Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

Ha ha didnt talk with the prez after conference but i met up with my companion of the mtc that was all but i was glad to see him hes doin good it was fun to talk cuz we were mixing english and portuegues all together ha ha it was great to see him but the combination of remembering how good a companion he was and hearing all the things i should be doing to be a good missionry left me kinda sad but life moves on as for mackay he jynxed me said he would go to the jungle and i would be stuck in the city and i think hes right i heard hes inland away from the city ha ha me and Passey had a good laugh bout that sunday i bore my testimony cuz moises asked me too support him moises is a person i want for a companion he is fun but he is spiritual he has alot of confidence in me and i can see that he trusts me and i love that guy i trust him a ton he just told me to go with him and bear my testimony and i did cuz i trust him haha i had another person tell me that i will be a good missionary. but no worrys the transfer is this next week and hopefully i get with someone that is ready to work and follow some rules and see some miracles ha ha i can only dream of getting hooked up with mackay passey or mclaws we cant speak all that well but at least i know there good men and i can trust them ha ha but enough doom and gloom ha ha we had a fan with a broke blade that we didnt use cuz it was off balance so i used a little tyson smarts and some gorilla tape and a guarana bottle and bam! i leave a little peace of Elder J. Smith in the apartment ha ha Ive had a feeling that im gonna leave the area but well see how in tune i am with the spirit my companion says ill train here in this area but im hoping not but with 20 more missionarys arriving who knows 20 mostly brazilian are arriving from what i hear so who knows i could train a brazillian i would fail to train but i would learn the language more ha ha my nightmare is to train an american. but even worse than that is staying with my companion ha ha i feel bad that i dont trust him and dont like him but ive given up on trying to change him hes got a harder head than me but hes taught me to stand where i stand especially when i know whats right but ya I Know that this church is true and sometime things will get better man i did it again talking bout my troubles and my feelings but things are fine ill find a way to rise above this i need to rely more on the arm of the lord thats the bottom line I Love you guys a ton I listen to your songs and papas songs and i remember who i am who i stand for and why I'm here and the blessings that i have been given.  I love you guys ton sorry talon i really want to learn futebol but its against the rules :( to many missionarys got hurt 

Love - Elder T. Jim Smith 

The view outside Ty's window in Madalena, Brazil

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