Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Ha ha Man you guys are the best your doing what i would do for deid and more ha ha im thankful for your letters and i dont know if i told you this but before my mission i prayed alot for my trainer that he wouldnt be a slacker and that he could help realize my duty and how to realize it quickly and i prayed alot in the CTM alot alot and I finally got a feeling that whoever i recieved would be for my better and you know i didnt get my dream companion but ive learned alot about pateince and prayer and my testimony in the savior has grown soooo much. I am growing up faster because i have to. and my language ha ha its improving so fast ha ha i was watching dora the explorer in portugues and english and it was funny cuz i understood everything they were saying ha ha i love you guys so much.

 we baptized a girl this week she is friends with a member and went to church alot her family is great but they live in a house made from scratch pretty much her sister looks like she wants the gospel but she smokes and drinks and lives with her boyfriend in the house her parents also drink and smoke and its pretty sad but shes baptized now this week i was on divisions with the zone leader it was good to be away from my companion and breath :j im hoping that im not always thinking like i am my whole mission. a thought i thought theres a place between satisfaction and a yearning to be better that one must find cuz right now im frustrated and want to be alot better but if im always looking for tomorrow how can i be happy with today. but on the flip side if im complacent with today i wont grow.. complicated.. ha ha 

cut my hair yesterday so ill attach these  photos i cut it myself ha ha im a soldier of the lord :)

Mr. Blue Eyes!

 I love you guys a ton and I am sooo thankful for your prayers and im excited for the fast this week my mind is growing a ton and my understanding to what seemed complicated now seems simple everything is more clear Im happy with myself  im learning alot from the members here and i love the ward i work with and ive had two guys tell me ill be a great missionary its always nice to get an opinion from people who dont know you well but beleive in you :)  
With a ton a love- Elder T. Jim Smith

Hey Deid, Kaylee, And Megan 
Thanks guys for the encouragement cant express my gratitude or use words to reply but its always great to hear from you guys and to know that you guys are strong in the church i cant wait to get back to the house to read the scriptures you guys left for me and I Love You guys so much! Keep going to church and institute as i know you guys will give each other hugs for me and give kenzie one and tell her to give kyle one for me ha ha I Love you guys a ton i hope i can make you proud ha ha I miss you guys but i promise I dont let it get in the way of my work. ha ha its easy to tell people to persever but its hard to swallow the medicine and try to enjoy it ha ha but I really am happy ha ha  Te-AMO Elder T. Jim Smith

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