Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

I have a lot of goood news  ive actually started to feel like i am making a gain on this language and me and my companion have hit some middle ground sorry bout weighing you down with my problemas. these past few days have been good. i batizado someone!  was good sorry i slip into portuegues.  i think because im working so hard to accomplish it ha ha  after the baptism i was speaking with other elders and they were speaking english and it felt weird cuz i am used to the broken english i speak with some members like Moises he is a great guy really funny he always tells me he can see that i am a good missionary it it gives my heart peace.

in the pics he is the one with the blue and white shirt with his arm around me and the thumb up ha ha but ya things have gotten better. me and my companion played some basketball today and it was good anyway ha ha before the baptism we were walking by the road and my companion starts laughing and i look and see girls dancing in between cars at the stop light and my companion decided to pass by the road they were on and the light turned green and they returned to the sidewalk and confronted us there was i think 5 of them and when we got closer i realized at least one of them was a guy very strange any way my companion says excuse me can we pass and they said sure but were blocking the way they started dancing and hissing (a way to flirt here) and we went to walk around and one grabbed my arm so i broke his... hers... its grip and just ran was strange de mais ha ha any way the batismo was great after it i could speak very well and had a conversation with a brazilian elder anyway i am great ill add some pics to this hopefully and send it the boy in the pics is ruan

 he is my amigo we played baseball the other day it was fun.   the last one is from left to right a member whos name i cant remember the mother of ruan companion lucienne recent convert and me and o bispo (the bishop) well i love you guys I am thankful for all you do love you guys a ton so be careful and choose the right i know i complain but ive rarely  been this happy i love you guys a ton thanks for the letters and i will try to send more brit your a great example to me iwant you to stay close to the church and far away from short shorts and boys ha ha :) being me....          Elder J. Smith

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