Monday, January 27, 2014


well Hey everybody today marks 70 days.... thats crazy I dont like to think to much on that haha but anyway yesterday I was able to see how I have changed on the Mission. Our gospel principles teacher called us and said he wouldnt be able to teach sunday so I decided I wouuld give the class so I got it all ready and sunday comes and we walk into the meeting with bishop and he asks me do you have a talk ready? and I said no but put me down haha and so I wrote my talk quickly... haha so the class went well I was happy that i was able too teach without rambling too much and able to fill the time that was needed haha and my talk went well also I talked about commandments and the mission and talked about my shoes it went well and in the end I had the stake young mens president to ask me to write my talk down for him so it was cool I was very happy with myself I hope that I can continue to grow this way so I can be a good help to any ward that i go to. Love you all and have a good week I dnt know if I sent this pic to you guys already but Ill send it haha Love yu all thanks for everything tchau!
Elder J. Smith

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