Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

 this weeks been good we had a batismo this week. as you can see in the pics it was very good and we have 2 more baptisms that aren't marked. so ya were starting to work and its been pretty good.
Elder Smith, Elder Stadnicki and a boy they baptized.

 i managed to get some croncrete and fix the wall just need the patch and some paint to make it look all pretty. ha ha but Ive decided that i need to find that point were i dont care what others think and just know that im doing whats right . haha this week was a good week i fought with my comp......   JU-JITSU ha ha.  its like wrestling but you want to make the other tap out ha ha He won and then i won. ha ha it was fun. I made sure not to hurt him. haha and my portugues has been improving a lot ha ha and im a little less afraid to talk. today we went to the market and bought some knick knacks for Elder Stadnicki to take home. ha ha  and i bought a music box and a new watch ha ha its the same as the one i bought at walmart but the one i bought at walmart went crazy and decides that it likes to take 3-4 hour breaks from keeping time haha. This weeks been  good and Elder Stadnicki is really helping me out. the only thing is that he doesnt like to work with less actives and wants to just baptize but its alright. I love you Sorry my letter isnt to thick but i dont have much to say ill add some pics in there. Im really surprised that i have 6 months here it feels like i havent even started ha ha by the time i get all settled in and speak like a brazillian ill be headed home. ha ha well I Love you guys a ton and i hope you guys have a great week and stuff I miss you guys but ya Eu Amo Vocês e Deid boa semana para vocês e Até mais 

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Not gonna lie its starting to hit me that im away from home hearing bout kobes project and his stories and brits teeth and  bout everyone. ha ha but its good to be here and things are starting too look up. ha ha at least for now. haha but I  liked botcherby maybe cuz he spoke english or cuz i felt sorry for him with all his pain and problems. but i was happy for a change like  i said my new companion looks like he will help me alot but right now I want to change myself. Ill admit that i am a little selfish. i love to help people... that i know and love.... and what i wanted  from the mission was to become stronger in the church, see miracles and not too mention see some cool things but Im seeing now with  some help from my friend Moises that I  need to have a better why. that is a better reason for what i do. if i am doing things for the right reason ill do the right thing and get the right result. but i guess the hard part is to convert myself to a better why haha but i think this is a great thing sounds like everything there is good and that everyone is growing. haha Im proud of you guys. I sure got the luck of the draw when i made it into the family that i am. I hope i can not only do the work but that I can do it for the right reason and through the right power.  :)  im running out of time already and I dont got too much too say Ha ha so ill send some pics The first is the place where were meeting for church ha ha its a catholic school and the other is of me, Botcherby and Manga haha Manga (which is Mango in english) sells popsicles in the street and hes crazy but hes a member and hes really nice Love you guys a ton have a good week :)
Elder J. Smith 

P.S. tell Deid Hey and I Love you for me ha ha 

Catholic School where they meet for Church.

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

Well this will be my last week with Elder botcherby. right now we're in another area meeting with his old members and stuff. but its ok we asked permission from president... progress in my areas not moving to fast but i know things down here are set up by the man upstairs to help us learn and grow. im doing good here and Ive learned alot with Botcherby to stand by my own I think and not to worry too much about what others think. I feel more relaxed and Im more calm now. i got some pics so ill add em in. It looks like im not gonna get some more email from you guys...  but thats ok sounds like youve got your hands filled. ha ha i had a dream last night that i was back in joseph city and talking with everybody and they were all saying Long time no see and good to see ya and how long you gonna stay and i kept telling everyone Its good to talk to them but ill be back in brasil when i wake up ha ha ha so ya the language like always is improving but i think my  accent is pretty bad. but i understand alot of what people say so its good... but Elder botcherby was talking with another Elder of his group says he wants to eat lunch with him ha ha and guess who his companion is......  Elder Siles....  Ha ha I think I will relax but I wasnt to happy with the Idea of talking to him ha ha I think Ill pull the I dont speak portugues gig. ha ha ha ha Our ward has been talking alot about doing missionary work lately and im pretty excited to see whats gonna come from it :) weve got a family night marked with some members marked and a baptism of a young boy marked to :) so things look promising ha ha not too mention weve got transfer this week ha ha my LZ ha ha Zone leader says hes gonna tell presiident to put me with a good companion and i hope hes right. Im just wishing for that companion that me and him just mesh and we Love the people and baptize like crazy and all the members always remember. ha ha Baptisms are good but the president is falling in hard along with our LZs. I Hope you Know what that is by now ha ha but its kinda rough to just have someone kicking you everyday to baptize someone which should be done with Love.... not too mention When I get pushed to get higher numbers I stop wanting to do what i should do with love and start just doing it to tell my LZ that im working but Im  good im healthy and im on the mission ive got a good amount of time to learn what im doing so Im just Good.  im thankful for all the prayers and i hope you like the pics :) i think Im getting uglier ha ha  
Elder Smith enjoying the guitar a member loaned him.

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

But Ive become better.  I have alot of love for the Prophet. When others were talking I wanted them to sit and let the prophet talk ha ha ha I was really wanting to know what the Lord wanted for me. I know I aint got the best pick of companions. but ive learned how to be a better me and missionary through them. I thought with an American missionary and speaking alot of English i would lose my Portuegues but funny thing is Ive heard people tell me that my portugues has improved. ha ha and Theyve even asked me if Botcherby has been teaching me ha ha . But its been a Blessing to be with him I feel more confident and I smile alot more. 

 I made some pizza for the third time the first was like flat bread pizza cuz i didnt know the word for Yeast ha ha the second was good but i  forgot salt but this last....  oh just look at the pictures ha ha Its a Big Fat Saucy Delicious AMERICAN Pizza ha ha it was good i was proud of myself ha ha.

 I sure love conference weekend cuz its just super spiritual and on sunday we made french toast. I think I might make this one a tradition. I didnt make syrup but I made that strawberry stuff and made it with mangos too it was really good. ha ha we were with members and we made like three loaves a bread and more than 3 dozen eggs ha ha but it was good. French toast is somethin you dont see often in brasil ha ha. But from the spiritual side ive been nourished. I love to here the experiances of President Monson and the Spirit.  You can really see it made him who he is today. I haven't had the chance but i want to go through my notes to find Specific things the prophet told us to do. and i'll probably put the talks from priesthood on my card so i can listen to them in the house. :) About the age change Im Excited. it means Jake Can Leave faster and Get back faster so we can do something together ha ha I miss talking to Jake ha ha. But I Got to Thinking bout Deidra and If she Would serve a Mission. She was always telling me she wanted to. I Know its strange that Im already thinking bout these things ha ha but I Figured I'd just have to wait ha ha And I'd have a Chance to Fix my truck up all pretty and start school ha ha. but ya ha ha who knows Its up to her and I should Focus more. This weeks has blown by.  in ten days Ill have 6 months its crazy and sure dont feel like 6. before i know it Ill be in Elder Botcherbys shoes with only a couple of weeks til i leave but By then Ill speak portugues and made alot of friends here. ha ha This transfer Ill probly stay ha ha and if i train that will be three more months here and Im starting to love It here In my area. Ive got friends almost Everywhere in the ward :) I aint baptizing alot but I love to see my members on sunday... but Ill probly just stay here cuz I know the Area. Well Im Thankful for you guys and for all your prayers. Ill be excited to talk to you Next week I love you all and I hope You stay Strong :)