Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hey Everyone! Im back! In letter form! this week has been Goood I worked a ton and I actually lost quite a bit of weight haha! this week Ive met so many people and we have found a good family to teach they are great and the father is not only listening to us but hes agreeing with us! this is somethinng that dont happen too much but we still dont have a Baptism marked and thats what president wants. Talking bout the president I had another interview with him and.....   He didnt burn Me!!! I prayed that he would see the intents of my heart more than the past transgresssions of my companion. This week has really been great and Im learning so much! Im becoming more relaxed and Im trying to really become Someone that I Love and respect and Have nothing to be ashamed of I dont really have anything to be ashamed about (aside from my portuegues) but I guess I think too much about what everyone else thinks and I think Everyone has a problem with this and we can all improve here. Ive been listening alot to conference talks and Ive really enjoyed Trying to apply these Eternal truths to my Life.. You know the funny thing is that the more i study the church....  its principles....  everything the more I see that it is a Perfect running machine there are no parts that grind with each other or gears that dont match up its just perfect in every aspect. There is no way it could be a creation of man......    I have a testimony of this gospel :) and I hope you do too, whoever is reading this , but remember we not only need a testimony but a conversion and Elder David A. Bednar said in this last conference ha ha sorry my letter is a little scattered and not too long if you know how Pday is Its Kinda rushed and mind scattering today we didnt do much just played a board game and ate lunch with a member so ya :) sorry Im Not too exciting haha And this week I dont Have a single picture.....  But I love you guys a ton and Im happy to be right were I am :) Im thankful for your love, Support, and Prayers and I cant wait to get your letter next week so Até Mais, Elder J. Smith

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