Friday, June 29, 2012

First week in the City!

So ha ha no baptizms yet for those who are asking. ha ha nobody in my district ended up in my area or zone i think. ha ha my president is a nice guy hes got a really low voice. ha ha um the house is pretty rough ill try to send some pics. ha ha but i dont know if it will work. My area is pretty ghetto .ha ha our chapel is under renovation so guess what we have church in a catholic school. ha ha it was pretty different and we had sacrament meeting on the basket ball court. ha ha and i understand basically nothin ha ha its hard to speak but im growing fast! sometimes when i feel the spirit strongly its like my mind focuses and works double time and i can understand. im speaking more now but when i think i havent really improved. people here are very nice when we went and visited members yesterday every one of them fed us. ha ha to say the least i was stuffed. ha ha ive been having fun but my feet are pretty sore we walk a ton! and my companion likes to walk fast so its hard to keep up when your feet hurt. i love the children ha ha there really nice. meu amigo Ruan is awesome he drew me a picture ha ha and gave me some marbles so me and my companion can play at the house. ha ha we ate at ruans house yesterday and my companion did some magic tricks for them. ha ha it was fun my companion likes to play violin he'll take it to members houses and play a hymn make me sing and leave them with a short message but its hard for me to match the violin with my bass voice. ha ha elder siles is my comp.  we get along but he jokes a little more than id like to but i love him the same ha ha the city is RUN DOWN ha ha its rough alot of the houses are in pretty bad shape including ours id like to do some work but time is short and we are usually out of the house.  Tell everyone i love them and Love you thanks for all you do and use that missionties up! Elder Smith

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