Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finally Some Pictures

 Thanks for all the letters. Well, I don't know what the temperature is or what the humidity is, but it's still quite hot. It's getting pretty nice but it rained Hard last night. It's kinda crazy how green it is even in the city. We just got out of the Temple. It was awesome. Our whole District (which is now 12 guys) rode a small van to the Temple and got there very early, so we got in a session with just our District. It was neat. Today P-day is gonna be shortened big time cuz an Apostle is coming!!! :>) Anyways, we got a letter from our old Brazillian roomate. He's serving a mission in the Saluador Mission which borders mine. He says he's having a great time and that his roof doesn't really keep out the rain. ha ha. Saturday we had TRC where we teach members from the area like they are investigators. I was a little worried about it, but my companhiero was VERY worried. So we prayed before our lesson,  and we did VERY WELL. I could  understand most of what was said, and I could even answer questions they had. It was great! It's SOooo amazing how much we can learn by the Spirit. I couldn't even imagine speaking portuguese 2 months ago, but now It's likesecond nature. Granted I'm not fluent, but I feel confident when I speak about somethings. I CAN'T WAIT  TO GET TO THE FIELD!  Yeah, I sleep on the top bunk and as you can see the bed is tiny. ha ha. Smaller than my bed at home, but thats ok. Things are awesome here. I've stopped putting on weight, so I'm bout a solid 195 now. Sounds like you guys are pretty busy. I loved the Family pics. I don't need hardly anything and I can get just about anythingI need here except ranch dressing. But I'd prefer that you don't send me a bottle of Ranch, ha ha. Just watch _ _ _ _ for me. ha ha! It's exciting to hear about home. Sounds like life is better without me there ha ha. Thanks for all you guys have done for me & still do for me.
Love, Elder Smith

Elder Smith and his District at Sao Paulo Temple

Elder Tyson and His CTM Companhiero Elder Passey

Inside the court yard at the CTM

Tyson showing off some brazillian candies

Elder Smith and His good friend, Elder Mackay

Elder Smith showing off his Brazillian Soccer Shirt. One of my Favorites by the way...

Elder Smiths Scripture cover that he had one of the locals make for him.

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