some pics. ha ha but i dont know if it will work. My area is pretty ghetto .ha ha our chapel is under renovation so guess what we have church in a catholic school. ha ha it was pretty different and we had sacrament meeting on the basket ball court. ha ha and i understand basically nothin ha ha its hard to speak but im growing fast! sometimes when i feel the spirit strongly its like my mind focuses and works double time and i can understand. im speaking more now but when i think i havent really improved. people here are very nice when we went and visited members yesterday every one of them fed us. ha ha to say the least i was stuffed. ha ha ive been having fun but my feet are pretty sore we walk a ton! and my companion likes to walk fast so its hard to keep up when your feet hurt. i love the children ha ha there really nice. meu amigo Ruan is awesome he drew me a picture ha ha and gave me some marbles so me and my companion can play at the house. ha ha we ate at ruans house yesterday and my companion did some magic tricks for them. ha ha it was fun my companion likes to play violin he'll take it to members houses and play a hymn make me sing and leave them with a short message but its hard for me to match the violin with my bass voice. ha ha elder siles is my comp.  we get along but he jokes a little more than id like to but i love him the same ha ha the city is RUN DOWN ha ha its rough alot of the houses are in pretty bad shape including ours id like to do some work but time is short and we are usually out of the house.  Tell everyone i love them and Love you thanks for all you do and use that missionties up! Elder Smith

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hey This is my email para voce telling you i made it too recife the flight was good and its hot here guess what i finally found someone that knows josephcity ha ha i knew i would find someone his name is elder king hes cousins with ralph bushmans family i cant speak much portuguese and its even worse with my understanding mas i am getting better by the way i bought a harmonica its one of the big 2 sided ones its not a guitar but its something by the way my companion decided hed listen to the songs we had on cd it was good to hear your testimony in a song for me its sooooooooo hard to get in the spiritof missionary work when i cant speak with anyone but i am improving greatly oh and also my companion is bolivian and knows less english than i know portuegues so im grateful for that my area i am in is madelina we currently have no investigators i think..... my companion kinda likes to play with me its pretty annoying because i never really know what i were doing. my living quarters is pretty humble to say the least but its cool with me. anyway i think ought to go love you guys i wish i could talk more. i think my pday is tuesday still but like i said my treinador likes tricking me so it might be monday so just watch for it love you guys a ton and i hope to get some letters soon send my love to deid and papa and grandma i know right now it is hard but i know the lord is helping me alot hopefully next time i will send pics next time. love you again

Tyson also sent us a email in Portugeuse. I will include it now and add the translation on the end.

entao eu vou escrever para voce me perdoar se meu spelling is bad eu gosto isso aqui na cidade de recife mas eu nao posso falar  e tambem no entendi muitos muitos muitos  coisas mas eu sei que jesus cristo morrer para mim e tambem joseph smith foi um profeta eu amo voces e tambem meu companheiro eu sou muitos gratos por todas coises voces fazem para mim eu sou muitos animados para falando em portuguese e eu quero falo agora mas eu tambem sei que deus e nossas amoroso pai celestial e ele tem um plano para me eu sou muito feliz por que eu sou de muito grande familia  meu companheiro queria casar minha irma britney e eu amo ela entao eu vou matar meu companheiro.......     brincadeira. eu sei que eu estou aqui para todas pessoas de recife e eu espera que eu posso cumprir meu proposito como um missionario. Agora eu estou escrevendo uma carta para voces em poruguese quando eu estou a meu casa eu  falo muito portugues  com meu companheiro. atualmente eu estou nao comfortable falando em ingles


So I'll write to you to forgive me if my spelling is bad I like it here in the city of reef but I can not speak and also understand the many many many things but I know that Jesus Christ died for me and also was a prophet joseph smith I love you guys and also my partner I'm very thankful for all coises you guys do for me I'm most excited about speaking in portuguese and I speak now but I also know god and love our heavenly father and he has a plan for me I I am very glad that I am a very big family my partner wanted to marry my sister britney and I love her so I'm gonna kill my friend ....... joke. I know I'm here for all persons reef and I hope I can fulfill my purpose as a missionary. Now I'm writing a letter to you guys in poruguese when I'm in my house I talk a lot with my Portuguese partner. currently I'm not comfortable speaking in English

