Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Hey Everybody its me again! This week was SLOW but without problems :) Im healthy and Happy this week I was reading in Our Heritage and I remembered about all the pioneers church leaders and early missionarys dealt with and it sure humbled me and I realized that I havent had to give up much to be where I am. Im realizing that the Lord blesses those who work their best and sacrifice. Before The mission I thought It would be easy, I know I was awefully wrong ha ha. I thought that I would wake up wth a smile on my face everyday and the world would be all sunshine and rainbows. Not in a Litteral sense but I thought the diffuculties would be easy to overcome and that I would learn to Love knocking doors and I realize now that I was wrong. ha ha I Realize that nobody ever told me that the mission would be easy. I realize that This is gonna take some Real effort on my part, that Im gonna Have to sweat and hurt and just have faith sometimes. I Realize that before now I hadn't applied myself enough and I realize to grow Im gonna have to Inflict some pain. :) I know they sound a little dark and simple to understand but these truths didnt really sink in til now... :)  Im writing to you my marvelous revelation that i had In hopes that you dont make my mistake which I made and tend to fix and that you realize that the truth is that Sacrifice Brings forth the blessings of heaven and that you put in a little more force to read the scriptures, say your prayers, and go to Church and serve in your callings. Im thankful for all your letters and Pictures and stuff have a Good week cuz i sure will :) Love you all!
Elder J. Smith

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