Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

Hey Everybody Hows it going this week has been good we had the baptisms of the grandchildren of Rosa my other baptism :) and Natalia Is firm with her decision and she watched the baptisms and she was already talking about her baptism and how she wants it so thats really Exciting ha ha This week it was funny cuz me and my companion contacted a crazy lady in the street. and this crazy lady told my companion that he looked like Saint Peter and that i look like Saint Antonio ha ha so weve been joking about that this week haha and This sunday we had Church in the New Church and it was really good haha I told everyone that i had been waiting 7 months for the new church ha ha. My portuegues is slowly getting better but my accent is still hard for some people to understand :) ha ha Thats Crazy that Kaylee is getting married Send her a hug and a congrats and send her husband a Knuckle sandwich if he tries anything ha ha! well this week Carnaval will start on the weekend its gonna get hard to work this week but I think well get through and on the days that we cant leave the house Ill be able to study and write some letters haha :) The baptisms were the first in the new church It was really neat and there was a lot of people there ha ha The older boy was baptized by my companion ha ha and they didnt put the plug in the font so the water leaked out a little and the water was low so the older boy got baptized 5 times cuz he couldnt get him all the way under ha ha eventually he gave up and baptized him sitting ha ha the boy joked with us saying it was because we were fasting the day before haha The other two chose me to baptize and it was really neat ha ha well I think thats about what I have for this week :) Love you all :)

Elder J Smith

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