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finally Some Pictures

 Thanks for all the letters. Well, I don't know what the temperature is or what the humidity is, but it's still quite hot. It's getting pretty nice but it rained Hard last night. It's kinda crazy how green it is even in the city. We just got out of the Temple. It was awesome. Our whole District (which is now 12 guys) rode a small van to the Temple and got there very early, so we got in a session with just our District. It was neat. Today P-day is gonna be shortened big time cuz an Apostle is coming!!! :>) Anyways, we got a letter from our old Brazillian roomate. He's serving a mission in the Saluador Mission which borders mine. He says he's having a great time and that his roof doesn't really keep out the rain. ha ha. Saturday we had TRC where we teach members from the area like they are investigators. I was a little worried about it, but my companhiero was VERY worried. So we prayed before our lesson,  and we did VERY WELL. I could  understand most of what was said, and I could even answer questions they had. It was great! It's SOooo amazing how much we can learn by the Spirit. I couldn't even imagine speaking portuguese 2 months ago, but now It's likesecond nature. Granted I'm not fluent, but I feel confident when I speak about somethings. I CAN'T WAIT  TO GET TO THE FIELD!  Yeah, I sleep on the top bunk and as you can see the bed is tiny. ha ha. Smaller than my bed at home, but thats ok. Things are awesome here. I've stopped putting on weight, so I'm bout a solid 195 now. Sounds like you guys are pretty busy. I loved the Family pics. I don't need hardly anything and I can get just about anythingI need here except ranch dressing. But I'd prefer that you don't send me a bottle of Ranch, ha ha. Just watch _ _ _ _ for me. ha ha! It's exciting to hear about home. Sounds like life is better without me there ha ha. Thanks for all you guys have done for me & still do for me.
Love, Elder Smith

Elder Smith and his District at Sao Paulo Temple

Elder Tyson and His CTM Companhiero Elder Passey

Inside the court yard at the CTM

Tyson showing off some brazillian candies

Elder Smith and His good friend, Elder Mackay

Elder Smith showing off his Brazillian Soccer Shirt. One of my Favorites by the way...

Elder Smiths Scripture cover that he had one of the locals make for him.



Ola. Mom Desculpe Por Meu Portugeuse. I'm still learning. It's amazing to think of how much I've learned, but I boast not of my own strength. For without the Lord, I am nothing. Sorry but recently I have been forgetting about home. Ha Ha. Home is ALMOST  a dream now. Being here at the CTM and being "in the world but not of the world", I can't see my life without the Church nor would I like too. Thank You and Dad for teaching me what is right. I am so Thankful for even my CTM experience. I can't wait to get to the field. Speaking of which, I believe 3 weeks, maybe 2 weeks from today I will be flying to Recife. It seems so far away. Love you, Elder Smith

Dear Pai,
Ola Como Vei. As you can see I still need to improve on my portugeuse, but last lesson we taught ourteacher, I spoke quite a bit but I'm starting to think more in portuguese. It's great! My faith is growing tremendously! As for my companhieros, Elder Mackay, Mclaws and Passey are all going to Recife as well as another one in our District. Love You, Elder Smith

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still Loving Life!

