Monday, April 29, 2013

Maybe his last week in Madelena? Transfers are on Sunday night...

Hey Hey Hey its PDAY ha ha Today its raining and im not to happy about it but it will be like this for the next 3 months haha this week was good haha i thought i would have a good story for you guys because one of our investigators wanted to mark a meeting for us with his preacher ha ha and so we marked a date and everything ha ha so i decided to fast so I would have the spirit and that I wouldnt try to Bible Bash ha ha and when the day came we went to his house knocked on the door and.........  his mom came to the door and told us that he was sleeping haha so i took that as an answer to my prayer ha ha the week past and we have continued to work with our investigators and yesterday we went to talk with a contact that we had made and a guy came to the door and explained that she wasnt there and so we told him who we are and he started to tell us that Joseph Smith wasnt a Prophet because Peter James and John couldnt be Angels and the battle started haha I noticed my companion getting nervous and a little mad haha and we kept telling him what we beleive and showing scriptures in the bible and he would show why we were wrong in the bible and after a while I asked him his name and he replied and I told him it was a pleasure to meet him and I bore my testimony and my companion bore his and we left haha While we were walking I told my companion that I had been Edified ha ha and he asked me How i had been edified by our bible bash and I told him that it strengthened my testimony that our church is the only true church and that we had the fulness of the truth and that we understand gods plan better than any other church ha ha This week was actually kind of fun haha but it passed by fast. I believe that the more time i have here the faster it goes by ha ha i included last weeks baptism ha ha my time is passing but i feel like this letter was better :) LOVE YOU ALLL TCHAU! 
Elder J Smith

Here is a picture Ty drew. This is in reference to Elder Ballards conference talk. Catch the Wave!

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Elder Ty with a school uniform he got ahold of.

Ty and his Companion eating burritos that taste nothing like burritos. Ty says they dislike spicy food.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Hey Everybody!
Hows the week been? Mine was pretty good we managed to baptize a Daughter of a less active member and we had an activity with the ward It was fun and I ate alot of cake We had more nonmembers than members in the activity so it was good. This week....    Man The more time passes the faster it passes and the Less that I remember of the week. Weve been finding lots of new people to teach and I hope that we can continue to find more. man I think the more letters i write the shorter they get and they weren't very long to start with ha ha. But i have a lot of hope for this next Transfer and a New Area. If i dont get transfered I dont know what i will do ha ha Ill go crazy!!! man. Im really sorry that My letter Is short and doesnt have a lot of Information but Im about out of time and i need to be obedient. I Love you guys and I know the Church is True and That Im where I need to be sorry Im not a good letter writer but Ill send a missionties too. I think I dont write much about the work cuz It seems normal to me now Love you All have a good week! 
Elder J. Smith

Monday, April 15, 2013

I year down, 1 to go!

Hey Everyone! Im back! Hows It goin! This week wasnt Amazing. but I have nothing to complain about. Were still having problems finding people to baptize and we didnt have anybody at church. But we are trying to mark A baptism for 27 of abril. We took Natalia to a lesson the other day and she amazed me! she talked about her conversion and her baptism and she showed me that she REALLY understood the church she looked like a a member of 5 years ha ha I told her she managed to learn something that took me 18 years to Learn in a couple of months.  I have just been amazed at how ive grown in these years (Ooops I Meant months ha ha but feels like years)  I dont really fear my future in any way and I am excited to live the gospel the Peace ive found on the mission is amazing!!!! I think Im learning more about myself than I ever could have Learned at home. Yesterday I remembered something Casey always told us at wrestling practice. He used to tell us You need to practice and learn there isnt a pill that i give you so that you can learn how to use these moves, If it existed Id give it too you... But it dont so you need to practice and practice again... I Think this is soo true ha ha I look at my new companion and at the way he speaks and acts and i think to myself...  You dont know nothing yet.... Ha ha not in a bad way but the things that he says he knows are true but It takes on a whole new meaning after living it well time is up Love you all and Have a good week and ill see you in 1 YEAR!!!!! 
Elder J. Smith

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hey EveryBody This week has been another week in the paradise of Recife! Ha ha we had a new american arrive here and I soon learned i dont like to speak English ha ha Same thing with A nice lady that i met in the temple she is returning back to the states soon and she spoke in English and I spoke in portuegues ha ha. This week Ive been working hard trying to find people to teach which is getting harder and more discouraging the more i stay in this area ive about knocked every door and so its a struggle to try and find new people. Sorry That my letters are short I just dont know what to say im pretty happy here and for all ive been given I thought alot about home this conference. its hard not to when i always watched it with you guys and they talk so much about family. But I was strengthened but the talks :) Im really happy but its hard to believe one year has passed ha ha. Moises Liked His plaque alot he took a pic said he would send it too you and Natalia really liked hers to looks like my letter is short again Ill have to stop cuz my time is up I love you guys alot Ill send you a missionties :) Tchau

Monday, April 1, 2013

Short letter week :-(

HEY  Everybody! This week has been pretty good ha ha and im still in my first  area ha  ha (Elder Tyson has now been out for one year and is still in his first area! ) This week was another week of work ha ha thanks for the package I just about  cried when i saw the wrench ha ha I  was really happy to  see it its just perfect its somethin that shows exactly who i am but i can still use it as a missionay hahaha so this week we had one day that was just HORRIBLE  we starting by  studying and we left house early to knock doors because we marked lunch  for 1 o clock and knocking doors at lunch doesnt work too  good ha ha and when we went to lunch it wanst ready and so we watied but at 2 30 it still wasnt done and we had to leave to do an interview  and  so we went and went we got back it was like 5 and we finally ate lunch and we taught one lesson ha ha so ya the day wasnt so good but we had lots of laughs but ya my times  up sorry  love you all Tchau
Elder J. Smith