Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

Well this weeks been good ha ha my new companion is Elder Botcherby hes from utah but hes different than me ha ha he sure aint a country boy ha ha and he likes cats more than dogs and he said he would drive a prius ha ha hes different  but i dont have much of a problem with him. im pretty calm now with people. hes only got a month left so after this transfer hes leaving. ha ha its been good to speak some english have someone who can teach me somemore. but i do miss elder souza. ha ha he had a great enthusiasm and made me want to do more. but i have realized that i need to be more relaxed i am always worrying about the president and the zone leaders and stuff when i should be focusing on the people. for a while i was worried about numbers but i couldnt hardly name the people i was teaching so i guess i need to work on that. :) ha ha so about my pics ha ha not an hour ago i laid down on my hammock and then i fell to the ground ha ha

so im gonna be patching the wall and trying to rehang my hook ha ha....  only my pride hurts ha ha...

this week in church we had a guy show up who was a little strange and i think he might have been a little drunk but we were in church... well in the catholic school ha ha and we started priesthood and he was being a little rowdy and you know...   different and interrupting the teacher alot so I said a little prayer under my breath and asked the lord to comfort him and keep him calm and.... we finished the class with out much problems :) it was good ha ha thats my spiritual story this week... The Calming of the drunken soul... ha ha I aint got any miracles to report but im doin pretty good. Im getting along with Elder Botcherby alright but hes that guy that just stays to himself but thats cool I respect that. my portueguese is improving like always Im gonna try and buy the cds of the Livro De Mormom ha ha help my pronunciation and compreension. Elder botcherby has a problem in the back.. so were going to fisioterapia every day i think you can figure that word out :) and hes in some rough shape ha ha hes not how i want to be at the end of my mission ha ha  Ate mais Te-amo and all that good stuff 
Elder J. Smith 

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