Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

Well this will be my last week with Elder botcherby. right now we're in another area meeting with his old members and stuff. but its ok we asked permission from president... progress in my areas not moving to fast but i know things down here are set up by the man upstairs to help us learn and grow. im doing good here and Ive learned alot with Botcherby to stand by my own I think and not to worry too much about what others think. I feel more relaxed and Im more calm now. i got some pics so ill add em in. It looks like im not gonna get some more email from you guys...  but thats ok sounds like youve got your hands filled. ha ha i had a dream last night that i was back in joseph city and talking with everybody and they were all saying Long time no see and good to see ya and how long you gonna stay and i kept telling everyone Its good to talk to them but ill be back in brasil when i wake up ha ha ha so ya the language like always is improving but i think my  accent is pretty bad. but i understand alot of what people say so its good... but Elder botcherby was talking with another Elder of his group says he wants to eat lunch with him ha ha and guess who his companion is......  Elder Siles....  Ha ha I think I will relax but I wasnt to happy with the Idea of talking to him ha ha I think Ill pull the I dont speak portugues gig. ha ha ha ha Our ward has been talking alot about doing missionary work lately and im pretty excited to see whats gonna come from it :) weve got a family night marked with some members marked and a baptism of a young boy marked to :) so things look promising ha ha not too mention weve got transfer this week ha ha my LZ ha ha Zone leader says hes gonna tell presiident to put me with a good companion and i hope hes right. Im just wishing for that companion that me and him just mesh and we Love the people and baptize like crazy and all the members always remember. ha ha Baptisms are good but the president is falling in hard along with our LZs. I Hope you Know what that is by now ha ha but its kinda rough to just have someone kicking you everyday to baptize someone which should be done with Love.... not too mention When I get pushed to get higher numbers I stop wanting to do what i should do with love and start just doing it to tell my LZ that im working but Im  good im healthy and im on the mission ive got a good amount of time to learn what im doing so Im just Good.  im thankful for all the prayers and i hope you like the pics :) i think Im getting uglier ha ha  
Elder Smith enjoying the guitar a member loaned him.

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