Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

Abi Looks like you are being a good little missionaria ha ha thats portuegues for sister missionary :) keep up the good work :)  Talon sounds like your doing some good work to. PS if i find your french fry i will be sure to return it :)    Koby Your right ha ha but make the board good so i can take it back when i get home dont worrry about new wheels those ones are good PS Ill always be able to beat you up no matter your size. ha ha Brit Thanks for writing me :) Your words struck my heart :) JK   Ha ha   So this weeks been ok. Things have kinda slowed down still no one has gone to church the reason was because our elect investigator was sick :( We have some pretty good investigators but everyone still needs to go to church.  at times im pretty frustrated because I dont speak portueguese very good and i need to be working on my teaching skills. Two years seems like so little time to learn the language and learn how to teach people but Im getting there i think with about a year ill be able to speak close to fluently right now im understanding almost every thing and i know how to say some things but i have an accent apparently that i need to lose. ha ha my companion understands me but not alot of investigators do. As for the transfer coming I hope I train... Kinda He has to be brazillian. ha ha and As for this ward I hope I stay I have a lot of people I love here and Its like home by now. But I'd Like to get to somewhere where is calmer and not as much city and rich people. but ya I could have swore I had a good experience to tell but... I dont remember ha ha  but Im doing good and im trying hard to work harder! Im thankful for all your letters and support. And I wish that I was a little more bold i am still pretty shy but Im Improving now that i can speak haha. I have a testimony of the Truthfulness of the Gospel and It is crazy that some people dont beleive the gospel cuz its soo simple and True. Im thankful to be here and I hope I can become a better missionary. Thanks Again LOVE YOU ALL!!! see ya next week.
 PS this is my only picture of today ha ha its a member of the Area of Elder Stadnicki Thats Ceveda in her hand its a Substitute for coffee I had a couple of cups and ITS HORRIBLE but I Just Told mysellf to drink it To Show myself Im a Man haha :)

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