Monday, February 3, 2014


Hey Everybody This week was ok. We had a baptism so it was good. These twins have wanted to be baptized since 8 yrs old and their parents, one less active and the other non member didnt want them to be baptized. but After hearing about how mean and heartless they were I went there and the mom was like Your here to mark the twins baptism right and I was like ya I guess so and we marked a date and had the baptism without problems so It was pretty good. but on the other side of  things Im trying hard to have a good relationship with my companion on sunday I decided on asking the more experienced guys that served missions about how to deal with and make better bad companionships so Im gonna use these Ideas to make goals. The good thing is we work alot! I Hope that I can make things get better I dont really like to be stressed all the time haha so ya love you all have a good week 
Elder J. Smith

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