Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey Hey Hey. Im Pretty tired today. Tired tired tired. This week was rough lots of contacts and a little bit of lessons. I start to get frustrated with myself because the Zone Leaders are calling me and telling me what I need when I already know Im in a hole and Im just trying to get out The part that hurts the most its that im kicking myself because im not getting anything done and my zone leaders are kicking me too... I dont think they know theyre kicking me so i dont hold a grudge but still hurts but I need to just stick it out pick my head up and just try and get through it. It sure seems Like the Lord doesnt want to give me a rest haha I guess I got something big Ahead cuz the Lord wants me to grow. I liked the Training broadcast that they sent to us It was really good and Inspiring Looks like the Email still aint working to good So i hope you get this Email. I would have loved to talk with you guys but hey thats okay. Thats good to hear about Kobe haha I love my blessing but I wish that I could comprehend it haha i dont really have anything to write in my letter sorry that its a little gray But I know the church Is true I know that Im Here for a reason I know that Ill get through this so Dont you guys worry about me here :) Ill get out of my hole here.. I Love you guys alot :) thanks for the Love, Support, Prayers, And letters have a good week and hopefully next monday we can talk. Love you, Tchau
Elder Tyson Smith
Tysons District in Casa Forte

Monday, June 17, 2013

14 Month Anniversary Today!

Hey Everybody Im doing good This week we had a stressful baptism. The Person who was baptized is a Members Girlfriend who has been avoiding the missionaries and trying not to be baptized her Boyfriend (Who will be going on a Mission) came to us and told us that she was ready to recieve our messages. we taught her in the Church so that Her baptism would be a surprise for His parents we marked her Baptism to be this saturday wich was the same day as a ward party The plan was that we would Baptize her after the party and that we would advise his parent on the hour. So that was it we went to the party and... His dad didnt go so the surprise had to just be for his Mom. and then I got a call from someone in my district that told me I had an baptismal Interview to do. so we had to do the baptism earlier. So we talked to the Bishop who was pretty reluctant to stop the party because the font is in the same room but we called some people to another room and we had the Baptism meeting and we had the two dress in white and we managed to get his mom in the room. And when the walked in the Mom said Are you serious? and started crying and everyone started crying that is except me haha and we had the Baptism. And I was STRESSED haha but It all went great . So heres a pic of Everyone Crying haha And I cant believe yesterday was fathers day haha Because here its on a Different day haha. But Its funny I was actually telling Deid in a Letter today about Dad. But Ya Happy fathers day Dad Its funny that this happened with Koby haha Im glad he learned this lesson haha Its funny because now If You told me that I wouldnt have done it haha Ive learned This lesson through and through that My Dad Knows what i need. haha And whats good for me. I was telling Deid that Your my best friend I didnt know I had haha I always enjoyed spending time with you but now I see that you and me are two apples of the same tree and the same branch haha You may be a little older than me but our minds run the same way haha. I was thinking this week about My gift (that im sure came from you) that I have with cars and wood the ability to see how it works and then know how to fix it or think it out and Understand. and I realize That This gift works on the church level that Im beginning to Understand how the Gospel Works haha I remember a long time ago in my first area Moises telling me that The gospel was Like a motorcycle and I told Him ITS NOT THAT SIMPLE haha but Now im beginning to see that he is Right haha The gospel Is full of Parts that make it work. and to understand It I needed to do what I did to Learn how a motorcycle works the first thing I learned Is that the motor needs Air, gas and Ignition to run and from there I learned about the systems the motor the drivetrain the Intake system the Exhaust and the cooling system Learning Every function of every part and the gospel has been the same way with me. I now look at the gospel with different Eyes and I see clearer now I look at life differently and Im Loving it. I feel comfortable with the gospel and I believe that I can Explain how it works now just as good as I can Explain how a Motorcycle works haha. Im Proud of You and Mom you guys always led me on the right path even if I didnt Know why and you always let me Learn the Lessons that I needed to Learn. Im thankful Every day for the chance that I have to be here in brasil to Learn and Grow I miss you guys alot. More than Ever but I dont Let it get to me. :) And I am very thankful for the Encouragement that I get from You and Mom I Love you Dad (and Mom) :) and I pray that we will have many opportunities to Hang out when I get home haha :) Tchau and Until next week 
Elder J. Smith 
Elder Rios and Elder Smith at their latest Baptizmo

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hey Family Looks like you guys have had a good summer week Looks like a lot of fun ha ha with all the long boards and motorcycles make sure and be safe haha I want you guys all in one peace when I get home haha This week we were able to meet some new people and we now have two people to Baptize! The lord has heard my prayers and weve found some people to teach! Im glad that I have a testimony of the Church cuz I think without it I would go crazy here in Brazil haha but Its real good to be here with The Lords Help. I enjoyed the Class sunday about Seeking not to do my own will but to do the Lords Im thinking I need that lesson Im gonna try and read more during the week This week my thoughts had been turned back to home i was getting tired of walking and I was really missing cars and motorcycles and everything haha but Im gonna Live I just hope I can look forward and keep my hands on the plow. My Plows hitting some rocks and my horse is pulling slow but I know i need to focus haha I really like the example of the Plow makes me relax a bit and Think that because my plow isnt going very fast that its all my fault. Sure I need to do my part but I cant make the plow go very much faster if I try to push it haha but ya this week was pretty good Ive been going right along and Im trying to lift this area up but ya thats about all I had to say haha Its crazy to think that after this month there will only be ten months until I get home... Its a sign that I need to work harder cuz my Time is running out but ya Love you guys Ill just pust my name on my letter to close it haha :) Tchau Elder J. Smith

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Companion, Same Area. 6/3/13

Hey Everybody Whats Up Ive got some Strange news... Elder Dias was transferred! And I got a new companion His Name is Elder Rios. Hes from Florinapolis Hes pretty cool heres a Pic from him. This Week we had a Mission Tour and We got to hear from Elder Leal. It was really cool and I enjoyed his talk alot. In his comments he told Us to Thank you guys for raising us and sending us on missions So Im thanking you guys for Him. And for me Ill send you guys a Bigger thank you for all youve done and are doing Heres a pic I took before we left for the Tour which by tour I mean conference. I just have to take a pic when I use a suit cuz I never use a suit hahaha I think I used a suit more often at home than on a mission haha. This week weve ran into a new problem with the transfer of Elder Dias Ive been working hard to meet new people and that means.... knocking doors...  I didnt teach very many people with Elder Dias and so now IM running around trying to get people to teach.... and its rough and a little discouraging but Ill live I know the Lord is seeing my efforts and will help me In my quest. Im happy to be were Im at and my new companion is pretty good and cool he helps me out alot in the work were doing. My companion has had a good mission so far I saw his Photos and has like 20 baptisms.. And I found out that he past 11months of his mission in the rural parts of the mission and says that all the people he baptized were references.... Ha ha I sure want to go to the city where he was at of my 13 baptisms maybe 5 are references haha but ya Im doing good here in the Area and I dont have anything to complain about being here on the mission Love you guys alot and thanks for all you do have a good week and Ill talk to you next week 

!/2 of Tyson's Mission. Can you Find Him?
Meet Elder Rios, Tyson's New Companion. They are showing off their Suit Coats that they hardly ever wear.