Well its good here and starting to get cold.... ish. ha ha I'm loving it here and having alot of fun. As for the pic i'll see if i can get it sent. I'm scared to use my cheney upload in case i take more pics. By the way,  i am glad I'm here. I wrote a story in my missionties letter. I'm kinda bummed to know i probably wont get a letter from deid this week. ha ha But that's ok. I'm glad to hear that things are moving on. Its weird to think its summer cuz the days are getting really short. Here at the ctm this week my Portuguese has got a ton better. I'm understanding more but i still cant speak well. But i managed to explain to my Argentinian the story about me riding Chris's bike. ha ha He called me muito loco. ha ha I'm sure you can guess that one. I have an Argentinian and a Brazilian in my room. Its great. I put a long story in my mission tie letter to deid. I was gonna send it to you but it was long. I'll try and type it out. The other night we were talking as roommates bout the spirit and Elder Mackay has some pretty crazy stories, and i was kinda feeling inadequate to my call, which i am, but i was wondering why i couldn't have some miraculous stories like that. And i was thinking long and hard about myself and my relationship with the spirit, and i remembered a time back home when we took the sacrament to sister holt and she was asleep so we left but i had a strong impression to go back but i was only 16 i think and i wasn't the driver so i didnt say anything. So i will never know what would have happened and it made me sad and i was trying to explain to elder mackay why i felt the way i did. And me and him were walking alone at this point and i don't know, but i told him that i wanted an experience like Saul had on the road to Damascus to build my faith. And i felt the spirit so strong that my vision kinda blurred. I don't know how to explain how i felt. But Elder Mackay just told me that he admired me for my faith, and said that he probably just needed a stronger witness to soften his heart. I hope as you read this letter that you feel the spirit cuz otherwise i feel i'll just sound silly or it wont make sense love ya
Elder Smith

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello Family and Friends!

Hey Family- (and All)

                Today we went to the Temple. J   I’m riding the bus back to the MTC. I had a very spiritual experience @ the temple.  And I’m very thankful that we are blessed to have the Church & Temples on the earth today. And I know that if you all will attend the Temple often, as I have for the last 4 weeks, that you’ll feel the love of our Father in Heaven, and you will feel Muito Feliz. (Very Happy). I’m thankful for all of you and I think about you every day. I know that if you pray often and read your scriptures, that you will be blessed beyond belief. I can’t wait to come home and see the great people that you can and will become by following the Church and keeping the commandments. If I have learned only one thing so far, it is that enduring to the end is the easy part. If you stay close to the Lord and family, and have faith, any obstacle is easily overcome. So if you miss me, go to the Lord. If you don’t miss me still go to the Lord. There is nothing in the world that can make you happier.  All is well here. It has its ups and downs. J  I don’t know how long it takes for mission ties to get to you.  Did you get my letter in email last p day?Tthis lds mail thing isn’t too great.  I wrote you all letters like 3 or 4 times and your just barely getting them weird.  Any way last night we had a little fun and we wrestled.  ha ha We pulled the mattress off the beds and lined our room floor it was fun i only wrestled Elder Macky and i won! I stacked him up. ha ha He is built like me but he has no technique- crazy thing is were the same height and width and within 5 lbs. ha ha Also meu companheiro e assistante presidente ha ha. (His companion is Asst. to the Mission President) . When he got called the branch president pulled us out of our district meeting and he thought we were in trouble and when he pulled us away from people my companion caught on and thought i was gonna be the dl and our dl would be AP ha ha His face was awesome when the branch Pres asked him to be ap. ha ha. The language is still out of my reach but i overheard a security guard talking to a 6 year old and i understood most of it ha ha I’m hoping the guy with my scripture case is done its leather I’ll try and get some pics of it and send i think I’ll use my picture upload at cheneys like my last pday which reminds me meu brasileros (not sure i spelled that right) but my brazillian roomates shipped out early this morning cuz they’re only here por 3 seminas (weeks) so we dont have Brazilians right now.  I wish i knew what was up with this mission ties thing cuz i sent a ton out hmmm.  It's fun at night cuz when we take showers we all sing together ha ha and the car majority is Volkswagens.  ha ha I seen more dodge trucks than Datsun’s and I’ve only seen 3... Maybe um I’m trying to think of stories to tell you guys and I’m sorry i can’t think about many. my typical day is i wake up at 630 and we get dressed we go down to breakfast which is always oat less porridge and grilled sandwiches after that we go to class and study, then our teacher shows up and teaches us a little bit of grammar, and then he acts like an investigator, then i go to lunch, and then back to another class, and then dinner at 4 and then we study until snack which is at 9 and we stopped going cuz they stopped givin us choco milk ha ha    Love, Elder Smith

PS: Jakes talk was Great! Loved it and all the pics!  I might send some of my poems ha ha. My companheiros think I’m a genius. Ha Ha…. Some Things never Change. :-)

Base Camp, This is BlackSmith-over and out--. Ha Ha (Mtc Joke)