Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012

Dang I figured you guys wouldnt be expecting a letter today sorry bout monday we changed pday to today cuz our zone will go to the temple. but anyway things here as always are getting better. anyway i hope you guys have a great day this week and a half has been good me and my companion fought a little but were trying to be better i kinda wished he would be transfered but hes training me and training is 3 months so the odds were against me ha ha anyway everything here is good it really is but its always complicated but....  ugh... im trying to think of something that happened this week but i cant think of anything darn.....  i must not be working hard enough if i dont have some miraculous story to tell you guys. man i wish someone would wake up and catch my email.  today is temple day for our zone since i got here i havent seen my freinds from the Ctm but i heard Mclaws already had two companions and has baptized 8 people so hes having more luck than me anyway how are things there wow its almost time for school to start again time moves so fast here on the mission! I wonder if it will ever slow down...  but things are good im growing fast and learning so much but reading my scriptures and praying. ha ha the other day we ate at subway and it is expensive! 7 R$ for a 15cm (6in) ha ha but it was good anyway I Really feel my testimony growing and i am picking up the language pretty fast Its crazy that im in this big city on the other side of the world with a ton of green and humidity speaking a different language but I feel like im at home This is where i need to be, its where I am meant to be at this time I never felt so calm thinking about life but then again I dont think Ive ever had this patience that i am learning here I Love you guys so much and im glad that i was born in this church and from this side of the world I can See That My whole life and the life now and life after EVERYTHING I have who i am where am from,how i act, who my friends are, how i feel, down to the very core of my soul Is because of the gospel and you guys. I love you Guys A TON and Deid too...  ;) OH YA!!!!   AJS Wedding!!!  woohoo congrats to him hows the house and everything I want pictures!!!!!!!!    anyways until next week on monday i think dont forget that I love you A TON and more  Tell Jake Im waiting to hear from him and I love him ha ha Tell everyone I love Them ha ha cuz really I do
p.s. Minha Mae não gosta de Mim porque ela não escriver uma resposta de minha pouco mensagem  ha ha só brincando....   Eu não sei se eu estou escrivendo em portugues correto então possivalmente isso não tem sentido mas Eu Amo Voces!! e Eu sou muito Gratos por Tudo. Eu sei que A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias é verdadeiro e que eu sou um filho de deus e foi camado por um profeta para servir o senhor aqui no Missão Brasil Recife!!  EU AMO VOCES DE MAIS

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