Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

This week we had a baptism . and this next saturday we have another marked and our Recent convert is still active and very happy

Tyson Loves the Children!
  im sorry that my other email didnt make it to you guys i thought it sent but it didn't.  it had pics so ill try and resend these as well. But I have some bad news One of my fillings fell out I hear that dentistry is cheap and good here but i havent called yet and the wife of the president said its only like 50 Reals but Im nervous cuz i still cant speak and i dont know how to use our insurance and its a dentist. ha ha  

But these are some pics the Kids are Ruan and I think Rodrigo but they are my friends. i was playing baseball with them Lucienne is our first baptism and is still doing great Flavio is the Next and Moises Is A great Guy he's the one with the thumbs up and the blue shirt he's a great guy And he believes in me a lot....   The first or second time i was with him he told me he knew i will be a great missionary he can see it in my eyes. he is definitely a help to me me because when i felt lost i think to myself Moises Knows what i can  be  ha ha I know that you guys know but he is here and he sees me today and in my struggles with the language Really though with the language I'm learning very very fast but as I've always been I want to do it right and I want to do it NOW ha ha but I am Learning patience that is  for certain now when my companion does something  I don't feel Like Murdering him and I can take a breath and let it go sorry about mission ties i need to do better about writing honestly I think Im Pretty selfish I came here cuz I want to be a better me and when Im in the apartment I want to study and play guitar and just lose myself in the doctrine of how i can be blessed usually im reading about the spirit because I want to be able to Hear and Understand everything he says but i will try to be better And this last is Flavio our baptism this past saturday.

 and the other is my district at the temple we got to go through a session it was good but it felt like the first time i went through because I'm tense cuz Its in Portuguese but I think thats all i got. Oh and i ate at Burger King ha ha i will attach that photo too ha ha I love you guys so much and I am so glad to be here its great it really is And i am psyched for Josh he better not ever get discouraged because he's not switching tongues I think I could serve an english mission no problem now ha ha but I Love You guys a ton take care I honestly Cant wait to return home but I think once i  learn the language this will become my home because i love the people I love the weather i love the work I love the rules and the president i only have two problems......    Language and Companion But  all of this will change I Know 

Eu Amo Voces Elder J. Smith

Tysons District went to the Recife Temple for P-Day.

Guess what Ty Found!

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