Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Ha ha sounds like Bridger is more of a clown than Jacob. ha ha so this week has been much better! The way it happened is strange. Last week I wrote in my Email to President That I wasnt to happy with my companion and everything and after I felt pretty bad.  I didnt know what to do and I felt worse than I did before and before I knew it i was praying for help and patience with him. and that i could be better and after that I didnt feel that bad feeling that i did before. and this week was actually pretty good. Natalia went to church this week! and she really liked it. i think the problem with her baptism i think is that she is really close to her parents and her husband. Her husband is really nice and likes the missionaries but her parents Especially her father are Evangelic. a type of church here. and they're worried she'll get mixed up in a cult. but i hope that now that she has been to church she can tell her parents its a good place. so This week was good we had zone conference for christmas and i got to see my buddies.

Elder Mackay, Elder Smith, and Elder McLaws

Ty and his Birthday Present he bought himself.

 and I also got to go sing at the temple oh and I bought myself a late birthday early christmas present ha ha it may just be a toy but it passes alot of joy to drive something ha ha ha ha. I think ill customize my car if i have time this week. ha ha so i hope this explains my pics ha ha Its still hot here ha ha I had a dream it snowed here it had really deep snow but it was a warm snow i was only wearing shorts and a sweater ha ha. But yesterday I went with Elder Siles ha ha he made his way back to my zone ha ha It was just like the not so good old times but this time it wasnt so bad ha ha so i guess ive overcome that challenge ha ha So this is my letter its short but Its with lots of love :) Love Elder J. Smith 
Recife Brazil Temple

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