Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

Hey everyone im back this week was pretty good It was nice to talk to everyone on Christmas and it was kinda hard to wake up the day after knowing that id be spending the day with someone who doesnt understand me so he thinks im dumb but as soon as i was out on the street the feelings went away :j ha ha so Ive finally got something cool to talk about My friend Moises met a guy on the street crying close to where we meet for church and Moises was talking to him and introduced us to him the mans name is Edson he has a good heart and Edson seperated from his wife and lost his job. and is living in a Garage so since that day weve been meeting with Edson and yesterday he went to church and when we met him he was wearing shorts flip flops and no shirt ha ha so boy was i surprised to see the man dressed up nice and neat with a button upshirt and some church pants I felt so proud. :j but he still has some work to do were trying to help him get up on his feet and he needs to stop Drinking but I think it will be easier cuz he doesnt have money to drink ha ha but he really is becoming a friend to me. I like Edson. Well sorry i dont have any pics to be sending i was kinda mad with my companion and forgot to grab my camera again ha ha but it was good to read your emails today it reminds me that time goes on and speaking of time only two weeks til transfer woohoo haha i would use some exclamation marks but my keyboard doesnt work right ha ha oh and by the way a Lan house is exactly what it is there a bunch of computors with internet ha ha so thanks for everything that you guys do and for all you taught me. I love you all and im thankful for everything im learning and doing :j and i know these things will always work for my good Stay firm in the church and send AJ a hug from me haha LOVE YOU ALL A TON   
Elder J. Smith

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