Monday, February 25, 2013

More good news from Brazil

Hey Everybody! hows it goin :) this week has been good. my companion is Elder Macedo soon to be Matos. Hes pretty calm and is a good guy. hes a little more perfect than me. ha ha when he arrived he said that the house (that i had spent the day cleaning) was dirty. ha ha and today he was asking what things we would buy and i told him i like to keep my things separated he looked a little sad ha ha but he is a good guy. he said that the people that were in the van were talking about me saying i was mean and that whoever went with me would suffer, that im the presidents right hand man ha ha so he was a little scared. ha ha but the fact that he told me what they said shows that he thinks they are wrong. I would like to know who said it and why they think that, but ill just let it go. ha ha as for the week it was pretty good we have been working with another couple Davi and Camilla there really nice and they like us, they like the church but I think that they need some time to think Like Natalia :) we've been talking with Andre, Natalias husband and hes a really great guy he likes cars too so we get along pretty well and He pratically lives the principles of the church already. I'd like to see him in the church too but Everything has its proper time and proper place. Im sure that in his own time he will visit the church and I think he would like it :) ha ha I really like Andre and Natalia they are great people :) Im happy to be here and im learning so much stuff ha ha Im thankful for you guys Mom and Dad for always teaching me what is right and i dont know who what or  where I would be so. Thanks and I Love you guys I know that This church is true and Im glad to share it :) Tchau 

Elder Smith and Elder Macedo (Ty's rookie)

Recife Brazil Temple
Elder J. Smith

Monday, February 18, 2013

Here comes the Trainer!

WOOOOHOOOO Today has been so good! Good News Everybody IM going to train!!!! Im so excited And it sure boosted my self confidence to know that president Trusts me :) This week was good Ha ha ive got a funny little story and Ive just got to say IM A DAD!! ha ha Me and Elder Celestino were walking in the street searching for an adress that we took from the Area book and A little Boy came up to me and started talking to me and was asking me to buy a toy sword for him ha ha i told him no haha and he started say Meu Pai! Meu Pai! or in English My dad! My Dad ha ha and hes this little black boy ha ha so ya I have a son that I didnt know I had ha ha :) But yesterday I had a neat experience our ward mission leader, Moises was really discouraged with college and everthing and Asked the bishop to dismiss him from his calling and so I really wanted to help him because he had already helped me so much when I started. so Before we had ward counsel meeting we went to his house and i clapped at the gate and he looked through the window sad and tired and left and i clapped again it looked like he wasnt goin to come to the door but i waited and waited an thought to myself I cant leave until I Talk to Moises and he finally let us in. we went to his room and he told us of some of the problems he has and the stress from college and how everyone tells him what he needs to do and Judges him and Elder Celestino started by telling him he should get married (The counsel for every unmarried return missionary) and Moises Got a little mad With 30 years old Im sure hes been hearing this since he got back and I knew that that wasnt what Moises needed to hear and moises told us he wouldnt go to this ward counsel and I told him that he didnt need to be perfect and talked  about you dad and how you always worked on sundays and just didnt have time to Magnify your calling and when i told him that i would probly be transferred he told me for you Ill go to this counsel :) and when we got there he and i were a little nervous and after a while it arrived to his turn to speak an he stepped up to the plate and parrticapated and afterwards he looked like a new man he was talking with others to help spread the weight on his shoulders and I was so glad that for at least one moment I was a tool in the hands of the Lord to help Moises when he was in trouble :) so Thats about it Im so Happy to be here and im SOOOO excited to train :) SOOOOO EXCITED I love you all, Tchau Tchau!

Elder Ty and Elder Celestino. Elder C. was transferred today, and Tyson will now be training.

Ty, and Two other Trainers waiting in Ty's apartment.

Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Elder Tyson and Sister Natalia! Yay!!

Ya this weekend has been pretty good. I'm psyched that Jacob gets to serve in Brazil! I sent him a quick note. It will be fun to be able to speak the same language. This week is Carnaval here in Brazil, we have to return to the house at 5 each day so is pretty much eat lunch talk to some people and go home ha ha Ya i bought my cavaquinho (With his Mission Presidents approval)   im getting pretty good with it now with all the time i have at home during Carnaval ha ha So on Saturday I had a good Experience. We were at natalias house With Elder Siles. He's our DL thats why he is here ha ha but we were there for her Interview and after the interview they left and Natalias mom arrived and sat down and I was pretty nervous Cuz she doesnt really approve of our church but the spirit was really strong as she asked Natalia If she really wanted to be Baptized in our Church and she told her mom that she feels different in our Church than in any of the other churches that she has already been to :) I was pretty proud of her :) I think her Husband Is pretty indifferent with us. I dont think he has any problem with our religion, Just wants to make the decision on his own i think But i think he will follow natalia :) so As you saw in the pics Natalia was Baptized And it was good didnt have many people there but even her mother and sister went so it was cool. As for carnaval Its pretty calm here because the center of Recife is so close so everybody goes there to party at least till tomorow from what i hear. This Transfer has been pretty much the best of my mission Ive had many good experiences here :) The New chapel is a real blessing its nice to have a place where you can go and feel the Spirit. Im so excited for Jacob hes gonna like it in brasil But i think hell have a lot more city than me. I dont know what else I have to write So Ill just share my testimony that I know this Church is true I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet I know that Thomas S Monson Is a prophet and that through following his counsel and the commandments we can be blessed in all aspects of our lives. Thanks Everybody for the Support and love And thanks Mom and Dad Love you all
Why is mission Life so Hard? HaHa
Elder Celestino with Tyson's cavaquinho
Natalia's Family along with Elder Celestino and Elder Smith
Ty and his "Band" playing for Natalia's Baptism
Elder J Smith

Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

Hey Everybody Hows it going this week has been good we had the baptisms of the grandchildren of Rosa my other baptism :) and Natalia Is firm with her decision and she watched the baptisms and she was already talking about her baptism and how she wants it so thats really Exciting ha ha This week it was funny cuz me and my companion contacted a crazy lady in the street. and this crazy lady told my companion that he looked like Saint Peter and that i look like Saint Antonio ha ha so weve been joking about that this week haha and This sunday we had Church in the New Church and it was really good haha I told everyone that i had been waiting 7 months for the new church ha ha. My portuegues is slowly getting better but my accent is still hard for some people to understand :) ha ha Thats Crazy that Kaylee is getting married Send her a hug and a congrats and send her husband a Knuckle sandwich if he tries anything ha ha! well this week Carnaval will start on the weekend its gonna get hard to work this week but I think well get through and on the days that we cant leave the house Ill be able to study and write some letters haha :) The baptisms were the first in the new church It was really neat and there was a lot of people there ha ha The older boy was baptized by my companion ha ha and they didnt put the plug in the font so the water leaked out a little and the water was low so the older boy got baptized 5 times cuz he couldnt get him all the way under ha ha eventually he gave up and baptized him sitting ha ha the boy joked with us saying it was because we were fasting the day before haha The other two chose me to baptize and it was really neat ha ha well I think thats about what I have for this week :) Love you all :)

Elder J Smith