Monday, February 25, 2013

More good news from Brazil

Hey Everybody! hows it goin :) this week has been good. my companion is Elder Macedo soon to be Matos. Hes pretty calm and is a good guy. hes a little more perfect than me. ha ha when he arrived he said that the house (that i had spent the day cleaning) was dirty. ha ha and today he was asking what things we would buy and i told him i like to keep my things separated he looked a little sad ha ha but he is a good guy. he said that the people that were in the van were talking about me saying i was mean and that whoever went with me would suffer, that im the presidents right hand man ha ha so he was a little scared. ha ha but the fact that he told me what they said shows that he thinks they are wrong. I would like to know who said it and why they think that, but ill just let it go. ha ha as for the week it was pretty good we have been working with another couple Davi and Camilla there really nice and they like us, they like the church but I think that they need some time to think Like Natalia :) we've been talking with Andre, Natalias husband and hes a really great guy he likes cars too so we get along pretty well and He pratically lives the principles of the church already. I'd like to see him in the church too but Everything has its proper time and proper place. Im sure that in his own time he will visit the church and I think he would like it :) ha ha I really like Andre and Natalia they are great people :) Im happy to be here and im learning so much stuff ha ha Im thankful for you guys Mom and Dad for always teaching me what is right and i dont know who what or  where I would be so. Thanks and I Love you guys I know that This church is true and Im glad to share it :) Tchau 

Elder Smith and Elder Macedo (Ty's rookie)

Recife Brazil Temple
Elder J. Smith

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