Monday, January 28, 2013

BELEZA! January 28, 2013

Hey everyone whats up!!! This week has been good we have the two grandchildren of our baptisms marked to be baptized saturday and also the boyfriend of the granddaughter ha ha and yesterday was the dedication of the new church ha ha and best of all we marked the Baptism of NATALIA!!!!!  when we marked her baptism the lesson was great we talked about faith and stuff and Elder Celestino shared his story of conversion and Natalia said that it seemed like he was talking about her and so we marked a date so that is just GREAT.Ha ha me and my companion are just great hes like my best friend and hes really optimistic about the area ha ha I want jake to come to Recife or at least to Brazil ha ha Thats my guess ha ha This week was kinda long it seems like and its good to be on Pday ha ha And I got the news about Carnaval its gonna be in february and we need to be in the house by 5 o clock and we need to avoid leaving the house if its bad in the area ha ha but I have so much to say it seems like but nothing to say ha ha but things are going good last night i used my suit for the dedication and I was burning up ha ha and that s in a room with ac ha ha we sung in a chior it was fun but i didnt get any pictures ha ha Im happy ha ha Im working and my coworker is my Friend ha ha So i dont have anything to complain about ha ha so today im going to relax and make some cookies ha ha yesterday i was in church and a member asked me if i had peanut butter and i told him he could buy it in the supermarket and to leave mine alone ha ha and i got to thinkin bout peanut butter and how my jelly isnt of the highest quality and i remembered Goibada thats kinda like jelly and its really good and then i got this brilliant idea to make cookies with goibada and those peanut butter chips and this idea was so good i couldnt keep it to myself and so i leaned over to my companion and say Ive got a brilliant idea! and my companion asks what is it ha ha thinking that i would have a great new idea to baptize lots of people and When I told him my brilliant idea he laughed a little than i realized its kinda sad that this was my brilliant idea in the middle of sacrament meeting ha ha but well see how brilliant it is today ha ha so ya thanks everbody for your attention sorry i dont got very good stories but Im really happy :) I Love you all! 

Ty's companion as they are walking to the temple.

Ty's Zone at the Recife Temple
Tyson and His Companion, Elder Celestino

The new Chapel is finished.  It's Been under renovation since Ty got there.
Elder J. Smith

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