Wednesday, August 28, 2013

hey everybody sorry we didnt hook up yesterday and probly not today heres  a pic of my first son (hes in my Zone) and my second grandson and I think I even have a great grandson man am i getting old haha Jk Ive got three grandsons now Elder Matos is training a Chileno. so speaking of things other than my missionary posterity, This week was good we found some great people to teach and They went to Church!! haha thinking this week Ive realized that I need to work more on my spirituality Im pretty good at speaking portugues and explaining the lessons but I would teach with more power if I had the spirit with me testifying of the truth so My goals are to work on this some more and better my relationship with the Lord. :) this week we were talking to a 16 year old girl whos pregnant and Is a recent-convert she was telling us about how she and her boyfriend and her had been arguing and upon asking we discovered that this guy has 3 almost 4 children with 3 diferent girls and 1 got her house from him 1 doesnt like him but wants the house that they live in and the recent-convert just wants him to leave the house but his mom doesnt want to lose the house. and I got to wondering about this guy and why he had done what he did and I thought If I was a girl and I found out that the guy who got me pregnant had done this I would be Super Mad and Sad. so I asked How she felt when she found out and she said that she already knew!!!! and it was Like something normal to her! That made me sad but It sure shows how we are blessed when we keep the commandments from one little act that looked fun he and she are In Problems up to there heads and those arent even counting the spiritual wounds that were left so for everbody there, KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS and be careful dating for the younger ones if you do this you WILL BE HAPPY! well thats my letter for this week Love you all have a good week
ELder J. SMith 
By the way Ill be goin to the temple tomorrow and we had district meeting yesterday so thats why Im writing today
Elder Smith with one of his "Sons" and a "Grandson".

Monday, August 19, 2013


Hey hey hey Hows it goin everybody this week was pretty good and I had another interesting missionary experience. We were riding in the volkswagon van that takes us from our area to the other area and while we were crammed in the back we managed to meet 2 guys from an other church. as we talked on of them started to preach to us in that way that we could feel the power of God haha anyways the other was calm and cool and one night we were heading to the church and we met the mini preacher (cuz hes like 17) and we invited him to take a look inside the chapel. and he hesitated but said ok so we showed him the church and he marveled at its size and beauty ( things that most brazillian churches dont have)and it was all good until he decieded to preach some more to us haha so while he was tellking us in his preacher voice how good our church was the Bishop arrived at our side and gave the mini preacher a strange look and a little bit intimidating and I thought that aint a nice way to treat a visitor but I almost laughed cuz I was enjoying the preaching He was giving anyway when he left the bishop came up to us and asked Do you know who that is? and we gave the boys name but the bishop explained that this boy had robbed one of the girls of the church about 1 month earlier and Boy that made me mad haha Id seen this guy in a suit looking like one of the most devoted people of his church and now I had seen his other side and it made me feel bad.. but ya interesting exerience Im glad that we are part of the true Church and I know its true Love you guys have a good week Im about out of time so TchAU!!!

Ty ironing his shirt with a pot.

Elder Smith and Elder Reed from Oregon (Was on a Split that Day)

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hey everybody Im here with some more time so I hope I can make up for what I didnt write last week and send some pics too. This week was good Im loving the area and my comp. Like you said Its alot of dirt roads and hills But its good. Im just wishing I had my Shoe shine kit haha But Its coming maybe It'll get here this week. haha Heres a pic of me and my comp and also of Recife from a steep hill. haha This week flew by seems like yesterday I was writing my letter and running out of time haha Not much new has happend just a lot of teaching haha and I got Kissed by a drunk guy. haha but luckily it was on the cheek haha I got a story for you guys that gave me a kick (probably cuz it involves a car) haha so The story is about Knowledge and Wisdom) Knowledge was riding in his new honda civic after his graduation from law school and was passing through a rural city when his tire blew he quickly stopped the car and removed the flat tire and called for a repairman when the repairman came Knowledge put the lugnuts in his pocket so that he wouldnt lose them when they got to the repairshop Knowledge took the lugnuts out of his pocket because they were bothering him and set them on the table when the repairman left knowledge at his car and left Knowledge remembered the lugnuts and became desperate when he remembered that he had left the lugnuts in the repair shop that was now closed and started to cry.. wisdom(an elderly cowboy) asked the lad why he was crying and Knowledge explained about his horrible night and his problem Wisdom started to laugh and that made knowledge angry. but knowledge was soon on his way after wisdom took one lugnut of each tire and put them in place of the missing lugs haha well Times Up Love you guys and Tell Kobe to Be Careful and to stop at stop signs... Thcau 
Elder J. Smith

Elder Smith and Elder Quinteros in their apartment. Gotta love those big BLUE eyes!!!

This is Recife from atop a hill in Ty's new area. Still pretty close to the big city!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Very Short Note from Elder Smith

Hey everybody im sorry this letter is goin to be really short but At least I can say that Im HAPPY Im loving the area and my comp its more into the country and Its more peaceful. THis week we worked alot didnt have baptism but were working on that Heres a pic of me and my comp Im really sorry bout the letter but Im running out of time Ive got two Minutes but Just know that Im doing really good and Loving the mission Tchau tchau Everybody Ill try and send a Missionties to make up for this letter my pic didnt make it :(