Monday, August 19, 2013


Hey hey hey Hows it goin everybody this week was pretty good and I had another interesting missionary experience. We were riding in the volkswagon van that takes us from our area to the other area and while we were crammed in the back we managed to meet 2 guys from an other church. as we talked on of them started to preach to us in that way that we could feel the power of God haha anyways the other was calm and cool and one night we were heading to the church and we met the mini preacher (cuz hes like 17) and we invited him to take a look inside the chapel. and he hesitated but said ok so we showed him the church and he marveled at its size and beauty ( things that most brazillian churches dont have)and it was all good until he decieded to preach some more to us haha so while he was tellking us in his preacher voice how good our church was the Bishop arrived at our side and gave the mini preacher a strange look and a little bit intimidating and I thought that aint a nice way to treat a visitor but I almost laughed cuz I was enjoying the preaching He was giving anyway when he left the bishop came up to us and asked Do you know who that is? and we gave the boys name but the bishop explained that this boy had robbed one of the girls of the church about 1 month earlier and Boy that made me mad haha Id seen this guy in a suit looking like one of the most devoted people of his church and now I had seen his other side and it made me feel bad.. but ya interesting exerience Im glad that we are part of the true Church and I know its true Love you guys have a good week Im about out of time so TchAU!!!

Ty ironing his shirt with a pot.

Elder Smith and Elder Reed from Oregon (Was on a Split that Day)

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