Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Not gonna lie its starting to hit me that im away from home hearing bout kobes project and his stories and brits teeth and  bout everyone. ha ha but its good to be here and things are starting too look up. ha ha at least for now. haha but I  liked botcherby maybe cuz he spoke english or cuz i felt sorry for him with all his pain and problems. but i was happy for a change like  i said my new companion looks like he will help me alot but right now I want to change myself. Ill admit that i am a little selfish. i love to help people... that i know and love.... and what i wanted  from the mission was to become stronger in the church, see miracles and not too mention see some cool things but Im seeing now with  some help from my friend Moises that I  need to have a better why. that is a better reason for what i do. if i am doing things for the right reason ill do the right thing and get the right result. but i guess the hard part is to convert myself to a better why haha but i think this is a great thing sounds like everything there is good and that everyone is growing. haha Im proud of you guys. I sure got the luck of the draw when i made it into the family that i am. I hope i can not only do the work but that I can do it for the right reason and through the right power.  :)  im running out of time already and I dont got too much too say Ha ha so ill send some pics The first is the place where were meeting for church ha ha its a catholic school and the other is of me, Botcherby and Manga haha Manga (which is Mango in english) sells popsicles in the street and hes crazy but hes a member and hes really nice Love you guys a ton have a good week :)
Elder J. Smith 

P.S. tell Deid Hey and I Love you for me ha ha 

Catholic School where they meet for Church.

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