Wednesday, August 28, 2013

hey everybody sorry we didnt hook up yesterday and probly not today heres  a pic of my first son (hes in my Zone) and my second grandson and I think I even have a great grandson man am i getting old haha Jk Ive got three grandsons now Elder Matos is training a Chileno. so speaking of things other than my missionary posterity, This week was good we found some great people to teach and They went to Church!! haha thinking this week Ive realized that I need to work more on my spirituality Im pretty good at speaking portugues and explaining the lessons but I would teach with more power if I had the spirit with me testifying of the truth so My goals are to work on this some more and better my relationship with the Lord. :) this week we were talking to a 16 year old girl whos pregnant and Is a recent-convert she was telling us about how she and her boyfriend and her had been arguing and upon asking we discovered that this guy has 3 almost 4 children with 3 diferent girls and 1 got her house from him 1 doesnt like him but wants the house that they live in and the recent-convert just wants him to leave the house but his mom doesnt want to lose the house. and I got to wondering about this guy and why he had done what he did and I thought If I was a girl and I found out that the guy who got me pregnant had done this I would be Super Mad and Sad. so I asked How she felt when she found out and she said that she already knew!!!! and it was Like something normal to her! That made me sad but It sure shows how we are blessed when we keep the commandments from one little act that looked fun he and she are In Problems up to there heads and those arent even counting the spiritual wounds that were left so for everbody there, KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS and be careful dating for the younger ones if you do this you WILL BE HAPPY! well thats my letter for this week Love you all have a good week
ELder J. SMith 
By the way Ill be goin to the temple tomorrow and we had district meeting yesterday so thats why Im writing today
Elder Smith with one of his "Sons" and a "Grandson".

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