Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Yesterday was A dia do Pais or Literally day of the fathers and i got to thinking about you dad and how much youve influenced my life ha ha i have your eyes your name we like the same things. me and you just click. oh and tell koby i am bigger ha ha this walking everyday in the humidity has slimmed the fat i gained in the ctm and more ha ha if i did more situps i would be CUT ha ha this week has been hectic but its been good my companion was sick so we went on exchange with the elders of a different area and my companion stayed in bed for three days while i worked in the other area with the other elders i worked the most in those three days cuz the other elders switched back and forth babysittin my campanion it was good i was able to take a break from my companion and clear my mind it wasnt fun but it was worth it i really have established a common ground with my companion and its better now that i can understand alot and speak more. ha ha and this break i had helped me forget the things that he had done i just remember that he is different than me ha ha cuz he is. but ya this weeks been good its hard for me to try to sum up a week cuz the beginning of this week seems like a month ago but this week our baptism fell she sold every thing she had for 180 R$ and left her house we didnt even know and were informed by a neighbor that she left with a man so who knows it could be a good thing im not sure how firm she is in the mind ha ha but ya....  kinda sad im sorry i havent been  writing you guys other letters i will i promise i feel a little sorry for deid cuz i write a letter and forget and it stays in my back pack for who knows how long ha ha but right now we have hardly any investigators this makes me sad like im slacking but i can only do what my companion wants...  and it didnt help that we couldnt work last week I guess i have no excuse just need to work harder.... I miss you guys a ton and i miss riding my bike and working on cars i tell you what cars are a million times more simple than people and the gospel. Im gonna try and work harder this week and hopefully i can relate a good story next week. I was trying to think of a story that happened this week but i got nothing ha ha just that my portueguese is alot better Ive grown so much its almost unbeleivable i look in the mirror and i look a whole lot older ha ha but im Just great especially with my tooth fixed. the dentist was really nice didnt know english but i understood almost everthing she said so im happy its been raining a ton and people here cant comprehend how small joseph city is ha ha its pretty funny Im growing alot in the gospel its so easy to understand it now that im here but Its still more than i can comprehend send my congrats to AJ and cheyenne!

AJ : PARABENS! Eu estou animado por voce e cheyenne! Work toward the temple and i PROMISE WITH MY HEART youll be blessed and you will find that problems of life will seem to dissappear 

Brit: I think every elder that has seen your pic has asked me your age and told me they will marry you ha ha follow the gospel stay close pray often and be strictly obedient 

Kobe: Work Hard put some meat on your bones ha ha honor the preisthood and its ok if you play basketball as long as you workout with jake and be tough in football and stick with it

Talon: Everybody Laughs at your goofy pictures but remember that sometimes you need to be serious otherwise noone will take you serious and work hard in football practice its good for you

Abi: I had a dream i was talking to you and i woke up and i was sad cuz i couldnt talk to you 

Mom: Your more Important than all Even dad though he got a longer letter :) I Love you very much and without you i dont know where id be ha ha i cook....       sometimes but i always Iron My shirts and wash my clothes and even shine my shoes are you proud? :)

I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH i miss you guys but the knowledge of why i am here keeps me happy I would sure love to crawl under a car or throw some hay but ive got to use my spirit muscles now and i tell you what its a whole different ballpark ha ha ha love you guys a ton.

This is a necklace that Tyson made himself for one of his Friends. It is made using the Brazilian Coins.

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