Monday, January 27, 2014


well Hey everybody today marks 70 days.... thats crazy I dont like to think to much on that haha but anyway yesterday I was able to see how I have changed on the Mission. Our gospel principles teacher called us and said he wouldnt be able to teach sunday so I decided I wouuld give the class so I got it all ready and sunday comes and we walk into the meeting with bishop and he asks me do you have a talk ready? and I said no but put me down haha and so I wrote my talk quickly... haha so the class went well I was happy that i was able too teach without rambling too much and able to fill the time that was needed haha and my talk went well also I talked about commandments and the mission and talked about my shoes it went well and in the end I had the stake young mens president to ask me to write my talk down for him so it was cool I was very happy with myself I hope that I can continue to grow this way so I can be a good help to any ward that i go to. Love you all and have a good week I dnt know if I sent this pic to you guys already but Ill send it haha Love yu all thanks for everything tchau!
Elder J. Smith

Monday, January 20, 2014


Well this week has been a good week that Ended with a Baptism! My new companion is a good guy and a great worker The Baptism was Gleyson hes a great kid he was kinda nervous about the baptism but when he got there on saturday he was Really excited and happy and Its been probly one of the Best Baptisms on the mission cuz I wasnt so nervous like I usually am and I could see the happiness on his face. also my shoes are done.. the sole was coming undone and I kicked a rock (by accident) and It broke haha also I wrote a song about my shoes haha IM sure you guys will like it and Youll like it even more when I can sing it with my twelve string.... :) sorry my letter is short I got a sore throat and Im pretty worn out from this week haha so ya Love you all have a good week
Elder J. Smith
Elder Smith with his new Companion Elder Souza and their friend Gleyson.

Monday, January 13, 2014

A new chapter begins.

Well this week was  long or maybe just seems like that cuz alot of stuff happened. We went to recife and took a ton of pics and on the way back we got my package we had lots of fun with our guns haha and then it was work work work the rest of the week :) I was Very surprised to see That Elder Larsen got transferred. and Im not gonna lie I actually had one of my bags packed haha. But things change... haha I think the whole ward was shocked about the change. Yesterday was good Sergio went to church for the first time and He LOVED IT!!! I was happy to see that :) he said it was different than any other church hes visited, so.... Im gonna work hard to get him baptized this transfer... This sunday I had an interesting experience I was feeling kinda down after Lunch cuz I felt Like I didnt get done that week as much as I could have and I was thinking on what scripture I would use as a message and I remembered ether 12 that says that god gives us our weaknesses so we can be humble and if we humble ourslves to the Lord he will make the weak things strong and I think that this lesson was more for me than for the family because In this Light I saw this scripture in a whole other way that brought light and comfort into my soul :) Love you all have a great week I know the church is true ! 
Elder J. Smith
Elder Smith trying out a new way to spread the Gospel!

Elder Smith and Elder Larsen enjoying their late arriving Christmas Presents!

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014, Here we come!

 haha so anyway This week was Good We have a baptism marked for saturday I just need to talk to Bishop to make sure its a go and get his grandmas Autograph (signiture) Looks like you guys arent on yet but I am here pretty early. As our Hopefully not last Pday together were going to Recife to take some pics and have some fun :) so we had to get an early start I sure like talking to you guess but we want to have plenty of time to get to Recife and get back :) so Ya New Year is here and  Ive got some good goals for 2014 Its crazy to think only a 4th of 2014 will be on the Mission. Last Night we talked with Sergio, Hes such a great guy but the way he looks I would have been scared to talk to him but Hes a great person I just hope  that  he goes to Church next week cuz he didnt this week. This week we will baptize Gleison hes a good young man. Hes 15 and hes calm and Kinda Shy but Hes a Good Person. You have probly seen Pics of me with Jarcilene and Rafael on Facebook  Jarcilene is an investigator and Rafael Is a Less active member to baptize her we just need to Marry them... well Gleison is her Nephew so thats How we got to teaching him. so Anyways IM Just Loving it here Ive been learning and Growing alot I know Im not Perfect and Actually Im far from it but I find happiness In doing whats right. Im in John now In my new testament in 40 days challenge and I LOVE IT the way john writes Christs teachings and acts I seem to get a glance of the greatness of his character and the teachings of the Gospel and Its just Awesome to see and read. I love this gospel an Im glad Im where Im at I hope that in the end of my mission I have done all that I wanted to do. Well I love you all thanks for the love prayers and support it has helped alot :) 
 Elder J. Smith