Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

Well here I am without a companion ha ha because im temporarily with another elder who will also train....   ya thats right im gonna train....   it sure is gonna be rough but i think that i will recieve a companion brasilian.  haha im having a hard time writing this all in english my Portuguese isnt good but i know enough and use it enough that everything is all mixed upstairs if you know what i mean. ha ha well i got to see mackay he seems like a rock. hes gonna train too. so ill get to see him again tomorow when we get our companions .its gonna be rough to teach for a while but its good that i can take command and teach a new guy. whats right in hind sight i learned a ton from elder siles. but i didnt learn half of what i should of. but the future is always bright. i sure hope my companion is brazillian. ha ha this week was more slacked than alot of weeks elder siles was a little trunky and not to mention the problem in his back but what now. time to lift my head put that load on my back and get to work!!!! ha ha i still have some pretty mixed feelings about this transfer. i guess cuz i feel like its a division and after tobay ill be back with Elder Siles. ha ha its funny cuz mackay was right hes interior in the jungle more or less and he says itscold there. haha crazy ha ha looks like you guys are busy or traveling. i still aint got the little email back but hey look for me on wednesday or thursday cuz my companion will need the chance to email his parents. by the way we had a wedding this week were elder siles played violin ha  ha and he had a string break while he was playin ha ha it was ok  ill attach my pics first is me and siles and the happy couple ha ha

 and second is me and some members here 

and third is me cooking batatas de pugh one more time last night before transfer ha ha if ill looks like i was crying its cuz i was cutting an onion and not cuz Elder siles was leaving

Batatas de Pugh (Pughs Potatoes!)
 haha ha ha look at those potatos and tell me i didnt learn how to cook ha ha 

Tysons HOT Peppers
 and the last is a gift  its some bottled chili peppers that i got as a gift from reginaldo ha ha cuz i like pimenta forte or in english strong pepper ha ha im looking at ten minutes more so ill look to attaching some more pictures cuz all i got left to say is that i love you guys a ton im very thankful for your prayers and that the future is bright. stressful but bright its good to hear bout lance ha ha he could use a good life booster like the mission ha ha its good to here that my friends are still good in the church. Love, Elder Tyson J. Smith

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