Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Elder Tyson and Sister Natalia! Yay!!

Ya this weekend has been pretty good. I'm psyched that Jacob gets to serve in Brazil! I sent him a quick note. It will be fun to be able to speak the same language. This week is Carnaval here in Brazil, we have to return to the house at 5 each day so is pretty much eat lunch talk to some people and go home ha ha Ya i bought my cavaquinho (With his Mission Presidents approval)   im getting pretty good with it now with all the time i have at home during Carnaval ha ha So on Saturday I had a good Experience. We were at natalias house With Elder Siles. He's our DL thats why he is here ha ha but we were there for her Interview and after the interview they left and Natalias mom arrived and sat down and I was pretty nervous Cuz she doesnt really approve of our church but the spirit was really strong as she asked Natalia If she really wanted to be Baptized in our Church and she told her mom that she feels different in our Church than in any of the other churches that she has already been to :) I was pretty proud of her :) I think her Husband Is pretty indifferent with us. I dont think he has any problem with our religion, Just wants to make the decision on his own i think But i think he will follow natalia :) so As you saw in the pics Natalia was Baptized And it was good didnt have many people there but even her mother and sister went so it was cool. As for carnaval Its pretty calm here because the center of Recife is so close so everybody goes there to party at least till tomorow from what i hear. This Transfer has been pretty much the best of my mission Ive had many good experiences here :) The New chapel is a real blessing its nice to have a place where you can go and feel the Spirit. Im so excited for Jacob hes gonna like it in brasil But i think hell have a lot more city than me. I dont know what else I have to write So Ill just share my testimony that I know this Church is true I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet I know that Thomas S Monson Is a prophet and that through following his counsel and the commandments we can be blessed in all aspects of our lives. Thanks Everybody for the Support and love And thanks Mom and Dad Love you all
Why is mission Life so Hard? HaHa
Elder Celestino with Tyson's cavaquinho
Natalia's Family along with Elder Celestino and Elder Smith
Ty and his "Band" playing for Natalia's Baptism
Elder J Smith

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