Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012

Well first things first Its Hot here this weeks been hotter than normal. ha ha Its weird to think tomorrow is christmas it would probably pass unnoticed if it wasnt for the fact that i get to call home. ha ha people put up christmas lights but the heat and the sun and the work Just makes it Impossible to be Christmas ha ha! I think its probably a good thing that it passes like this. doesnt leave nothing to be homesick about ha ha. As for my racecar track it was ok when i got it and it works with c batteries and it was kinda boring but as you all know me I had to supe things up a bit. so i decided to use 9 volt batteries ha ha so now the cars go so fast that they will leave the track if your not careful ha ha. I think Christmas is the same here as it is there but i dont notice. im too busy to think ha ha. thats really cool to here that damon wants to be baptized! This week i was in sacrament and I had a really good spirit and I was happy with who i am, where im at, and where im going. One thing I think is different between me and my companion is that hes a great missionary, with 6 consecutive baptisms in his last area, and Im a good man, that sounds a little big headed. but it seems that my companion has no respect for anyone, and like he thinks like a child. the fact that in our first week here he practically only ate sweets and drank coke. and he absolutely hates to was dishes even if its just a plate and a fork thats dirty. and he always asks for help. I like to be independent and to be able to take care of my framily and myself. sure Im not perfect and i need to work alot on myself but the fact is Im glad That i was raised in a house that taught me to respect others and how to work. This is something that makes me happy is that i know these things and Use them in my life. If I dont Change anyones life I know ive changed mine, and that Ill never ever put aside my worthiness  or my family in my life for something thats just not worth it  well got to go LOVE you all

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