Monday, February 18, 2013

Here comes the Trainer!

WOOOOHOOOO Today has been so good! Good News Everybody IM going to train!!!! Im so excited And it sure boosted my self confidence to know that president Trusts me :) This week was good Ha ha ive got a funny little story and Ive just got to say IM A DAD!! ha ha Me and Elder Celestino were walking in the street searching for an adress that we took from the Area book and A little Boy came up to me and started talking to me and was asking me to buy a toy sword for him ha ha i told him no haha and he started say Meu Pai! Meu Pai! or in English My dad! My Dad ha ha and hes this little black boy ha ha so ya I have a son that I didnt know I had ha ha :) But yesterday I had a neat experience our ward mission leader, Moises was really discouraged with college and everthing and Asked the bishop to dismiss him from his calling and so I really wanted to help him because he had already helped me so much when I started. so Before we had ward counsel meeting we went to his house and i clapped at the gate and he looked through the window sad and tired and left and i clapped again it looked like he wasnt goin to come to the door but i waited and waited an thought to myself I cant leave until I Talk to Moises and he finally let us in. we went to his room and he told us of some of the problems he has and the stress from college and how everyone tells him what he needs to do and Judges him and Elder Celestino started by telling him he should get married (The counsel for every unmarried return missionary) and Moises Got a little mad With 30 years old Im sure hes been hearing this since he got back and I knew that that wasnt what Moises needed to hear and moises told us he wouldnt go to this ward counsel and I told him that he didnt need to be perfect and talked  about you dad and how you always worked on sundays and just didnt have time to Magnify your calling and when i told him that i would probly be transferred he told me for you Ill go to this counsel :) and when we got there he and i were a little nervous and after a while it arrived to his turn to speak an he stepped up to the plate and parrticapated and afterwards he looked like a new man he was talking with others to help spread the weight on his shoulders and I was so glad that for at least one moment I was a tool in the hands of the Lord to help Moises when he was in trouble :) so Thats about it Im so Happy to be here and im SOOOO excited to train :) SOOOOO EXCITED I love you all, Tchau Tchau!

Elder Ty and Elder Celestino. Elder C. was transferred today, and Tyson will now be training.

Ty, and Two other Trainers waiting in Ty's apartment.

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