Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

 this weeks been good we had a batismo this week. as you can see in the pics it was very good and we have 2 more baptisms that aren't marked. so ya were starting to work and its been pretty good.
Elder Smith, Elder Stadnicki and a boy they baptized.

 i managed to get some croncrete and fix the wall just need the patch and some paint to make it look all pretty. ha ha but Ive decided that i need to find that point were i dont care what others think and just know that im doing whats right . haha this week was a good week i fought with my comp......   JU-JITSU ha ha.  its like wrestling but you want to make the other tap out ha ha He won and then i won. ha ha it was fun. I made sure not to hurt him. haha and my portugues has been improving a lot ha ha and im a little less afraid to talk. today we went to the market and bought some knick knacks for Elder Stadnicki to take home. ha ha  and i bought a music box and a new watch ha ha its the same as the one i bought at walmart but the one i bought at walmart went crazy and decides that it likes to take 3-4 hour breaks from keeping time haha. This weeks been  good and Elder Stadnicki is really helping me out. the only thing is that he doesnt like to work with less actives and wants to just baptize but its alright. I love you Sorry my letter isnt to thick but i dont have much to say ill add some pics in there. Im really surprised that i have 6 months here it feels like i havent even started ha ha by the time i get all settled in and speak like a brazillian ill be headed home. ha ha well I Love you guys a ton and i hope you guys have a great week and stuff I miss you guys but ya Eu Amo Vocês e Deid boa semana para vocês e Até mais 

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