Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

But Ive become better.  I have alot of love for the Prophet. When others were talking I wanted them to sit and let the prophet talk ha ha ha I was really wanting to know what the Lord wanted for me. I know I aint got the best pick of companions. but ive learned how to be a better me and missionary through them. I thought with an American missionary and speaking alot of English i would lose my Portuegues but funny thing is Ive heard people tell me that my portugues has improved. ha ha and Theyve even asked me if Botcherby has been teaching me ha ha . But its been a Blessing to be with him I feel more confident and I smile alot more. 

 I made some pizza for the third time the first was like flat bread pizza cuz i didnt know the word for Yeast ha ha the second was good but i  forgot salt but this last....  oh just look at the pictures ha ha Its a Big Fat Saucy Delicious AMERICAN Pizza ha ha it was good i was proud of myself ha ha.

 I sure love conference weekend cuz its just super spiritual and on sunday we made french toast. I think I might make this one a tradition. I didnt make syrup but I made that strawberry stuff and made it with mangos too it was really good. ha ha we were with members and we made like three loaves a bread and more than 3 dozen eggs ha ha but it was good. French toast is somethin you dont see often in brasil ha ha. But from the spiritual side ive been nourished. I love to here the experiances of President Monson and the Spirit.  You can really see it made him who he is today. I haven't had the chance but i want to go through my notes to find Specific things the prophet told us to do. and i'll probably put the talks from priesthood on my card so i can listen to them in the house. :) About the age change Im Excited. it means Jake Can Leave faster and Get back faster so we can do something together ha ha I miss talking to Jake ha ha. But I Got to Thinking bout Deidra and If she Would serve a Mission. She was always telling me she wanted to. I Know its strange that Im already thinking bout these things ha ha but I Figured I'd just have to wait ha ha And I'd have a Chance to Fix my truck up all pretty and start school ha ha. but ya ha ha who knows Its up to her and I should Focus more. This weeks has blown by.  in ten days Ill have 6 months its crazy and sure dont feel like 6. before i know it Ill be in Elder Botcherbys shoes with only a couple of weeks til i leave but By then Ill speak portugues and made alot of friends here. ha ha This transfer Ill probly stay ha ha and if i train that will be three more months here and Im starting to love It here In my area. Ive got friends almost Everywhere in the ward :) I aint baptizing alot but I love to see my members on sunday... but Ill probly just stay here cuz I know the Area. Well Im Thankful for you guys and for all your prayers. Ill be excited to talk to you Next week I love you all and I hope You stay Strong :) 

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