Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey everybody! This week was good we talked with lots of people and had some good experiences saturday we were knocking doors before lunch cuz our appointment fell through and I saw a lady pulling weeds in front of her house and I felt I should talk to her but I also dont like to talk to people who are working haha but we talked to her and we marked an appointment to talk to her family on sunday night and Sunday we taught them and They are very good people :) And afterwards Elder M. Ribeiro said That on saturday he felt like we should talk with that lady. so I was happy to see how the lord is guiding us to the people he is preparing :) so ya Im really happy with the progress we made this week, but it wont stop this week were getting into a good groove and working hard so Im really happy we also have started working more with the Members and weve got an activity for halloween its gonna be called Tricks or Treats haha I think it will be fun haha I just hope it works out well :). Other than this not much new we did get a new ZL hes not as cool as the other that left the one that left Was a great guy and he likes cars too :) the new one Is kinda annoying and Guess what!! were gonna have splits with him this week and guess who stays in the area with the new ZL? Thats me... haha I wasnt too happy bout that looks like he wants to try and mark the baptisms of a boy whos parents wont let him be baptized and a couple of girls that we stopped teaching cuz they dont go to church and when we teach one of them just plays with her phone. so ya Patience!!! I know I should get upset about something little like this I just hope it turns out to be good. Last Pday after lunch we went and flew kites haha it was fun here when you let out all the string you give your kite a name and I named mine blue cuz its red haha I think were gonna go fly our kites again today well I think thats a good enough letter thanks for everthing for the package and the support and the prays have a great week!! 
Elder J. Smith

Monday, October 21, 2013


Well another transfer has come and gone and the mission is just goin by too fast its hard to think Ive only got 4 more transfers and its over... but Me and Ribeiro were real excited when we learned we would stay. and this transfer were gonna make some goals so that we can get better. This week I had a real neat experience one day I was continuing my book of mormon reading and I got to a passage that touched my soul and I felt like the lord was talking to me the part I read was in Mosiah 7:18 wich was something that I needed to hear you can read it later but the way it touched me was like it was written for me other than that my week was pretty rushed but had little progress but This week were gonna start looking for lots of new people to hear our message! Pont dos Carvalhos is big so maybe well widen our search area  haha other than that All i can say is that times moving Too fast its almost november and almost my birthday and christmas is coming up! That will be my last call home and after that it will be a blink of an Eye! so ya Im gonna try and change gears and get more done. Im thankful for my chance to be hear and for all your support I love you all and I hope that this winter doesnt get too cold for you :) haha Im laughing now but youll probly laugh when I tell you im freezing in the middle of spring haha  Love you All 
Elder J Smith

Monday, October 14, 2013


Hey everybody whats up? This week I got a hair cut haha now my hair uses less shampoo and doesnt even need gel haha this week was good but could be better. We had Interviews with the President this week he asked me why I wasnt baptizing anyone and we talked a while and it was really good President decided that I knew what I need to do, And all I have to do is Do it haha so Ive been working on this this week Im very happy with all the things of the gospel Im becoming more converted everyday But I need to keep pushing I watched the video about the life of the prophet and one thing that I saw was that he was always a Doer I learned that  22 years old he was called as bishop haha and I kept thinking how did he find time to visit 80 or so widows in his ward every month haha I was thinking that with 22 years I would eat sleep work study and repeat but I guess if the prophet could have time to be a bishop I should have plenty of time to serve in any other calling. But it sure showed that the prophet was always acting to help others and I really enjoyed the video makes me want to be a better me. so ya Im trying to become more humble and meek and Trying to become more spiritual and happier too haha Im kinda scared about transfers I really like where Im at and my Companion but its the Lords will and not mine. and Its a simple fact that while we struggle we grow more so we´ll see how it goes this week. i dont know if i sent this pic but heres Elder M. Ribeiro burning an old white shirt as his hump day ritual (Hump day is when you pass 1 year on the mission) haha Thanks for all the Love and support I hope you all have a good week
Elder J. Smith

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hey everybody hows it goin? this weekend was pretty good with conference and all but I watched it in conference and the translaters do a pretty bad job of passing the same spirit that we get in English haha saturday morning we woke up early to help an investigator and his family put concrete on his roof so im sore haha but it was lots of fun haha Ill send you guys a pic haha Dont get me wrong when I say this but I sure like getting dirty haha after we took a shower we headed off to conference I really enjoyed the talk that talked about looking up I felt a really good spirit though I dont remember much of what he said I remember that it touched my heart. haha and on sunday our zone had a combined baptism and 4 people were baptized. I was happy for the people but I sure wished that someone from my area would be baptized its been 4 months since I last baptized and Sometimes I wonder why I am teaching better than I taught and Im speaking better than I used to and Im in an area with lots more humble people and still in this area my feet are still dry but I think what i need is some more humility I guess now that I speak and teach better I rely less on the lord and I try to convince the people rather than let the spirit convert I guess Im trying to hard to make the seeds I plant grow haha but Im very glad to be here. my time here is passing by unnoticed its been 1 year and 6 months since ive been here and Im three-fourths of the way through.  Its crazy how time passes so im gonna have to get down and humble up and get to work so I can go home knowing I did all I could Im so excited to go back to our house and listen to conference Im thirsting for the spiritual gain haha oh by the way the mail service here is on strike wich explains why my letters havent gotten to you and why i havent gotten my letters from Deid :) haha and also means its probably gonna take a while for the package to get here who knows maybe I do get it on my birthday :) haha welll love you guys have a great week and study conference :) tchau