Monday, March 11, 2013


Hey Everybody! hows it goin? Im doing good yesterday we baptized Thiago. Ha ha was pretty rough cuz we lost power to the church so we almost baptized in the dark haha and there rationing the water here so we only had the font half full ha ha but with Thiago sitting we were able to baptize him. Thiago is such a Great guy he said in the baptism that he would bring his family with him wether it be his parents or his children it was really neat. This week we've worked and sweated quite a bit. Im starting to run out of time I dont see how the Perfect missionary does everything he has too if he even exists but Im sure seeing a weakspot in my planning ha ha monday we went with Natalia e Andre to Alta da sé it was really neat actually doing some sight seeing got me thinking that i wanted to show my family and maybe my wife spots like that ha ha it was really cool weve been working hard and me and my companion are having fun we decided that we had to do a remix of the song YMCA but as MTC ha ha but thats gonna have to wait till after the mission ha ha really things are going good here we could use some more References and some more baptisms but im pretty content with this past week :) I Love all of you And thank your for your prayers and support sorry my letter is short but my time is too so Tchau!

Elder Tyson with Natalia' and Andre
Love- Elder J. Smith

Elder Ty, Thiago and Elder Macedo

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