Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2012

So Today is a Good day! it marks my last Pday with Elder Sá ha ha hopefully :) Its good i remembered my camera today Ive got some pics to send ha ha well this is my first Pday of the new year and my goal Read the Bible and Book of mormon all the way though in portuegues! since last pday seems like a month has past but its passing so fast. The pics here are of Me, Elder Sa,  and Edson my friend. he needs some work to be baptized but i think he has a good heart                                   

Elder Ty and The King on the King's Birthday. Haha

and this is  me and the king with the cake Natalia made. I told her it was good but it lacked the Love that my cake had ha ha we have some baptisms this week but there kinda marked because they want to wait til he chapel is ready which by the way be inaugurated the week after transfer so ill miss the new Chapel.... but Ill live this week  Ive worked alot and my mind is still all jumbled up from it as you can probably tell well ill talk to you next week hopefully from a new area :) and ill send more pictures Love you all and I love this Gospel! até mais! 

Elder J. Smith

The little package Ty got from his Bishop there in Recife.

Elder Ty and Elder Sà with some members

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