Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013

Dear Family! 

Im doing Just great Here! with my new companion Im very happy this past week we baptized a family or more like A couple they were Elect they called us from the street and we taught them the Husband and the Wife really felt the spirit and know that this is the true church.

 We are planning on baptizing their grandson and granddaughter and to top it all off the New Chapel will be ready this week and I wont have to go to church in a Cotholic school!! The mission Is a wonderful thing and you learn and grow sooooooo....... much!!!! this Baptism was something very special and it taught me that we should Just go to church The sister that we baptized does not have a leg and it was amputated making it hard for her to get around the house nevertheless go to church. But the first time we invited her to go she went sure we arranged a car to take her but when we arrived Her and Her  Husband were ready to go! and after she went to church she asked us what she needed to do to be baptized! she didnt think about the difficulties that it would bring she just knew what she wanted! and In the picture maybe you can see but she had a surgery to remove a piece of bone from her wrist and Still she didnt want to postpone her Baptism. She showed me that were there is a will there is a way. and was very spiritual. Another Experience I had Is a little more sad. When me and my companion were searching through some of the recent converts in the area book we found a name of a girl that lived close so we went there and the mom let us in and was really happy to see us and we talked a bit and we found out that this girl who was baptized was starting to get mixed up with the wrong crowd and was smoking and staying out real late and worst of all shes only 11. And hearing this and that she doesnt want to listen to hear mom I Hurt inside and I felt pain and I wanted to help this Girl leave this life and go to church and then I realized that this particle of pain that i was feeling is the type pain that Jesus felt for me and for you and for all of us and I really tried to help this girl I told her about my life and about how the best years of my life were when i was listening to my parents and about my two sets of shoes the pair that i wanted to buy and the pair that dad wanted to buy ha ha the Pair i chose is wearing out fast so i only wear them for special occasions and my good set of shoes the shoes that i use everyday the faithful shoes that ive used and abused for 8 months are still strong and good are the shoes my dad chose for me so one of the things i have a strong testimony  about is this that our parents know what is right for us.. For the youth listen to you parents the path they choose may not look cool but will be more comfortable and more rewarding. And for the (Not Youth) The same principle applies to our father in heaven he has giving us a better pair of shoes..... hes shown us the way we should live to be happy and return to him. and we  can chose our shoes Or our style of life this is something that i have a strong testimony of.....  So please choose the Better shoes ha ha You will be blessed. These are somethings that have happened this week under the hot brazillian sun. 


Elder J.smith
The view Elder tyson has to wake up to every morning.

Elder Smith, Elder Sa and a couple of boys at their baptism.

Elder Smiths new companion Elder Celestino in the middle of a brazillian snowball fight. haha. Thanks Mom for sending me the snowballs...

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