Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2012

Well today is a good day Elder Sá took a bus outta my area :) ha ha Ive got some stories for you guys :) the first was when i was with Elder Sá  and Edson our investigator and Elder Sá doesnt respect Edson very much and this day he was mocking him and was telling him to catch the rooster that Edson has and my patience was running thin and when he told Edson to catch the rooster I lost it And I stood up I grabbed that rooster and i threw it in Elder Sá s lap ha ha he quickly stood and told Edson we had to leave ha ha he wasnt to happy of course ha ha It wasnt very Christlike of me But I wanted him to learn a lesson. and  the other day we got a call from President while we were in the street and Preident Lanius came to our house. on Christmas Elder Sá Invited two other Elders to our house to stay the night. And i didnt want to fight so i let him. and while these elders were with us they stayed up late playing games and making noises so the President was her to talk to us because our neighbors complained and wasnt to happy with the way Elder Sá had been doing things And so he was burning Elder for the things he did and came to a point that he asked who had been with us on Christmas and Elder Sá  sayed nobody and I quickly and firmly told him who it was. afterwards President Thanked me for being honest :) i felt really good about myself. I hope I can bettter myself and be more firm and straight up with my companions. Im learning alot of things here and this transfer im gonna try and be a Better person and A better Missionary I believe im Here for a reason too I hope i can Accomplish what the Lord wants of me Here. I love you guys and i miss you a ton but I Know the being here will be worth it it already has been worth it :) love you all And sorry i forgot my camera again :) Love you all, Elder Tyson Smith

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